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Lisa Edelstein on House's Uncertain Future: 'Nobody Wants to See it Go Off the Air'


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Okay I have a question: Where did the idea that LE was the instigator for the Huddy arc come from?

The only thing I recall her saying about the history between House & Cuddy before Huddy is her suggestion to DS & KJ that the back story be that they knew each other and had a one night stand in Med School.

There seem to be some VERY angry House fans out there and they seem to think LE had/has the necessary power to make huge decisions. I suppose they have to blame someone. Whatever her involvement I doubt she has ever had the clout for that!

I have to admit that I am feeling a little force fed on Cuddy and her dramas at the moment. The original vein of the story seems to be a bit blurred. But I can understand that the place House now finds himself in is as a result of personal growth. Something he has always aspired to.

If he had started of as a happy, clean, sober, attentive man and lover and regressed into the House we all got to know, this show would not have made it past Season 1 if that.

I am still a little concerned about the lack of finality about Season 8, perhaps they are all a little tired of it. Hugh especially has missed a huge amount of time with his wife and children, and might be ready to go home. DS & KJ are already focused on other projects.

Whatever happens House is on a road to recovery and we will have to go along with whatever it is the producers and writers want for him. This show is called House MD afterall.
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