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posted by Irene3691
A couple of months goes bởi and his leg is getting better. He wakes up and Lisa is still asleep. Greg stares at her belly and smiles. He hugs her and then thinks of their baby. Cuddy opens her eyes and smiles.
‘Morning. I’m huge, uh?’ Today they’ll know if they are having a boy hoặc a little girl. ‘Are bạn coming with me later?’
‘Of course, I'm not gonna leave my little cá voi alone...’ House smirks.
‘I don’t like that nickname…’ She says serious. ‘Wow, aren’t bạn a bit nervous? What do bạn think we’ll have?’
‘Hmmm... I think we'll have a boy, I had a hunch!!’
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It's been a while since we talked (or rather, I talked and bạn listened XD)
Well, if bạn don't know me, I'm Hilly :)
so, let me get to my reason for nghề viết văn this :

Right now, we have a little problem on our spot.
It's always been around, but not in this amount.
Yeah, bạn know what it is.

It's bashing

I'm not gonna talk about who is bashing, I'm gonna talk about why.

We all know we all have opinions.
Those opinions differ from one người hâm mộ to another.
The problem is, some don't tolerate other people's opinion and believes.

You know our fandom has two groups (maybe more, but I'm sticking to 2),
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On New Year's Eve, Olivine and me wrote this great and nobel prize worthy oneshot. xD
And no, we weren't drunk xD.
Anyway, enjoy :D
[Oida = Dude ]

It was an idyllic Wednesday evening. There had never been a blizzard like this before. No car was on the roads, except for one.
„Hm?“, Wilson murmured, he was too distracted bởi a cây that was about to fall on the street.
House yelled again. „Did bạn see that road sign??“
„Road sign?“, Wilson turned around and looked at House, „ There was a road sign?“
House was about to rant, when a high, strident voice interrupted...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
Disclaimer: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as satisfying as the last scene of season six when House finally got not only what he needed but what he wanted! Oh, sorry that’s a PROclaimer. Okay, I own nothing in the House universe except a deep, undying tình yêu for Dr. House and no court on earth can take that away!!

It’s About Time….

Her các bình luận had washed away years of his doubt and sadness. Their vòi hoa sen had washed away the layers of grime and blood on their bodies. And now he was going to wash away the longing that had plagued him since that night after...
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A/N: I know, another late update…but I have been really busy lately and am so so so soooo sorry!!!

Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 6: Breaking the News

    The morning after diagnosing his latest patient with meningitis, House, wanting to keep his mind off of the troubling police investigation as much as possible, was feverishly searching through a mountain of files, hunting down one that could make a half way decent case to get his mind of things. Finally, he pulled out one that seemed vaguely interesting. Patient: Kevin Carson, Male, 14 years old; came to clinic complaining...
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Previously on House M.D Cuddy arrived at House’s place and they kissed. I didn’t go into complete detail on what happened during the night so this is it.
I think the hiển thị will do this in flashbacks—maybe during the tiếp theo few episodes.

This would be if the scene carried on after the kiss.



House had just kissed cuddy—and now the conclusion of that kiss.

House: You’re drunk.

(Cuddy stumbled to the sofa. With House eyeing her up and down as she tries.)

Cuddy: I’m not drunk. I-I’m just tired.

(House sat down across from her.)

House: Normally, in situations like this I take advantage...
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I decided to post the conclusion to my script from the diễn đàn here, as a soapbox article. I'm glad that you've all enjoyed it so far, and được trao such wonderful feedback. Hopefully bạn enjoy the conclusion to the story.
Here are some things bạn should know before bạn begin.
1) There are some possible season 4 finale spoilers.
2) I tried to stay true to the characters as well as the medical facts.
3) This is a 23 page script - not a full length 50 page one.
4) The designated commercial breaks are spots where I stopped nghề viết văn for the day. That's why they may seem sporadic.
5) I'm a Huddy fan. (And there's...
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Welcome everyone to the first round of the Last House người hâm mộ Standing :D We need as many sự bỏ phiếu as possible, so please VOTE, it won't take long.

Participants can vote too, as long as they don't vote for themselves.
Please don't ask others to vote for bạn and don't tell anyone what your answer is.


You may vote in a direct bình luận or, if bạn wish to remain anonymous, bạn can vote bởi sending me a message.
Please vote for your FAVORITE answer as well as for your TWO LEAST yêu thích answers.

Voting example:
Least Favorites: A,E


In 1x18, House dreamt that Vogler...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
It was ngày to remember for Chase and Cameron since this was the ngày when they’re new house is being blessed. All family and Những người bạn were there to celebrate with them and all were wearing smiles as they catch up with each other. House, although staying with the boys, was looking directly at Cuddy who was then with the girls. She was wearing her tim, trái tim melting smile while carrying one of Cameron’s nieces. He could see how she craves to be a real mother herself but he fears to be a father himself.

Later that evening, Cuddy was seated on her giường with her back against the headboard. She was reading...
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Why these people cannot get cut off..

> Cuddy- Lisa renewed her contract, Huddy sex, Her baby she just got this season, no reason to cut her off.

>House-....Kinda obvious why HOUSE can't get cut off the hiển thị named HOUSE!!

> Wilson- He is supposed to get some romance, Robert renewed his contract, His brother kinda just got introduced, no reason to get cut off

>Chase- Jesse renewed his contract, him and cameron got a big role in season 6, no reason to cut him off he hasn't had any screen time lately

>Cameron- Jennifer renewed her contract, Her and Chase have a big role in season 6, no reason to cut her off.

>Thirteen- it says no one we would expect but ehh idk

>Kutner- why cut him off???

Taub - i really think it is him...

he is miserable, he is losing money which leads to suicide, he didn't renew his contract

Foreman- i have no clue about him but they can't since her renewed his contract also
Hello my fellow House-loving Fanpoppers!

