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"I tình yêu you"said Chase happily.
"I tình yêu bạn too" answered Cameron with boredom."Are we ever going to reach to Australia?We're on the plane for thêm than four hours and I've started getting tired!It's like the slowest plane ever!"
"Honey,don't be silly,will will be there in about one and a half hours.The plane is just fine.The problem is,are you?"asked Chase with sadness in his eyes.
"To be what?Fine?Of course I'm fine.Just a little bit angry with the airline company and its stupid airplanes but I'm OK"
"I think you're being unreasonable,my love.Do bạn know what I think is the real reason you're angry?"
"Firstly,the only person who's being unreasonable is bạn and secondly,no,I don't know the "real" reason bạn think I'm angry for"answered Cameron who has started getting really angry with Chase.
"Please sweetheart,don't yell at me.I'm just trying to understand you"said Chase who had nausea.
"Are bạn going to tell me hoặc not?"
"OK,Cameron.My opinion is that bạn don't want to meet my family and that's what making bạn nervous"said Chase.
"OK,I'm sorry I don't want to meet your aunt Berta and your uncle Brandon with his annoying Aussie jokes.It's too early.I'm not ready yet"
"Are bạn insane?We're together for thêm than a year.It's not early at all!!We can't go back now.They will be waiting for us in the airport."said Chase who had also started getting angry.
"You know what I think?I think we should break up!I can't be with someone who pushes me all the time!!"
"What...?"strated telling Chase but he was interrupted bởi the pilot's voice.
"Everyone's attention pleass!There is a problem in here,but please,don't panic,we'll do our best."
For the tiếp theo fifteen phút neither of them talked.The were both thinking the things the other person said.Did they really break up pr it was just a fight?As they were thinking all of these the situation on the plane was getting worse and worse.And suddenly,the plane started falling on the ground really fast.Cameron was in shock.She couldn't believe what was going on.She was keep saying "It's just a dream,just a bad dream".But unfortunately for her,it wasn't.Seconds before the crush Chase finally speaked"I tình yêu bạn Cameron"he đã đưa ý kiến and these were his last words.The plane had fallen on a mountain.All 189 passenger of flight 816 were dead,except of one.Cameron was still alive......(be continued)
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