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Is it too hot for a Muslim women in a burqua hoặc wearing just a hijab at summer when it's sometimes even thêm than 40°C?

In the West, people dress according to the season so we wear a lot less clothes than usual in the summer, but what about the women in Muslim countries? Do they ever feel like it's just too hot in all those clothes on a hot summer day? What I meant to say is how can Muslim women stand being on a hot sunny ngày in the summer when it's too hot to wear all those clothes, even a hijab?
I mean BURQA, not burqua. Sorry. I can't chỉnh sửa this câu hỏi anymore.
superboy16 posted cách đây 11 tháng
 superboy16 posted cách đây 11 tháng
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luminousshams said:
Honestly almost everyone các câu hỏi that xD . They are used to it .they dont feel that much hot anymore but I can say it's pretty hard to carry on
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posted cách đây 3 tháng 
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