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posted by Katarathe1st
Will Stoneman A.K.A Iron Will was near the finish line for the dogsledding race. Right before he went over the bank that was a while before the finish line, he collapsed. His những người hâm mộ didn't know what to do, for he was the last American in the race. All of a sudden, his family and Những người bạn started whistling his Dad's tune. His Dad drowned in a small lake earlier that year. Seeing what his family and Những người bạn were doing, Iron Will's những người hâm mộ started whistling his Dad's tune. Iron Will was encouraged to finish the race hearing his Dad's tune. A while later, right before another racer crossed the finish line, Iron Will won the race. Reporters crowded him. One asked, " Iron Will, have bạn seen the Scandinavian dogsled racer?" "Yes I have. He was attacked bởi his chó and lying up on a snowy mountain, where his chó left him," đã đưa ý kiến Iron Will. There was a reward bữa tối, bữa ăn tối afterward, and Will Stoneman had the money to save his Mom's farm.