I tình yêu Lucy Which of my black and white các biểu tượng that I coloured is your favourite?

Pick one:
Honey I'm Home!
Lucy and Desi
Episode 1 and 179
The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue
Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her
Fortune Telling
Cartoon Style
Kiss Fully Coloured
Kiss Background Coloured
Ricky's Hair Torture Treatment
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Oh Crap Fully Coloured
Oh Crap Partially Coloured
giống chồn nhỏ con, chồn, giống chồn nhỏ con, chồn, mink Hug
Shhh... I'm nghề viết văn
Cuban Pete, Sally Sweet
So Cramped!
kẹo Wrapping Crop One
kẹo Wrapping Crop Two
kẹo Wrapping Crop Three
kẹo Wrapping Crop Four
kẹo Wrapping Crop Five
Queen of the Gypsies
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