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 Bellatrix (Art trade)
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I couldn't make her EATING some one cuz my mom was in the room but I made her JUST ate someone. :3
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I'm diễn xuất Like Lady Gaga And MAliry Is Beyoncé
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A/N: Oneshot hoặc not?
My name is Sparky Elizabeth Lectric. I USED to be Lightopian, but now I'm an Irken. How's thst possible?

My parent's were terrible scientists who accidentally turned me into an Irken. That friggin jerk of a leader, Striker, hated Irkens and blasted me to Irk. When I got dumped off, there were two very tall Irkens. I looked behind me to see if that piece of crap Striker calls a ship was gone yet, and it was. That's when I noticed I had a different shadow! It was not an Irken's, it was a Lightopian's! I also realized I was just out of my Gatotchi- err Smeet stage!...
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for all the cannibals in da club :D
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Erick Is Really Evil
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Name: Invader Zero

Age in Irken Years: 16

Age in Human Years: 987

Eye Color: Green

Suit Color: Blue

Suit Logo: Irken Symbol

Sex: Male

SIR: Z-9

Occupation: Soldier...I Dunno

Affiliations: The Irken Empire

Race: Irken

trang chủ World: Planet Irk

Height: 4' 5''

Weight: 70 lb.

yêu thích Food: Tacos, fave Irken thực phẩm and fave human food, all he can eat on Earth

Hobbies: Destroying, Eating, Sleeping

Skin Color: Green

Relatives: Cold Unfeeling Robot Arm

Birth date: June 11, 2008

Friends: Z-9, Pooky, Sklee[Owned bởi a friend], Zera, Gir, Kierra [Owned bởi friend]

Any tình yêu Interests: HOW DARE bạn SPEAK OF SUCH--yes. Kierra

DISGUISE [Note: Disguise based off my real life look]

Hair color: Black

Race dressed as: Human

trang chủ world of that race: Earth

Eye Color: Green

Disguise type [Costume hoặc Hologram]: Hologram

áo khoác Color: Black

áo sơ mi Color: Blue

áo sơ mi Logo: Psycotic Happy Face

Friends: Kierra

Class: Ms. Bitters