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inuyasha:Hey Kagome.Wake up.
kagome:*yawns* Im awake.
inuyasha: Breakfest is ready.
kagome: Okay, just give me 5 phút and ill be right out.
inuyahsa: okay.
(kagome gets dressed into a fresh pair of clothes while Inuyasha joines the others near the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and after 5 min kagome came)
sango:Hey kagome!
shippo:Good morning kagome!
miroku:Good morning Lady Kagome!
kagome:Godd morning everybody!
(everybody sits down and eats then Inuyasha stops eatting and gets up,and takes tessagie out,and growls)
kagome:What is it inuyasha?
(koga then comes running up)
koga:Oh,hey kagome.
kagome:Oh,hi koga. Inuyasha put tessaige...
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