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posted by DriftingSpirit
A MAN of many possessions, seeking Heaven over Hell;
CHOOSES to give away thy riches, ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and brimstone, an ungodly smell...
FORE is it not better to give than to receive;
ON thy way to righteousness, only Satan shall deceive...
WITH every measure thy giveth, in Heaven thy measure received;
WHEREAS to enter Gods Kingdom hardly shall thy have riches, thy soul beit burned..
NOW thy has not any riches, gold, silver nor any heards;
SEEING now thy owns nothing more, holding fast to GODs word...
THOU knowest thy commandments, the law from GOD;
DO not commit adultery, kill, steal, nor bare false witness, do not defraud...
WHAT thêm must thou do to inherit Heavens Eternal Life;
HONOUR thy mother and thy father, be faithful to thy wife...
I EXHORT therefore that first of all supplcations, prayers and giving of thanks;
THAT in life thy may lead quietly, in peace and honesty, not cocerned with moving up through the ranks...
NOT được trao unto wine, nor striker, not greedy from filthy lucre;
BUT rather beit sober, of good behaior, được trao to hospitality, keep thy faith, stay pure...
VERILY I say unto thee, whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of GOD as with the tim, trái tim of a child;
SHALL not receive thy promised gift, that rather thy tim, trái tim beit wild...
SO thy have được trao all riches, treasures of man to those that are beggers hoặc poor;
BLESSED are the children of GOD, blessed be thy basket and thy store...
GIVE away thy wisdom, the knowlege, of this Earth, for the House of thy Lord;
MAY the thiên thần come down from Heaven, to give thy just reward...
THY eyes now open to the glory of GOD, now thy spirit is brimming of light;
WHEREAS before there was only darkness, thy way of life, and evil was thy sight,,,
IN wearyness, pain and in watching often;
BEIT hunger, thirst, nakedness and cold, fore fasting not forgotten...
NO longer do thy see the log in his brothers eye; THY look away at evildoers, and responds with a gratious sigh...
FILL up thy then, the measure of your fathers; THY know the One True GOD, fore there is none other...
The Son of Man shall sit upon the ngôi vua, ngai vàng of GODs glory;
FORE now thy shall sit upon one of GODs twelve thrones, being judge to the tribes of man, their lives story...
BLESSED beit GOD, fore he supplicates the Holy Ghost;
KEEP fast to GODs Word,fore thy too may receive grace from the Holy Host...
PEACE be to you, and all of Mankind, thy have heard the True Word spoken;
GOD forgives with tình yêu and mercy, beit his commandments not be broken...
NOW in seeing that a normal man, one of many possessions can achive righteousness and mercy, placing his soul in Heaven;
LEARN from this, keep thy faith, saying prayers everyday, and as bạn do these works, "THE BOOK OF LIFE", YOUR NAME IS SO WRITTEN...
"May peace be with you" by,
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