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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
House and Cuddy in highschool. ROADTRIP!! ngẫu nhiên fanfic

High School years

" Come on dude!" House's friend, Hugh, calls from outside House's room.

They were getting ready to go to California bởi themselves over summer break. They lived in Michigan so it was a few ngày road trip just to get there.

" Alright, Alright man! Calm down! What got your panties in a bunch?" House đã đưa ý kiến as he stepped out of his room.

Hugh just rolled his eyes and turned around starting for the door.

Hugh and Greg have known each other since they were born so they are pretty alike....
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posted by huddy4everfan
…House looked at her and smiled realizing what he had just said. ‘I tình yêu you, Lisa Cuddy, I tình yêu you...’ he repeated a few times loving the feeling of saying it. Cuddy was looking at him and she started giggling loving the feeling of just listening to him. His confessions were interrupted when she pressed her lips against his.

The tiếp theo morning House wake up from the sun shining through the window of his bedroom. He opened his eyes and a big smile occurred on his face. He saw Cuddy tiếp theo to him. She was lying on his hand and the other one was around her waist. Their fingers were locked together....
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posted by Fabouluz
Wilson: Hey, I brought bạn coffee.

(House looked curiously at Wilson, as he sat down opposite him. The team where finishing up with the POTW leaving House time to reflect in his dimly lit office.)

House: bạn seem, happier.

Wilson: Yeah well, I’m a happy person.

(House drank some of his coffee, when Chase walked in with Thirteen following him.)

House: What are bạn doing up here?

(Chase seemed hesitant to reveal the reason, when Thirteen entered behind him with a file in her hand.)

Wilson: Has something happened?

Chase: You’ve got another case.

(Thirteen handed House the file she was carrying; and...
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House returned to his dorm to get ready for his ngày tonight with Rachel, she was coming over to his dorm tonight. Tom came into House's and his dorm.
Tom-"I heard Rachel Namey was coming over tonight? Is that true?"
Tom-"You know Rachel, blonde hair, pretty, hangs out with Lisa Cuddy."
House-"Oh her, yep, she's coming over for the threesome, your in it."
*Tom gave House an annoyed look*
Tom-"Why did bạn invite her over? Do bạn even know her?"
House-"Shes pretty, who cares."
House-"You think there is another reason?"
Tom-"You want to make Lisa Cuddy jealous."
House-"I dont...
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posted by cheery_blossom
Ahhh. hmmmm. Where to begin...

Well today, when I showed up at school, I was talking to a big group of people (who also watch House). They were all calling Cuddy a chó cái, bitch for dating Lucas. Now I come on here and see the same thing, and i'm sick of it already

Maybe it's just me, maybe i'm getting WAY to into the characters hoặc the show, but I just dont see how Cuddy dating someone other than House merits being called a bitch.

I mean, c'mon. Weve seen five full (fabulous!) season's of House. As far as i can remember, every character has had a happy relationship at some point hoặc another. Except Cuddy....
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Part 10


(Cuddy paused a moment.)

Cuddy: They asked me to bring a witness with me when I sign the papers tiếp theo week. I was wandering if bạn would come with me.

(House looked up into Cuddy’s eyes with a serious face.)

House: Sure.

Cuddy: Great.

(There was an awkward moment and then House left.)

Cuddy: Wait.

(House’s hand was about to open her office door when he turned around.)

(Cuddy walked towards him.)

Cuddy: I don’t want bạn thinking that I will forget about bạn House.
House: I’m not. I’m happy for you, like I said—

Cuddy: I know.

(There was a tender moment when they...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 5: Forgiveness
Cuddy gave Thirteen a couple of hours to cool off before she went back into her room. She entered and began to speak to her daughter.
“Remy I really want to be here for bạn and talk to bạn please let me do that.”
“What is there to talk about bạn gave me up! Why do bạn care so much now? Where were bạn the first twenty-five years of my life? Please leave.”
Thirteen shifted in her giường and then glared back at Cuddy.
“Fine if bạn won’t leave then get me a cup of water and the TV remote I’m going to watch TV. bạn can… sit there!”
Cuddy got up and got Thirteen...
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posted by Belle0308
I became a "Huddy" the first night that House ever aired. It happened the moment he quoted the philosopher "Jaeger" to Cuddy when he đã đưa ý kiến "You can't always get what bạn want". She earned her place in my tim, trái tim when she came back at him with "It turns out that bạn just might get what bạn need". On the strength of that quote started, what I believe is one of the greatest TV romances ever. For whatever it may hoặc may not be, I can tune in any week and not typically get what I want from Huddy, but if I wait long enough, I might get what I need. For the writers know what I like to pretend isn't true....
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Eastwood, PPTH’s director agreed to let Cuddy stay in Michigan for another two weeks and within that little span of time, Audrey and Stephen had spent some quality time with their granddaughter who just learned how to speak mama while dada hoặc papa were on it’s way. Sadly, the ngày had come and with a heavy heart, Cuddy began packing their things so did House as Rachel was being attended for the last time bởi her grandparents. He saw tears were beginning to flow down so he went to caress her shoulder for relief which she returned with a look and smile for him.
“We’ll be back,” he reassured....
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posted by tammyr50
I know this will probably be a controversial chapter but I wrote as truthfully and respectfully as I could.

The journey trang chủ for Wilson and House was filled with a silence that concerned Wilson. House had not come forth with any details about the conversation between he and Cuddy. He hadn't really đã đưa ý kiến much at all. Wilson was hesitating in asking because if the beast was asleep inside House he did not want to awaken it again.

"Your speech went well yesterday."

