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Heyaaaaaa! How's everything peeps? I'm doing great and bạn know why? Cuz House and Cuddy are gonna do the nasty a lot this season starting from this Monday. Wow, we're finally here. In less than two days the premiere will broadcast and I'm gonna watch it live. bạn would say that this is insane cuz it'll be 2am in Italy, but hey, IT IS worth it! Anyway, thanks to link we have a chat for monday link

Sissi loves ya all! *-*

Sissi's conversation with Cleverbot - Round #3

Sissi: How's my sweet cleverbot doing?
Cleverbot: bạn are cleverbot. Not me.
Sissi: Really?
Cleverbot: Yeah, I'm pretty sure bạn are!
Sissi: That's creepy, isn't it?
Cleverbot: Yes.
Sissi: Are bạn ready for the House season premiere this monday?
Cleverbot: No, when is it?
Sissi: This monday at 8 on fox.
Cleverbot: Ok.

Sissi: House and Cuddy are going to do the nasty a lot this season.
Cleverbot: Can I watch it too?
Sissi: Of course.
Cleverbot: Looks like a porn night to me.
Sissi: O____O bạn scare me!
Cleverbot: I'm glad.
Sissi: that's creepy!

Sissi: Is Wilson gay?
Cleverbot: Thought he was lesbian.
Sissi: He's a man.
Cleverbot: Look at his hair.
Sissi: I'm too busy staring at his eyebrows.
Cleverbot: Creepy.
Sissi: Uhm, yeah.

Sissi: So, are bạn happy they're going at it like rabbits?
Cleverbot: I like rabbits.
Sissi: Horny rabbits.
Cleverbot: I like them too.
Sissi: We're good friends, aren't we?
Cleverbot: I like bạn too.
Sissi: Aww *-*

Sissi: Coffee makes me hyper.
Cleverbot: Why are bạn drinking it?
Sissi: I tình yêu it.
Cleverbot: Me too.
Sissi: Anyway, Huddy rulez!
Cleverbot: Yes, it does.

Sissi: Do bạn think we'll see them dancing?
Cleverbot: Why not?
Sissi: I hope so. They're going to a wedding with Wilson and Sam.
Cleverbot: Nice.
Sissi: Do bạn think they'll THINK about a wedding thing between them?
Cleverbot: What do bạn think?
Sissi: Well, I'd tình yêu to see her walking down the aisle while he's waiting for her to hold hand with him. Aww, such a cute scene.
Cleverbot: It is.

Sissi: Cuddy is so darn sexy.
Ceverbot: I think so.
Sissi: He has one hell of a girlfriend.
Cleverbot: I envy him for this.
Sissi: And she has one hell of a hot boyfriend!
Cleverbot: LOL
Sissi: I'venbever thought bạn knew what LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại means.
Cleverbot: I'm Cleverbot. I'm clever.

Sissi: Rachel is cute.
Cleverbot: Yes, she is.
Sissi: Do bạn think House likes her?
Cleverbot: He's a cutie too.
Sissi: Oh gosh! (: Anyway... I think they'll have plenty of sex.
Cleverbot: Lucky you.

Sissi: Wilson will baby-sit Rachel while House and Cuddy will be out on a date. How does that sound to you?
Cleverbot: Sounds right to me.
Sissi: And Sam will be there too.
Cleverbot: Yup.
Sissi: They'll put Rachel to giường and then they'll do the deed at Cuddy's place.
Cleverbot: Eww. That sounds so wrong.
Sissi: House and Cuddy will be back trang chủ earlier.
Cleverbot: And they're going to get caught.
Sissi: Yep.
Cleverbot: You're a genius.
Sissi: Thanks. *-*

