House Example of deception - help appreciated

MDresearcher posted on Feb 08, 2017 at 12:59PM
Hi All,
I'm a researcher (linguist and philosopher) and I'm now finishing a book that uses examples of deception/lying from "House" - there are so many fascinating examples there! I was wondering whether you can help me dig out one example I need now: a case of House (or any other character) telling a lie, whilst knowing that the hearer doesn't trust him/her and will think that the opposite is true. OK. This is complex. Let me give you a similar example by St Augustine: a man believes that a road is besieged by bandits and fears for his friend’s safety but, at the same time, he knows that his friend does not trust him; he thus decides to tell his friend that there are no bandits on the road so that his friend will not choose this road. In House's version the result will not be so benevolent :)

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