In a world...there are demons big,small,scary,weird,the danh sách gose one.Thats why we have DEMON BUSTERS!!!!!! THEME SONG!...............GHOST BUSTERS!! If
there somethin strange in your neghiborhood who u gonna call?????????/

Ranma:KILL IT,KILL IT,KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inuyasha:Thats what I'm trying to do

Inuyasha:Aaaaaahhhhh! that stupid cat keeps running away

Inuyasha & Ranma:*Gets pissed off*

Ranma:Let me do it,can i borrow tetsiga?

Inuyasha:*Throws Tetsiga*

Ranma:*Catches Testiga* Here Kitty Kitty come to Ranma >:) *Runs after cat*

Cat:Meow*Runs and jumps on the shelf and cold water spills on Ranma*

Inuyasha(Inner thoughts): :0 ...................

Ranma:OH NO!!!!

Ranma(Girl):*Water splashes on Ranma* Kitty!!!YOU JUST DID THE WRONG THING!*sucker punches the wall*


Inuyasha:SHUT THE FUCK UP CAT!!!!!!Mumbles:This is why im a dog person *sigh*

Ranma:Ima finish bạn for once and all!YOU LITTLE BASTARD!

Ranma:*Throws tetsiga at cat misses,gets madder takes tetsiga*

Ranma:You know done with this case man!im tired of this*Walks out the house and into the car*If bạn need me i'll be in here! >:/

Inuyasha:*Makes a WTF just happend face*poor ranma bạn just had to push it didnt you,stupid cat b/c of bạn we cant even finish an episode and were just on ep 2!this is why we hate people like you!


Inuyasha: >:0 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!I HATE YOU!!!! *Runs out the house and gets into the car and drives off*

hiển thị ends

Someone:Muwahhahhah >:)