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Heyaaaaaa! How's everything peeps? I'm doing great and bạn know why? Cuz House and Cuddy are gonna do the nasty a lot this season starting from this Monday. Wow, we're finally here. In less than two days the premiere will broadcast and I'm gonna watch it live. bạn would say that this is insane cuz it'll be 2am in Italy, but hey, IT IS worth it! Anyway, thanks to link we have a chat for monday link

Sissi loves ya all! *-*

Sissi's conversation with Cleverbot - Round #3

Sissi: How's my sweet cleverbot doing?
Cleverbot: bạn are cleverbot. Not me.
Sissi: Really?
Cleverbot: Yeah, I'm pretty sure bạn are!
Sissi: That's creepy, isn't it?
Cleverbot: Yes.
Sissi: Are bạn ready for the House season premiere this monday?
Cleverbot: No, when is it?
Sissi: This monday at 8 on fox.
Cleverbot: Ok.

Sissi: House and Cuddy are going to do the nasty a lot this season.
Cleverbot: Can I watch it too?
Sissi: Of course.
Cleverbot: Looks like a porn night to me.
Sissi: O____O bạn scare me!
Cleverbot: I'm glad.
Sissi: that's creepy!

Sissi: Is Wilson gay?
Cleverbot: Thought he was lesbian.
Sissi: He's a man.
Cleverbot: Look at his hair.
Sissi: I'm too busy staring at his eyebrows.
Cleverbot: Creepy.
Sissi: Uhm, yeah.

Sissi: So, are bạn happy they're going at it like rabbits?
Cleverbot: I like rabbits.
Sissi: Horny rabbits.
Cleverbot: I like them too.
Sissi: We're good friends, aren't we?
Cleverbot: I like bạn too.
Sissi: Aww *-*

Sissi: Coffee makes me hyper.
Cleverbot: Why are bạn drinking it?
Sissi: I tình yêu it.
Cleverbot: Me too.
Sissi: Anyway, Huddy rulez!
Cleverbot: Yes, it does.

Sissi: Do bạn think we'll see them dancing?
Cleverbot: Why not?
Sissi: I hope so. They're going to a wedding with Wilson and Sam.
Cleverbot: Nice.
Sissi: Do bạn think they'll THINK about a wedding thing between them?
Cleverbot: What do bạn think?
Sissi: Well, I'd tình yêu to see her walking down the aisle while he's waiting for her to hold hand with him. Aww, such a cute scene.
Cleverbot: It is.

Sissi: Cuddy is so darn sexy.
Ceverbot: I think so.
Sissi: He has one hell of a girlfriend.
Cleverbot: I envy him for this.
Sissi: And she has one hell of a hot boyfriend!
Cleverbot: LOL
Sissi: I'venbever thought bạn knew what LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại means.
Cleverbot: I'm Cleverbot. I'm clever.

Sissi: Rachel is cute.
Cleverbot: Yes, she is.
Sissi: Do bạn think House likes her?
Cleverbot: He's a cutie too.
Sissi: Oh gosh! (: Anyway... I think they'll have plenty of sex.
Cleverbot: Lucky you.

Sissi: Wilson will baby-sit Rachel while House and Cuddy will be out on a date. How does that sound to you?
Cleverbot: Sounds right to me.
Sissi: And Sam will be there too.
Cleverbot: Yup.
Sissi: They'll put Rachel to giường and then they'll do the deed at Cuddy's place.
Cleverbot: Eww. That sounds so wrong.
Sissi: House and Cuddy will be back trang chủ earlier.
Cleverbot: And they're going to get caught.
Sissi: Yep.
Cleverbot: You're a genius.
Sissi: Thanks. *-*

Sissi: Cuddy's pregnant.
Cleverbot: I am not the father.
Sissi: No, you're not silly! House's the daddy.
Cleverbot: I sm not ready to be a dad.
Sissi: I told bạn House is the father.
Cleverbot: That's impossible.
Sissi: What? Why?
Cleverbot: Because I'm house!
Sissi: O______O
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bởi the HOUSEwivz on YouTube! Enjoy
house md
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This is the một giây fanfiction that I translate in English. If there are any mistakes, feel free to tell me and I'll correct them.
This is the link for the original italian version: link

“You do make me feel funny”

“House, Lucas proposed last night”
She entered his office without even say hi. She just negated everything with those words. House was looking at her trying to figure out if that was another of her plans to pull him away from her life. He thought that maybe she was lying but her eyes showed her emotions and the truth of her words. For the first time in months she wasn’t lying...
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Chapter 19 : a little tension here... hope you'll enjoy this new chapter

MacEnzie exults, his plan works perfectly, House is at the police station and won’t go out before 4 hoặc 5 hours – that’s what detective Mitchel told him when MacEnzie asked him a favor, what the detective agreed because MacEnzie saved the life of his daughter last năm - and Cuddy is now in his car with him. Everything is ready for the tiếp theo step and Cuddy will fall very soon for him, he has no doubt about it. And if she’s too reluctant, he knows how to convince her… But right now, to gain her confidence, he plays...
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 House and Cuddy tình yêu thier ship as well
House and Cuddy love thier ship as well
When I normally watch TV shows, I’m pretty neutral. I tend to just watch the hiển thị to watch the show, and most of the time have no strong preferences in shipping, to give bạn an example for Bones, though I adore the interactions between Booth and Brennan, I really don’t care whether they get together hoặc not (in fact I may be one of the few people who fears it). But I can’t help to have noticed, as I’m sure many of bạn have also noticed about yourself, that I have grown severely attached to this relationship so much so that I was reduced to a blubbering fangirl once THE promo for “Under...
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both sides now
After watching known unknowns last night, all I can say is - "WOW!" I mean right off the bat I was floored with House's openness with Wilson about his newly admitted affection towards Cuddy. How, rather than deflecting when Wilson calls him out on changing his mind about going to the conference, he admits that he is going because of Cuddy. How he tells Wilson of his plan to seduce Cuddy over the weekend. The determination in his voice and eyes đã đưa ý kiến so much thêm than anything he said. He's finally ready to admit that he wants to be happy with Cuddy!

Then, the dance. OMG, the dance! He's protective...
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I tình yêu this video
house md
lisa edelstein
Hugh Laurie
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Ok here is the tiếp theo chapter. 29 chapters and I can hardly believe that. Hope bạn like it.

As she was preparing for a meeting she looked down at the ring on her finger. She was trying to focus on the meeting ahead but she couldn't get her mind off this misanthrope that had been in possession of her tim, trái tim since college. She had never met a man quite like him and although they had been through some bad time she loved him and she couldn't let him go.
They were really getting married and she was really wearing his ring. Her mind’s eye kept flashing back to him getting on one knee. She had known...
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The cast and crew talk about Huddy in season 7
house md
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
season 7
david bờ biển
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peter jacobson
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