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This is simple ;) There's a list of House characters and you say a few words about each of them. Nothing too long, just whatever comes to your mind first :)

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 This is simple ;) There's a danh sách of House characters and bạn say a few words about each of them. Noth
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hơn một năm qua angel said…
House: i like him, although he's not my favorite person :O i do sometimes have a problem with the way he treats people but he will always be a genius too >D
Cuddy: she's great, although she has her bitchy moments x) I ship her with House
Wilson: favorite character of the show and probably favorite tv character ever... I just wanna cuddle him all day and I ship him with various people (Sam, Amber) and stuffed animals :p (lord duckington ftw)
Cameron: Absolutely like her! Sometimes she is annoying, but who is perfect? <3 Never really thought that her and Chase were a good match though.
Chase: I never cared about him in the early seasons, I used to call him the deco, because he was just standing there making the room look nice - at least according to most people. When he cut his hair I finally noticed him xP I quite like him now! Think him and 13 would have been a good match - character-wise.
Foreman: Never liked him, never will. He's so serious and boring...he just fails to entertain me.
Thirteen: I swear I was the biggest 13 Fan in season 4 :D I still love her so much, but Wilson took the lead XD I used to ship her with Kutner and Chase.
Kutner: So sad Kal Penn chose to leave the show :( Kutner was one of my favorites, but now it hurts me to watch the old episodes with him.
Taub: Ha, Taub x) I don't care too much about him, but he has his moments of awesomeness. Gotta admit that.
Masters: Love :) She was sooo sweet, sometimes I just wanted to hug her. She could have stayed around longer :/
Adams: She is a bit boring... I don't know, she's okay. Need to see more of her maybe.
Park: URG. Don't even... Most annoying voice ever and I don't like her as a character at all. She's horrible.
Vogler: Hehe, Vogler. He was entertaining and a nice storyline.
Stacy: At first I hated her, but I guess she's actually not that bad :) I don't mind her now.
Tritter: Michael Tritter <3 Love his evilness.
Amber: Oh Amber :( Another character I couldn't stand at first but quickly grew to love. It's so sad that she died, her and Wilson were great together and she was a great character on her own too!
Lucas: MEH. I liked him at first, but when he started to date Cuddy he became so boring and I never saw any chemistry between them either :/ He did have good moments though.
Rachel Taub: She is okay.
Sam: I LOVE SAM SO MUCH OHGOD. Her and Wilson were my OTP, I don't think I'll ever get over that loss. *melodramatic*
>Cole: Didn't like him.
Ridiculously Old Fraud: He was cool :)
John House: Didn't like him either...
Blythe House: I'm honestly not sure what to think about her...
Rowan Chase: Hm. I don't know what to say about him.
Rodney Foreman: I didn't like him too much...
Alicia Foreman: I think she was a good mother.
Marcus Foreman: Hm, don't care X) Why did we see so much Foreman family anyways xD
Rachel Cuddy: I ADORE that child. I wanna adopt her, I'm so sad we won't see her again :( I loved every scene she was in.
Arlene Cuddy: Hehe, I like and hate her at the same time x)
Julia Cuddy: She's nice.
Nolan: Don't care much for him.
Alvie: Aw I liked Alvie.
Lydia Don't really care for her.
Mark Warner: Mixed feelings... but he was kind of boring.
Bonnie Wilson: Oh Bonnie. She was funny xD
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hơn một năm qua misanthrope86 said…
House: He is my everything. Like, for serious.
Cuddy: She's pretty bitchin'. Love the tension between her strong wills and her weak wills, especially when it comes to House.
Wilson: I think he is perfect. Everything about him is perfection.
Cameron: Love her. Loved her relationship with House the most. I miss her... *sobs*
Chase: Chase is classic. I love jokes about his hair.
Foreman: I think I might be Foreman, in white, female form. I love me, therefore, I love him. Winner. *self-congratulatory high-five*
Thirteen: Also my everything. Since I am Foreman, I love her and think she should be with Foreman forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. And ever.
Kutner: I can't talk about Kutner. I loved him so much and it hurts my soul that he is gone...
Taub: Hilarious! Wanna kick his ass sometimes (ie all his cheating etc), but he makes me LOL so I forgive him.
Masters: DIE, BITCH! DIE! DIE! Hate her with every fibre of my being. Single lamest character in the history of television.
Adams: So far (have only seen 2 eps into season 8), she really bores me. I just don't find her or the actress who plays her believable. But meh, maybe that will change. I don't hate her or anything.
