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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Okay guys, this opinionated bài viết is about the pregnancy rumors running since the time I opened my computer this morning.

I know this is all a crazy info to all of us because we know things aren't be the same when a Huddy baby sprout out like a nấm from no where and be in the hiển thị for <like what other said> no purpose at all.

My view is this, granted if it's Cuddy, let's just put our trust to the writers because i know, DS and KJ won't be putting characters just like that in a click. They won't risk the ratings of their hàng đầu, đầu trang TV hiển thị bởi making it too soapy for the viewers and we know David isn't on that. he hates happy endings right? There's gotta be a reason why they'll put a Huddy baby.
In fact, the ausiello blind item only pointed out the upcomig pregnancy not the reason why and how the baby will be living.

So for me (again), maybe Cuddy will end up pregnant. House found that out because Cuddy came in as his patient. she was diagnosed with some weird illness and the baby can't live. They have to give it up for the sake of Cuddy's life to go on. Maybe they put it that way just to showcase how House reacts on a situation wherein he has to decide whether give up Cuddy hoặc HIS baby. Which is a tough one. Will he be objective like he is now hoặc will be personally and emotionally biased with the thought that he might Mất tích a baby with his wrong move. This is when we could see House at his great image as a doctor.

Maybe, just maybe, that could be a good plot (for me, I don't know about bạn guys)

So, I'm just putting my trust on the writers. It doesn't mean that since Cuddy will end up pregnant, House will di chuyển in and walk hand and hand with her in the loomy sunset of Jersey. They will have a way of terminating the baby and the relationship House and Cuddy are on.

Remember: This is just my opinion.
posted by Belle0308
I have never written an bài viết here before, but I feel moved right at the moment to do so.

I started watching House back when it premiered. I have watched most every episode since that time. It's always been one of my favorites, but lately I think I am plain obsessed.

Yes, it is mostly all about that kiss. I saw what I had overlooked for years, Cuddy + House = Huddy. What a fireball that whole thing is. Maybe it's because I have lived long enough to understand her, but I can't help but identify with her and him and their situations in life. She made a choice of career over family, whether conscience...
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posted by lisahughfan
Final Season

Characters in Episode:

House, Cuddy, Ducklings(old and new), Wilson

Disclaimer (if needed)

I do not own House MD hoặc any of its characters this is strictly a người hâm mộ fiction that has been brewing in my head. Please do not copy without my permission.


She's trying to do as the Dr ordered, stay off her feet, relax, but it's not something she's used to.

"I don't want to be alone", she đã đưa ý kiến out loud to herself. She had no close Những người bạn and her family lived in another state, the one person she always turned to since beginning her job as Dean of Medicine...
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House video to " This Ain't a Scene Its A Arms Race" bởi Fall Out Boy
Hugh Laurie
Fall Out Boy
house m.d
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House doesn't think he's good enough for Cuddy. Made bởi joanneohall on YouTube.
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
Fun vid about House and the games he plays with his boss, Dr Cuddy. Hope bạn enjoy it.Entirely season 4 Song bởi Queen Credit too: bainmoussant I just had to add that I loved it!
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House entered Cuddy’s office with his ducklings. It was the tiếp theo ngày after he and Cuddy slept together and he actually doesn’t want to see her for awhile. Cuddy was signing papers when they burst in. She looked at him and he did the same as Taub, Thirteen and Foreman find their place in the office. House and Cuddy tried to be the same person like they used to so the ducklings won’t be suspicious.
Cuddy: What do bạn want?
House: We wanted to do a brain biopsy to our patient…
Cuddy: Because ---
House: Because we have to get a sample of his brain to save his life…
Cuddy: Do bạn have any medical...
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