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There were no words that could possibly describe what Monica and Abby felt during the wild time ride. It took the air out of them as they and the 5 Time Sweepers; Picaro, Necoji, Pelon, Chron and Jimmy were whisked away to the place only known as the Time Factory.

A loud whump on the cool blue metal put the girls in a starry daze. The Time Sweeper landed briskly on their feet with no trouble at all. Jimmy offered Monica a hand. "Don't worry 'bout it; falling facedown is the least of your worries here." Monica could only grin as she was helped to her feet. Pelon hauled up Abby. Abby smiled. "So,...
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" do bạn want to sleep at mine tonight?" Monica đã đưa ý kiến smiling at Abby
" yes okay" so when school ended Abby went trang chủ to get her pj's and some make up and other stuff including the epicest Xbox game blinx 2: masters of time and space. At around 8:30 ( Monica's time zone) the two girls saw a bright flash in the sky and ran out to see what it was. Stood before them was the TOM TOM GANG!!! With tight hold of blinx.
" hey! Let him go!! Ouch!" monica yelled but got Her toes stood on bởi cino.
" bạn won't get away with taking blinx!" Abby finished trying to pull blinx free, well both of the girls did....
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