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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Okay guys, this opinionated bài viết is about the pregnancy rumors running since the time I opened my computer this morning.

I know this is all a crazy info to all of us because we know things aren't be the same when a Huddy baby sprout out like a nấm from no where and be in the hiển thị for <like what other said> no purpose at all.

My view is this, granted if it's Cuddy, let's just put our trust to the writers because i know, DS and KJ won't be putting characters just like that in a click. They won't risk the ratings of their hàng đầu, đầu trang TV hiển thị bởi making it too soapy for the viewers and we know David isn't on that. he hates happy endings right? There's gotta be a reason why they'll put a Huddy baby.
In fact, the ausiello blind item only pointed out the upcomig pregnancy not the reason why and how the baby will be living.

So for me (again), maybe Cuddy will end up pregnant. House found that out because Cuddy came in as his patient. she was diagnosed with some weird illness and the baby can't live. They have to give it up for the sake of Cuddy's life to go on. Maybe they put it that way just to showcase how House reacts on a situation wherein he has to decide whether give up Cuddy hoặc HIS baby. Which is a tough one. Will he be objective like he is now hoặc will be personally and emotionally biased with the thought that he might Mất tích a baby with his wrong move. This is when we could see House at his great image as a doctor.

Maybe, just maybe, that could be a good plot (for me, I don't know about bạn guys)

So, I'm just putting my trust on the writers. It doesn't mean that since Cuddy will end up pregnant, House will di chuyển in and walk hand and hand with her in the loomy sunset of Jersey. They will have a way of terminating the baby and the relationship House and Cuddy are on.

Remember: This is just my opinion.
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He's so Lazy!!! ;)
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lisa edelstein
Just a fun vid I made. Cuddy is "Jimmy's Girl," but House wants her too :)
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i never knew she did this type of stuff, so i got all exited about it when i saw her in this video! *you see her better at he end of it*
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just for fun xDD
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posted by Irene3691
tiếp theo day, they wake up and go to the hospital. Cuddy is working in her office and the alarm clock sounds. She picks up the phone and calls him. ‘Greg? Can bạn come to my office?’
‘Right coming for another injection of love!!’
‘It even sounds good that way...’ They hang up and in some phút he is there.
‘Good morning sunshine, let's see that gorgeous đít, mông, ass of yours!!!’ He prepares a syringe while Cuddy draws the curtains and goes to the table. ‘Do I really have to go through this twice a day...?’ She lifts her váy and turns, leaning on the table, giving her back to House....
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posted by cudambercam13

House moved into Cuddys place, where they lived together with baby Rachel. Rachel had started calling House "Dada" and Cuddy "Mama". Everyone was shocked when House came to work one ngày smelling like baby powder. But what shocked them the most was House coming to work with a baby. Rachel of course. The baby-sitter cancelled on House and Cuddy at the last minute.
Cuddy would be nine months long tomarrow, but House got woke up in the middle of tonight instead. With happiness, pain, and horror in her voice, Cuddy screeched. House felt something wet on his leg which...
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House and Wilson were both on their way to see the most awaited monster trucks event near their place. House was the one driving as Wilson suspiciously looked at him.
Wilson: What made bạn ask me out in the middle of the night and watch monster trucks?
House: Same reason why kids wake their mama in the middle of the night just because they wanna pee.
Wilson: <shaking his head> No, no. There’s something new about you, House. You’re not you.
House: I’m not me? Don’t bạn think that’s rude?
Wilson: You’re hiding something from me.
House: No I don’t.
Wilson: Yes, bạn do.
House: <he...
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Ok so I made a câu hỏi kiểm tra about how much Hameron are you!I 'll post the result above so DON'T PEAK!Answer the các câu hỏi first!

So here it goes!

1)How much times have bạn watched the non-date episode?
a)I can't remember!
c)1 was enough...

2)How much times House đã đưa ý kiến "I tình yêu you" to Cam?
a)2 whole times!
b)1 I thing...

3)Have bạn fast-forwared/cringed with?
a)the foreteen kiss
b)the huddy kiss
c)the hameron kiss

4)Chameron is for you?
b)I don't care!

a)Needs to go away!
b)is annoying!
c)I tình yêu her!

6)Wameron is:
c)Who freeking cares?

7)Have bạn joined the...
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CREDIT goes to Shikabane-Mai.
She put it in the đường dẫn but it doesn't work for everyone so this is me being helpful.
If bạn CAN see the link, go there right now and rate THAT instead of this!

This is the full transcript of the Katie Jacobs interview for those unable to open it. (for some reason I myself can only open it on firefox...)

Enjoy! (couldn't post this as a bình luận for the simple reason it is HUGE... and would take up the entire page.)

Q: I have to wonder, when bạn were preparing for the hostage episode, did bạn come across any real instances where anything remotely like this happened...
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Here's Chapter 5 of my fanfic.I have already written this chapter.
A song bởi my yêu thích band inspired me to write this chapter.

As Cuddy enjoyed her bubble bath the phone rang.She had 4 phones.1 in her bedroom,1in the kitchen,1in the living room,and 1 in her bathroom."What now?"Cuddy angrily.She got up and walked to the bathroom's counter and picked up the phone."Dr.Cuddy."she đã đưa ý kiến into the receiver.She got back into the hot bubble bath."Lisa is that you?"the person said."Yes.Whom is asking?"she đã đưa ý kiến in her administrative voice."You'll see..."the person đã đưa ý kiến hanging.Cuddy got the dial...
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