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posted by Immunity
 House MD game, scene with Cuddy
House MD game, scene with Cuddy

I wanted to tell bạn that I created a demo version of my House MD game.
I just wanted to try out if it works and if bạn like it hoặc not.

I haven´t found a way to đăng tải it somewhere on the internet, so that bạn can download it, but I can send it to everyone who wants to play it, as email.
It is about 13 mb large.

 House MD game, scene with Wilson
House MD game, scene with Wilson

Remember that this is only a demo-version, the fanpop people who wanted to be included will only appear in the full version, which I will only make if someone is interested and if people like this demo.

So if bạn want to have the demo version, please post your email adress here hoặc send it to me, if bạn don´t want everyone to be able to see it.
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Source: cáo, fox (screencaps: comforting lie)
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posted by peoplesuck
These are pages 41-43. I am currently on page 45. As soon as I finish that I will post pages 44-45. Thank bạn all for reading. As always, please comment. =).

The room swirled around her as she tried to focus on this conversation, on saying what it was that she was trying to convey and, of course, remaining in a sitting position. She was less successful in the một giây endeavor. The room began to tilt to the right and she could feel herself falling. She stopped herself bởi grabbing the bàn and then hunched over it, propping her head up with her hands.
“I meant sorry that bạn feel bạn have to...
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This fanfiction is set after the bus crash. It is supposed to have thêm than one chapter but I still have to write the others.
(Probably it will be Huddy (who knows me shouldn't be suprised)
I hope bạn like it and I didn't make too many mistakes.

Chapter 1: Thoughts of a dying atheist.

House felt dizzy. But dizziness was not the main reason why he was worried. It was his mind.
He blinked to chase the imagines away but it didn't work. Coloured points danced in front of his eyes and they changed their appearance so fast he didn't wonder anymore why he felt dizzy.

From gaudy trái cam, màu da cam to màu hồng, hồng then to blue,...
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posted by Immunity
 Yes, I adore Thutner and Kutner and nghề viết văn fanfics. xD
Yes, I adore Thutner and Kutner and writing fanfics. xD

I was bored this afternoon so I decided to write something. It´s just for fun and therefore I didn´t care wether the characters were ooc hoặc not.

I used some of the people I know quite well on fanpop, being rather sure that they won´t be mad at me for including them into this little crazy story.

„Come on, bạn can do it!!“
The little examination room was filled with the cheers of two girls, who enthusiastically looked at a man who had just grabbed a pair of defibrillators.
„Go Kutner, go!!! Defi attack!“
The man paused for a moment, looking rather confused. „Who the hell are bạn two??“...
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posted by rose2
Episodes -
House (91 total Episodes)
5/12/2008: House's Head
5/5/2008: Living the Dream
4/28/2008: No thêm Mr. Nice Guy
2/5/2008: Don't Ever Change
2/3/2008: Frozen
1/29/2008: It's a Wonderful Lie
11/27/2007: Games
11/20/2007: bạn Don't Want to Know
11/13/2007: Ugly
11/6/2007: Whatever It Takes
10/30/2007: Mirror, Mirror
10/23/2007: Guardian Angels
10/9/2007: 97 Seconds
10/2/2007: The Right Stuff
9/25/2007: Alone
9/15/2007: House Marathon
5/29/2007: Human Error
5/15/2007: The Jerk
5/8/2007: Resignation
5/1/2007: Family
4/24/2007: House Training
4/17/2007: Act Your Age
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Made bởi Futbolerka
house md
xem trước of House S7E18, over closing credits of "Fall From Grace" (S7E17).
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
season 7
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