Recently, fanpop has undergone some mini make-overs, with the introduction of new features such as IM and the các câu trả lời section. And fanpop has become a much bigger site, attracting new users and perhaps confusing some of us old-timers! So I thought I would put together a guide to help all Fanpoppers come to grips with everything that goes on in our little fanpop world, specifically focusing on the House MD Spot, because we are one of the biggest, most active spots on fanpop (Muhahahahahaha!)
So, here are some key things on fanpop that I think every Fanpopper...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Cuddy walked out the nursery ward smiling then she closed the glass door behind her. She was then walking when House came in and walked with her.
House: Sorry about the other night…
Cuddy: Oh, that’s okay. It was nothing…
Dr. Hamilton, a member of the pediatrics department, happened to meet them half way. He was smiling gorgeously to Cuddy and House seemed not to be around.
Hamilton: Lisa, I just wanted to give back the patient’s folder I borrowed from bạn the other day…
He reached out a red folder and Cuddy got it with a smile. House was suspicious with this man’s action but he’s...
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posted by InesHameron
One of these days I was in the middle of a trip.
In absence of ti vi in my car, for watch House, I began to sing all the songs of the show.
I'm hát "The Tears Go By" (which is now my ringtone), hoặc "Beautiful" ( Elvis Costello's version is 30 times better than Christina Aguilera), when my mother said, "Hey Inês, is Dr. House!"
Yeah, sure ... I hadn't talked about House 5 minutes, so was in time for make jokes about my obsession.
A bike had passed bởi us, so I thought my mother was đã đưa ý kiến that in a clear reference to House's Honda. But no...
"No, seriously ... look!" Insisted my mom, this...
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A story focusing on the soon to be Huddy sex for "Under My Skin". Basically, what's going down in his bedroom. *Wink* *Wink*.

Warning: If bạn do not like smut, then don't read this.

"I always want to Kiss you." Kept ringing through her head, as her back was pressed against his solid white closet door. She breathed heavily, lingering away from his face, a few inches, as their lips had stopped battling. His pale blue eyes, stared into her's, with mischief, at every inch. At that moment, she felt the rough palm of his right hand, sprawled across her right...
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posted by TVAuthor
One chilly evening, House walked into his office,waiting for his Vicoden to kick in. He walked in and threw the empty perscribed bottle into the trash can. He decided to email Cuddy. On his computer there was a small note. It read,"Meet me in my office for a great surprise. Love, Cuddy" House sighed. He knew this was his only chance he would have with Cuddy.House took a deep breath, and walked to the mens bathroom. He peed and then left. Cuddy was waiting in her office, just like the note said. She unbuttoned her áo khoác to reveal a ren bra. House looked at it for a while, feeling his mouth...
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posted by Irene3691
tiếp theo day, they wake up and go to the hospital. Cuddy is working in her office and the alarm clock sounds. She picks up the phone and calls him. ‘Greg? Can bạn come to my office?’
‘Right coming for another injection of love!!’
‘It even sounds good that way...’ They hang up and in some phút he is there.
‘Good morning sunshine, let's see that gorgeous đít, mông, ass of yours!!!’ He prepares a syringe while Cuddy draws the curtains and goes to the table. ‘Do I really have to go through this twice a day...?’ She lifts her váy and turns, leaning on the table, giving her back to House....
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posted by cudambercam13

House moved into Cuddys place, where they lived together with baby Rachel. Rachel had started calling House "Dada" and Cuddy "Mama". Everyone was shocked when House came to work one ngày smelling like baby powder. But what shocked them the most was House coming to work with a baby. Rachel of course. The baby-sitter cancelled on House and Cuddy at the last minute.
Cuddy would be nine months long tomarrow, but House got woke up in the middle of tonight instead. With happiness, pain, and horror in her voice, Cuddy screeched. House felt something wet on his leg which...
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House and Wilson were both on their way to see the most awaited monster trucks event near their place. House was the one driving as Wilson suspiciously looked at him.
Wilson: What made bạn ask me out in the middle of the night and watch monster trucks?
House: Same reason why kids wake their mama in the middle of the night just because they wanna pee.
Wilson: <shaking his head> No, no. There’s something new about you, House. You’re not you.
House: I’m not me? Don’t bạn think that’s rude?
Wilson: You’re hiding something from me.
House: No I don’t.
Wilson: Yes, bạn do.
House: <he...
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Ok so I made a câu hỏi kiểm tra about how much Hameron are you!I 'll post the result above so DON'T PEAK!Answer the các câu hỏi first!

So here it goes!

1)How much times have bạn watched the non-date episode?
a)I can't remember!
c)1 was enough...

2)How much times House đã đưa ý kiến "I tình yêu you" to Cam?
a)2 whole times!
b)1 I thing...

3)Have bạn fast-forwared/cringed with?
a)the foreteen kiss
b)the huddy kiss
c)the hameron kiss

4)Chameron is for you?
b)I don't care!

a)Needs to go away!
b)is annoying!
c)I tình yêu her!

6)Wameron is:
c)Who freeking cares?

7)Have bạn joined the...
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CREDIT goes to Shikabane-Mai.
She put it in the đường dẫn but it doesn't work for everyone so this is me being helpful.
If bạn CAN see the link, go there right now and rate THAT instead of this!

This is the full transcript of the Katie Jacobs interview for those unable to open it. (for some reason I myself can only open it on firefox...)

Enjoy! (couldn't post this as a bình luận for the simple reason it is HUGE... and would take up the entire page.)

Q: I have to wonder, when bạn were preparing for the hostage episode, did bạn come across any real instances where anything remotely like this happened...
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