Park: So far (see above justification), I like her. I may grow to love her. So weird.
Vogler: Dick.
Stacy: House's true love. Should come back at some point.
Tritter: Major asshole. Despise him, but in a love-to-hate kinda way. He had purpose.
Amber: Hated Amber until she got with Wilson, then I liked her. When she became hallucination!Amber, I LOVED HER. Anne Dudek was brilliant at being that character.
Lucas: LOVE HIM! Treated very badly by the writers, but my god did I cherish the time he did have on the show. Bring him back!
Rachel Taub: I like her. Taub should be with her.
Sam: I like her. I liked her and Wilson together and I liked how she interacted with House.
Cole: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. He was awesome.
Ridiculously Old Fraud: THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY! Still think he should have stayed to be part of House's team or his assistant or something. He was so neat-o.
John House: Didn't see enough of him. Would like to have even just an episode more of him and House together.
Blythe House: She's so sweet, but kinda tough too. Need more of her on the show too.
Rowan Chase: Bit of a dick. Not a big fan. Enjoyed his arc though.
Rodney Foreman: I liked him. I feel sorry for him though...
Alicia Foreman: Feel really sorry for her...
Marcus Foreman: Liked him a lot. Would like to see him come back because he brought out some interesting stuff in Foreman.
Rachel Cuddy: Cute! Loved her interacting with House the most.
Arlene Cuddy: Epic. Loved her. House should hook up with her ;)
Julia Cuddy: Meh, I liked her enough. Didn't really have much impact...
Nolan: I liked him. His voice soothes me.
Alvie: Cracks me up. Love how House tried to help him.
Lydia: Liked her, then hated her. The flirting part was fun.
Mark Warner: I liked his little war with House.
Bonnie Wilson: She was fun. I want House to stage a Wilson's Wives convention where he invites all of Wilson's ex-wives over for an evening of talking about Wilson. That would would please me.
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hơn một năm qua bunnygirl10189 said…
House: I love all the crazy things he does, and he has a great sensitive side, though it doesn't surface very often XD
Cuddy: Awesome. She's so sweet to house and wilson when amber dies!! OMG
Wilson: I would marry him on the spot. Just so so sweet and perfect and sensitive…love him so so much so sad when he gets cancer!!!
Cameron: Just amazingly good with people and I love how she's nice to house even when he's being a jerk.
Chase: OMG hilarious!!! Love the accent and the hair and the hotness…
Foreman: Okay, I like when he and thirteen date but he's so serious and can be boring
Thirteen: Awesome!!! I admire how she's so strong with her Huntington's and all
Kutner: I loved him so much, I cried when he died he would be awesome to play video games with
Taub: He had his jerk moments but still really funny
Masters: She was really sweet and nice, not my favourite though
Adams: Meh okay
Park: Really weird but love her anyway
Vogler: Stupid jerk
Stacy: Hilarious so perfect for house it's sad things didn't work out between them
Tritter: HATED him with a passion I wanted to kill him for what he did to wilson
Amber: So funny I loved her… I've seen her death scene like 10 times and I cried every time
Lucas: Loved him…please bring him back
Rachel Taub: Really sweet Taub doesn't deserve her
Sam: Made me jealous when wilson was with her, but otherwise okay
Cole: LOL LOL LOL just loved him
Ridiculously Old Fraud: My favourite gramps ever…bring him back!!!!
John House: Don't even mention him
Blythe House: I don't like her. She did't protect her son when he needed her
Rowan Chase: Meh he was okay
Rodney Foreman: Sweet guy
Alicia Foreman: Oh loved her reminded me of my granny
Marcus Foreman: ALright I guess
Rachel Cuddy: Soooooo cute!!! Love her
Arlene Cuddy: Not bad, kinda mean tho
Julia Cuddy: She was nice enough
Nolan: Pretty cute
Alvie: HILARIOUS!!!!!
Lydia: I hated her, then liked her
Mark Warner: Felt kinda sorry for him, but loved watching him take on house
Bonnie Wilson: She was kinda stupid
hơn một năm qua missingPPH said…
House: Awesome character throughout the entire series except when he dated Cuddy. He stopped being House once he got involved with the boss.
Cuddy: Awesome as House's boss but not as his GF. She always kept him in check just enough so he wouldn't get into serious trouble. However it was a bitch move when she broke up with Greg because he slipped and took Vicodin. Drug addicts have relapses and she knew who he was before she hooked up with him.
Wilson: Perfect friend for House. It was great how well he knew how to play House and get him to do what he wanted him to do. It was always fun watching them prank one another.