If I remember correctly, “I wasn't được trao a choice about giving the speech.” I seem...
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Cuddy grabs her áo, áo khoác and cái ví, ví tiền from her office and hurries to meet House bởi the doors. They both look t each other and walk out into the moonless night.
"I'll drive" House says
Cuddy quickly side steps in front of him, blocking his path
"Oh no bạn won't" She says and pulls her keys from her bag.
House suddenly snatches them and runs (or t least walks really fast do to his leg) to his motorcycle. Cuddy looks down and walks over to the bike. She sits and back and wraps her hands around his chest to keep from falling off.


House pulls in to a parking spot and...
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posted by Fabouluz
Cuddy arrived back home, and dropped her cặp, vali, cặp tài liệu to the floor; leaning on the back of her closed front door. Walking dreamily to her kitchen, taking out a bottle of red wine and a single wine glass.

After changing into her pyjamas; a simple white áo yếm, camisole with a ren edge, and light màu hồng, hồng pyjama pants, which looked extra baggy on her small frame.

Reaching for the bottle, she uncorked it and poured a generous amount into the deep wine glass, and then sunk into her sofa, legs crossed and her arm lying across her stomach as she drank a quarter of the glass in one sip.

10 o’clock. The clock on...
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( Continuation of The kiss, The explination, and the middle of the night.)I dont own anything and the người hâm mộ art is not mine.
Tell me what bạn think. :)

Chapter 3
The tiếp theo Day

“ House?? Why arent bạn at work yet?? Call me back as soon as bạn get this.” I asked on his answering machine because it was 11:30 am and House still hadn’t showed up yet.

“Where is House?” I asked Wilson.
“I don’t know. Why are bạn asking me?”
“Because I know bạn know. What does he have a girl friend? hoặc did he get hurt?” I asked kind...
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posted by cheery_blossom
Gregory House
532138 cây nguyệt quế, laurel đường phố, street
Mayfield Phsychiatric Hospital
Room 524


You tình yêu her. I knew it. Ive known it all along. Probably longer than bạn have. and in spite of all thats happened, im.......happy. Im happy bạn finally realized ands admitted how bạn felt.

As for Cuddy not returning your letters, i dont know what to say about that. I havent seen her since she was discharged last wednesday. She went home, took a sick leave(wich might be true, her being sick), and left me in charge. Seriously. I now have a whole new appreciation for what Cuddy has to put up with every day. Theres...
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posted by ilovehouse345
"do I have have to go?". House groaned while standing in Cuddys office helping her zip up the back of her dress."yes, it's for the hospital. And if bạn go I'll let bạn help me out of this dress." she đã đưa ý kiến with a seuductive look on her face. 'damn', he thought 'i'm screwed cause she looks totally sexy in that dress. "Fine.I'll go.what is this even for anyway?" he asked.
"house I've old bạn 3 times this week! Were celebrating that the hospital has been around for 80 years now."

"that's worth celebrating, a old hospital in need of a new paint job?"

"Come on at least try to enjoy it."

"fine" he said...
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posted by ilovehouse345
xin chào so just a little fun fic that I thought of.just a short one shot full of fluff.basicly house shares why what he loves bout cuddy.hope u like it!
Cuddy walked into her office sighing,she has had a long ngày with house.Him refusing to do his clinic hours and bugging her about Some risky persedure that he wants to do on a patient.when she sat down at her bàn she saw a envolope that đã đưa ý kiến "cuddy".she reconised his writing.

the reasons why I tình yêu you.

Hey cuddles!! So I know o have been getting on your nerves so I hope this helps.the...
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posted by tammyr50
As he puts the key in the lock he takes a step back for her to go in. It had been a very emotionally charged experience. Cuddy hadn't spoken a word all the way home.
House had switched medicines, threaten colleagues, intimidated and threatened employees. Overall, an average case for House with one exception Cuddy had been right in the middle of this one.
As they went in Cuddy thanked bến du thuyền, bến tàu, marina for staying and headed to Rachel's room.
House gave bến du thuyền, bến tàu, marina fifty dollars and saw her to the door.
As House stood in the doorway of Rachel's room it was still hard for him to believe he was here. He wondered...
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posted by huddycallianfan
Hi, everyone! :) This is my first and probably the LAST fanfiction and it kinda sucks xD and you're welcome for any comments: good hoặc bad!
note: They already moved in together(not so long ago) and live in Cuddy's House. And this is their usual evening after House saved another patient.
note #2(xD): this (*) is a kiss. :D lol
Hope ya'll like this. :D
oh, and GRAND THANKS to @Tam for helping me with this. :D

They came quite late and Cuddy let bến du thuyền, bến tàu, marina go as Rachel watched her mom and House coming towards her.
Cuddy kissed her on the cheek.
"Can bạn stay with her while I change clothes?"...
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This is just a fun little fic that I thought of a few nights cách đây and decided to write for bạn guys!

Enjoy :)

Wilson sat in his office busily signing papers for his latest patient when Cuddy walked in. She had her head down as though she was thinking about something and wasn’t quite sure whether she should tell Wilson.

“What’s up?” Wilson asked her. She looked up at him and sighed as she began pacing the room. She continued to do this for the tiếp theo một phút hoặc so while Wilson just watched her. This was not the first time Cuddy had paced up and down Wilson’s office and he knew that she...
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He lay there staring at her as she slept. He didn’t have to stare at her because he had a mental picture of every detail about her. She had been angry for 2 weeks and he had missed her so much. We had been in a standoff about a lie I had told her. She wanted an apology, and although i finally succombed and gave the speech of a life time I am not really sure that I believe I was wrong. I just missed her and I had hurt her so many times that maybe it was just a good idea to say I am sorry.
It had been almost 4 months since the night she had walked into my bathroom. On the floor with vicodin...
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