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Just dropping bởi to share my opinion, which I haven't done in a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

There are two possibilities when it comes to this season ending.

If it is the last season of House, I can see it ending with Cuddy dying and House having to raise Rachel on his own.
The một giây option, season 7 not being the final season, would be something happening in the procedure and/or House lying to Cuddy big time, screwing their relationship completely.

The problem is,
I could also see Cuddy dying and hiển thị not ending.
House has been happy for far too long when it comes to this show.
And the wedding, if it's true, makes no Houseian sense to me in any other way than Cuddy dying and House having no other option on how to adopt Rachel.

But, then comes the part that gets me thinking the most.
What is the purpose of this show?
What kind of message does it give?

If we're all supposed to drown in despair and believe that life is so cruel and hopeless, then, I didn't see it.
For me, it's always been about a royally screwed up man getting better, and... making it in the horrible world.
Going against his principles, going against who he really is and... just... finally finding that little happy place.

For me, it's all about hiển thị us, that, even the most screwed up people, stubborn people, can make it.

And because of this, I don't see them killing Cuddy off.
It would totally miss the whole point of the show...
But then again, the hiển thị is called House, not Cuddy.
Maybe, maybe she is just not someone who is, in PPTB's book, destined to make it.

What a pity would that be?
What a pity.

Please, feel free to give your two cents on this. :)
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Very interesting bài viết from TV Guide and Eloise James
To celebrate Valentine's Day, we asked best-selling romance writer and House người hâm mộ Eloisa James how House stacks up against the Giải cứu thế giới in her books.

At first glance, Dr. House is nothing like a conventional romantic hero. Can bạn imagine him bare-chested on a book cover, a bodacious blonde (or perhaps a ravishing radiologist) drooping in his arms? Not so much. House is the "Hunchback of Princeton," as Hugh Laurie himself once said. He's a disagreeable, physically (and emotionally) crippled genius. He'd hold up that blonde just long enough...
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Chapter 4 as promised. Sorry I have taken so long to post it, somehow “REAL LIFE” got in the way!!!

You may have to go back and re-cap...sorry 'bout that.....but the story needed to have it's ending.

Again for the under 18's I trust bạn will exercise the necessary restraint, and avoid đọc that which is NOT appropriate for you.

Lying on her side Cuddy opened her eyes. Not moving she remembed the events of the trước đó night and what followed with House. She was happy and comfortable and most importantly she was deeply in love. She felt like it was all a dream, she had wanted him for so...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
Thanks for tuning back in to the House Fanisode: “It’s About Time….” I’m enjoying nghề viết văn it and hope bạn are all enjoying đọc it. Thanks for the reviews. New readers: for the entire Fanisode go to link

DISCLAIMER: I own the first five seasons of House on DVD and own a reservation for season six. I own a couple of sách about House and thêm than a couple of pictures of the man called House. My TiVo owns a preset time to record any new House episode regardless of whatever else is being watched on television. But alas, I do not own House. Sigh.

It’s About Time…
Chapter Eight

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posted by migle
I wrote this long time ago...I hope someone will gona like it...

Cuddy's office, she was talking with one of the nurses, when Wilson camed. She doesnt stopped talking even she saw that he camed. "- We need to talk...", his voice was low and sad, she didint noticed this, "- Ok, just a minute...", she even doesnt rised up her eyes. "-I think bạn would like to hear this.....alone." Cuddy get scared little bit, so she asked nurse to leave them. "- So whats happend now...?", she went until her tabel, put some documents on it and turned at Wilson, "- Wilson..? It's House ?", Wilson was looking at...
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posted by livethislifeup
Sticking to one shots for now until my real người hâm mộ fics can materialize into fixed ideas. Until then, enjoy all my one shots.
Consider this--post EF.

If the nights were this easy,
and the days were longer than said,
for once I'd be capable enough,
to release bạn from my head.

For every toss I plan to make,
it các câu trả lời with constant turning,
and escaping bởi shutting my eyes,
the attempt just leaves me burning.

For every smile that grazed your face,
for every stare left broken,
for the laughter that bạn gave,
the dreading words unspoken.

The guilt stands beneath...
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posted by huddyforever
Ok, so from here on out it might be a little OOC...just warning.Lol!

“Stop.” She said. “Could it be because we went to med school with eachother?” He asked. “Seriously. Don’t go there.” She warned. “Or could it be because I rocked your world on the hàng đầu, đầu trang of your bàn in med school?” He went there. Defeated, Cuddy decided to take a new approach. “I rocked your world.” She said. “No, no, no. I was ontop so that means I rocked your world.” He pointed out. “Guys! Guys! Guys! Can bạn please stop! I don’t really care who was ontop hoặc who rocked who.” Wilson đã đưa ý kiến as he...
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posted by huddy_aimee
A/N sorry i havent written in a while, ive been really busy with school and social any who this is part two...(you might have to re read part 1 because its been so long XD)

"Taub, Thirteen, I want bạn to go to the girls' house and inspect the place for the usual, Foreman, i want bạn to talk with the girl's family." House đã đưa ý kiến and again the team got up whilst House stood infront of his white board thinking about possible diagnosies.
Cuddy had remained in House's office, whilst he had detailed the team with their specific tasks, but now emerged once she was sure that they were alone....
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posted by Fabouluz
It was late in the afternoon, and Cuddy was feeling restless. Even though House didn’t like to hiển thị his feelings to the people around him, he showed his feelings in peculiar ways; stalking, stealing files…all these things were negative qualities in other people but not in House. His need to understand the details was a gift he enjoyed using both at work and in his personal life.

Watching Cuddy from afar as she dealt with a difficult patient in the clinic, he loved watching her. Most people could only see the boisterous boss, dominant female, but from House’s viewpoint he could see the...
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