Cameron: She was a great addition to the show and she was good at blocking House from making decisions that may have been logical but at the same time unethical. She should have kept her hair brown!
Chase: He got better as the series progressed. He started out as a bit of a push over and butt kisser but later became a little hardened. I liked how he was the only one willing to stand behind House when he was doing illegal or very dangerous procedures that were not okay with the Dean of Medicine (Forman or Cuddy).
Foreman: One of my favorite characters because he would always stand up to House and was probably the second smartest doctor. Of course House being the first.
Thirteen: Gorgeous! Also I liked her risk taking attitude. I liked when she dated Foreman and really disliked when she left the show for season 7.
Kutner: He was probably not the smartest of the bunch but the most fun. It was a little weird that they had him commit suicide instead of just moving away, but it also made for a very touching episode.
Taub: It was a lot of fun watching House tease him. They went back and forth and it was entertaining. He was a good edition to the cast.
Masters: I couldn't stand this woman. She was way to concerned with always telling the truth. I also couldn't stand her clothes or her bowl cut bangs. The worst episode was the one that focused on her day.
Adams: She was much better than Masters but she was a little bland.
Park: She was a weirdo but in a very fun way. It was great when she and Chase started having dreams about intimate relations with each other. She also had balls.
Vogler: I avoid episodes that have him in them. He was an entitled prick.
Stacy: She was perfect for House. A much better match than Cuddy. Great personality, very assertive.
Tritter: It was kind of fun watching he and House battle it out. Eventually he did get to be a bit too much of a dick.
Amber: I didn't like when she kept trying to screw over other team member candidates but I did like her as Wilson's GF. Perfect adversary to House for Wilson's attention.
Lucas: He was a pretty slick guy and knew how to play with people's heads. He didn't really seem like he matched well with Cuddy but I liked him with her over House.
Rachel Taub: She was a very forgiving woman and Taub did her wrong.
Sam: She seemed kind of shady. I knew she was no good for Wilson.
Cole: He was great. He stood up to House very well and even pulled a fast one to get Cuddy's underwear. Although it was dick that he was going to get ride of Kutner. I wish he would have been a reoccurring character.
Ridiculously Old Fraud: He was fun while he lasted.
John House: He's a hardcore actor and they should have given him more interaction with House.
Blythe House: She was the perfect mother for House. It was funny when House and Wilson came to the conclusion that House's mom was a slut.
Rowan Chase: He was a prick to his son Chase. The guy had no empathy.
Rodney Foreman: A good guy and he showed his son Eric Foreman how proud he was of him. It was good how he didn't like House's tricks and lies.
Alicia Foreman: It was sad that she was suffering from dementia.
Marcus Foreman: He was a good inverse of his brother's personality. He was also good in that family was very important to him.
Rachel Cuddy: A cute little girl. "Juice"!
Arlene Cuddy: I couldn't stand this woman. I really never liked the actress very much and her personality in the show is probably close to how she is in reality.
Julia Cuddy: Wasn't in the show much but she seemed decent.
Nolan: A good person that really wanted House to be happy (an impossible task).
Alvie: A little crazy but I liked his interaction with House and how House almost became a father figure to him.
Lydia: I liked her as a Gf to House but it was cruel how she broke his very, at the time, fragile heart. I think that situation emotionally scarred him.
Mark Warner: He should have died and House and Stacy could have been together.
Bonnie Wilson: I don't remember much about her except for when she found the apartment for both Cuddy and then Wilson.
hơn một năm qua ImAnEasel said…
House: one of the best fictional characters of all time! He's just frigging amazing. He never ceases to be entertaining and he has so many dimensions. However, I think pretty much everyone got annoyed at least something he did; for me, it was when he stopped wearing Kutner's watch. I mean, why? Anyhoo, that's a minor blip - I love House to bits. <3
Cuddy: absolutely adored her and chose her as my second favourite character (second to House), until she broke up with House. It was for a really weak reason and it felt like she had just been looking for a way out. At the start of their relationship, if I remember correctly, she said she didn't want him to change - then she made a big deal out of every little thing he did. She really messed him around. I was glad when he drove through her wall. Other than that, though, an awesome character! She's my fourth favourite, now.
Wilson: aww, Wilson!! My second favourite character. He's such a sweetie, and so funny too! I love his childish wars with House - their friendship is one of the best things in the series. If he was in the His Dark Materials trilogy, I think his daemon would be an adorable little bunny. :P
Cameron: there's a sort of parallel with Cuddy, here. Cameron is a really great character, but I think how and why she ended it with Chase was unreasonable. Not only that, but she messed him around pretty much throughout their whole relationship. She's so sweet though, I can't hold a grudge against her.
