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 MasJid kubah Emas🏆
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This đạo hồi bức ảnh might contain triskelion, triskele, fleur de lis, fleur de lys, bling, bling bling, and bling bling bling.

1. The prophet Muhammad (Salallahu alayhi wasallam) loved archery.

2. He was fond of cats.

3. His yêu thích màu sắc were green and white.

4. The prophet loved black seeds.

5. He used to wrestle with his peers.

6. The prophet had fair skin and jet black hair.

7. The prophet would Kiss his wife Aisha (radiallahu anhu) on the forehead and have her sit tiếp theo to him during his meetings.

8. The Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasallam once had promised himself he would never eat honey since his wife had đã đưa ý kiến there was an odor coming from it. Soon later, a verse was revealed bởi Allaah Subhana wa ta'ala that...
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