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So…in love?

"WEEEEE WAKE UP WAKE UP MASTA, I MADE bánh quế, bánh kem sữa waffle FOR YOU!!!!" GIR screamed
Because of Gir's screaming, Zim woke up and found GIR jumping on his bed. Zim noticed that the room was a mess, bánh quế, bánh kem sữa waffle and syrup everywhere.

"Master I made bánh quế, bánh kem sữa waffle in giường for you" GIR đã đưa ý kiến

"Gir how many times have I told you, never come in to Zim's room." Zim screamed.

"Awww master is grumpy again, don't worry I'll make thêm bánh quế, bánh kem sữa waffle to make bạn feel better" GIR said. He then left running leaving Zim standing there fuming, and it wasn't the mess that made him angry at Gir. Reason why was because it wasn't the...
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Zim stared at Gaz's reaction toward Ms. Jackson. He was impressed of how much fear the human can cause to others, he enjoyed it and at the same time it angered him because he wanted to be the one who would cause fear and destruction towards the humans.

She is not like any other filthy human on earth; she's different, in an evil kind a way. 'If Gaz were an Irken Invader she would be able to take over thêm than 10 planets in a snap of her fingers' he thought as he observed her.

Gaz felt his stare and turned to face him, she gave him a glare but Zim didn't look away instead he smirked at her....
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