Chase: my favourite member of House's original team. I used to think he was a bit of a jerk when he ratted out House to Vogler, but after that he grew on me more and more. And more. And more. And then even more. Now I think he's amazing. My third favourite character, tied with Kutner (I can't possibly choose between them).
Foreman: ah, Foreman. I've thought of him as a bit boring for a long time, but I've never disliked him. He's a pretty reserved character, but when we do catch glimpses of his personality, it's a really cool one.
Thirteen: I love Thirteen, though I think she may be a tad overrated. She's really cool, though; I loved it when she played Truth or Dare with Wilson. :D I wish she'd gotten back with Foreman.
Kutner: oh, what I wouldn't give to bring Kutner back! He's so sweet, funny, cool, geeky, genius, brave, crazy etc etc etc - just the perfect character, really. We didn't have a very long time to get to know him, compared to the other characters, especially with him being so under-presented even when he was in the series. And yet, within that short time, he became my third favourite character. If he had been in the show until the end, I think he had the potential to easily rival House as the best character. No character death has ever affected me as much as Kutner's. In fact, I refuse to accept it - in a parallel universe, somehow, he is alive!
Taub: I love Taub - he's so underrated! Okay, so he's a jerk when it comes to cheating on his wife, but he's so funny. The thing is, though, he didn't used to be; he only really became a cool character after Kutner died (;_;). It's like the writers improved his personality in an attempt to fill the void (a failed attempt... although they did also bring back Chase, which was probably the best decision they could possibly have made at that point).
Masters: I hated her on first, but she was another character who grew on me. I like her now, and would have been happy for her to stay (although I prefer Thirteen of course).
Adams: UGH, the most boring character in the show. I really don't like her at all. She was cool in the prison arc, but I wish that was all we saw of her, because she only suited being a minor character. Bring her into the spotlight and we all get to see her personality properly and yawn at it's dullness. Such a pointless addition to the series.
Park: Park is great! I wish she'd been in the series for longer, I'd have loved to have seen more of her; her character development felt... unfinished. Oh, and I definitely ship her and Chase together. :D
Vogler: a great baddie. Him and Tritter successfully created a lot of suspense. I wish at least one of them had returned. Just shows you don't need to resort to character death to create drama! Yes, I'm still bitter about what happened to Kutner.
Stacy: meh, boring. Hardly better than Adams, even. I really didn't like her (mostly, or at least partly, for this very reason) when she was introduced in the series, and I was relieved when she left. The only time I thought she was cool was in the last episode. I really liked that whole scene - but then, that wasn't really her, just House's hallucination of her. So, I guess she remains kinda lame.
Tritter: my opinion of him is the same as my opinion of Vogler.
Amber: I like Amber and I was sad when she died, of course. I think she and Wilson would have worked together; such a shame that couldn't be. :(
Lucas: Lucas is great, he's not in the series enough. I actually think him and Cuddy go really well together, though I always hoped for Huddy since season 1 episode 1.
Rachel Taub: eh, she's okay.
Sam: anyone who messes Wilson around is a bitch! >:( And I began to like her, too. But no.
Cole: House fired him with good reason, but I still liked him. He was a cool character.
Ridiculously Old Fraud: my favourite of the fired new ducklings. This guy was ace! I was gutted when House fired him - I was hoping at the time he'd fire Brennan instead. But again, he had a good reason for doing so.
John House: a dick.
Blythe House: a slut.
Rowan Chase: another dick, but this time worse.
Rodney Foreman: I can't remember him very well, to be honest. My memory sucks.
Alicia Foreman: aww, she seemed really nice. So sad. :'(
Marcus Foreman: couldn't help liking him. He seemed cool.
Rachel Cuddy: an awesome and adorable child.
Arlene Cuddy: ha, she was ace! It was also really sweet when she tried to get House and Cuddy back together by giving them a common enemy.
Julia Cuddy: again, a sucky memory prevents me from having much of an opinion.
Nolan: yeah, he was cool! Didn't trust him or like him at first, but I do now.
Alvie: love him! :D His whole friendship with House is great. Such a likable character.
Lydia: all I can remember was that I didn't want her to end up with House. Not when Cuddy was around. :P
Mark Warner: um, who? *Googles him* Oh yeah, him! He was such an asshole!
Bonnie Wilson: eh, no opinion.