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Olivia Wilde
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Olivia Wilde
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Video made bởi stephantom and set to the màu hồng, hồng Floyds. Very appropriate!
Hugh Laurie
house md
house m.d. màu hồng, hồng floyds comfortably numb
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I thought it was time someone wrote a cross-over of House Md and Grey's Anatomy.My knowledge of GA is rudimentary,so shoot me if bạn don't like the storyline*ducks to avoid the bullets*.There is not even one sane scene in this fanfic.Hope bạn like it :)


Christmas Eve at PPTH.House and his team,old and new,are congregated in Cuddy's office.

C:I know it's giáng sinh Eve,but this is good publicity for the hospital,so whether bạn like it hoặc not,you're going to do this!

T:My wife is going to kill me if I don't hiển thị up tonight!

C:Do I seem to care,Dr Taub?Now,I know we're...
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It has been so long that I figured most of bạn will have forgotten about me completely... well, I'm not dead, as it happens. And I recently, after months, wrote this... It's intense and involves my usual ingredients: angst, friendship, drama and hopefully insight. I thought I'd post it here to notify all of bạn that I'm still here, and not just those on the fanfic spot. It's really quite long, but it has a certain flow to it (I've heard... bạn know me, I won't believe its good until someone says so) that makes it very easy to read. This follows House fresh out of Mayfield... the rest will...
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