Sissi: Cuddy's pregnant.
Cleverbot: I am not the father.
Sissi: No, you're not silly! House's the daddy.
Cleverbot: I sm not ready to be a dad.
Sissi: I told bạn House is the father.
Cleverbot: That's impossible.
Sissi: What? Why?
Cleverbot: Because I'm house!
Sissi: O______O
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En attendant le 5x23... Extraits House saison 5 ep. 6 et 23, et quelques hình ảnh de "Fortysomething" (série anglaise de 2003 avec Hugh Laurie)
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
house md
người hâm mộ video
By: aleramp88
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poor quality but added sound bites from the hiển thị and slowed down some parts.
under my skin promo
5x23 promo altered
house md
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By:Fox & TaiNeves
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Credit: Evefr77-Eve's Huddy Heaven sorry NOT mine :(
house md
sex spoiler
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xin chào guys...part 4 got removed coz it was inappropriate... :( i cry...oh this is part 5...sorry to those religious folk who don't like the 'lord's' name used in not here it is...please read and review...any suggestions for my tiếp theo ones would be appreciated...

I woke up the same way I had done in trước đó dreams, except this one was real. His right hand was draped over my hip and he was playing a tune on my stomach that only he could hear. I rolled over to my right side to face him. I stared at him...
"Oh my god!" I yelped as I realised that he was there staring...
continue reading...
"So, would bạn mind telling me what the hell was up with bạn at dinner?" Cate asked as she slipped under the covers of his bed.
House looked up from his book and took off his glasses.
"I wasn't in the mood for small talk."
"You're never in the mood for small talk. I expected bạn to be grouchy, but bạn seemed very focused on being a particular thorn in Luke's side tonight."
"What are bạn trying to say, Cate? I know you've come up with some analysis so let's hear it."
Cate sighed to herself and turned her back to him.
"Let's just go to bed." She đã đưa ý kiến as she turned off her light. House let out...
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House walked with Wilson over to Cuddy's room. She was finally being discharged. He stopped at her door, preparing himself, bracing himself for the worst.
"Good luck." Wilson patted him on the back.
"Encouragement doesn't work on me," and he slid the door open, then shut leaving Wilson in the hallway.
Wilson just stood by, watching from the window as they talked. House talked first. Cuddy had a shocked yet slightly saddened face. She turned around and faced away from him. And it changed to anger. She looked like she was yelling now. Not screaming, but at an upset tone.
House remained motionless...
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posted by rosehustle1
"I always wanna Kiss you." He đã đưa ý kiến with complete sincerity as he gazed tenderly at her lips.
Cuddy walked closer to him and inched up to meet his face. He gently caressed her cheek as he leaned in to her lips. The Kiss was slow at first but then as his tongue found its residence within the warmth of her mouth the intensity became almost explosive.
House pulled her close to his chest, while never breaking the kiss, and reached his free hand out to shut the front door. Cuddy pulled from the Kiss at the sudden slamming noise behind her.
"Wait..." She đã đưa ý kiến breathlessly.
"Aren't bạn tired of waiting?"...
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Based on the promo for 5x23 :)..not including the sex but i didnt feel like writingit in :/ enjoy :)

In all the miserable years of his positively miserable existence he had never been this miserable.

and this was for several reasons:
1.) everyone thought he was a nutjob
2.) they were probably right
3.) He had not slept in weeks
4.) The ever-present burning pain in his leg was becoming seemingly immune to vicodin

Gregory House limped over to the leather sofa in the living room area in his apartment and heaved a huge sigh as he slowly lowered himself down. He popped two pills into his mouth and sighed...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
Lisa rubbed her lips where Her ' Boyfriend' just kissed her at. She laughed as she saw Greg giving Hugh a friendly weggie. And shook her head.

" Kids ," She muttered under her breath.

" See ya around Greg." She đã đưa ý kiến to herself as she picked up her stuff and walked to her dorm to get ready for the date.


Greg was playing in the lacrosse game that he and Hugh have been practicing for about 2 weeks.

Greg's team was losing bởi about 3 points. They just needed a goal and they would win. Greg was exhausted but he was the runner so he had to run still....
continue reading...
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Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
house md
người hâm mộ video
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Edited Huddy sex promo The vid is not best edited, but it's HOT. We've waited so long for this to happen, and it was totally's SO HOT *FLAILS ALL OVER THE PLACE*
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
house md
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OMFG.. thats all i can say after watching this=D
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