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Answer: against the tường haha
Answer: DW
Answer: Billie<3
Answer: Jon who was born in Spain<3
Answer: Chris Pine with his shadow on the ground<3
Answer: Robbie can do that
Answer: Robert in leather=an even hotter Robert<3
Answer: LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại nooooooooo
Answer: Kate Winslet<3
Answer: Colton Haynes♥
Answer: Misha is on Supernatural!
Answer: Zayn.
Answer: Zack with some ice cream :P
Answer: John Barrowman :) Who else?
Answer: Paul in a football jersey<3
Answer: Barrowman!
Answer: he is utterly unique
Answer: my tình yêu
Answer: Misha with blood :(
Answer: Robert's sexy jawline<3
Answer: John Travolta dancing with the late Princess Diana
Answer: here's a manip of my baby doing the laundry and he...
Answer: my beanie baby<3
Answer: Rob's carnival
Answer: Josh Cuthbert.
Answer: Taylor Lautner slightly blurred<3
Answer: from the musical episode of Buffy BAD QUALITY
Answer: Explaining why he changed his Scottish accent :)
Answer: Emily Bett Rickards<3
Answer: Barrowman!!!
Answer: Christian Cooke
Answer: He shines out
Answer: Josh Holloway
Answer: Jen<3
Answer: Christian Cooke
Answer: here is my baby's girlfriend,Kristen Stewart with h...
Answer: those sexy bedroom eyes...I'm melting<3
Answer: taylor backflips x
Answer: my handsome Rob in a hoodie<3
Answer: TOO HOT!!!! <333333
Answer: Justin can finish Rubik's cubes :)
Answer: link hoặc link...
Answer: my blonde Aussie God<3
Answer: Theo,my sexy jumper<3
Answer: Jen<3
Answer: Dean and Cas
Answer: ok, my battery is dying :( bye bye...
Answer: see them?
Answer: John xD
Answer: chim giẻ cùi, jay xD
Answer: Nico!
Answer: Rob as Joker
Answer: my gorgeous baby in a scene from Remember Me holdin...
Answer: my Robert,as his Twilight character Edward Cullen,w...
Answer: I don't have any pics of my Robert playing air guit...
Answer: WOWZERS!
Answer: Jason Smith
Answer: Matt<3
Answer: My baby ♡
Answer: Zack in tight trousers
Answer: he will always be one of my fave blonde haired hott...
Answer: The best pic which is true <3333333
Answer: my handsome baby looking at some sách in his hands...
Answer: Matt and his beautiful bride<3
Answer: my baby sitting on the edge of a ledge<3
Answer: Tony <3
Answer: my baby as Edward Cullen in purple lighting<3
Answer: Jared with a camera<3<3
Answer: Taylor Hottner wearing a shirt<3
Answer: Matt Lanter<3
Answer: Emily Bett Rickards<33
Answer: my yummylicious Theo in a jumper<3
Answer: here bạn go,Sara and yes,I will help bạn earn your...
Answer: Chris Hemsworth putting on his shirt<3
Answer: cuz Rob's gonna Kiss him
Answer: here is another pic of Taylor Lautner doing a backf...
Answer: Taylor in the water from his Rolling Stones photosh...
Answer: zombabe :) (Bobby in '28 weeks later')
Answer: Robert with the number 28<3
Answer: Taylor's handsome smile<3
Answer: Hugh Dancy!
Answer: my beautiful,gorgeous baby<3
Answer: Matthew wearing skates while playing hockey. :)
Answer: Matthew, Dan's bro.
Answer: If Aladdin và cây đèn thần was like this,i think he would be HOT ;)...
Answer: Antonio Banderas dancing in "Take the lead"
Answer: this is brand new from the pilot of "Cult" where he...
Answer: Tyler Posey! trying to be scary, but he kind of kil...
Answer: rob pointing at himself
Answer: the sun sparkling on my sexy,sparkling vampire<3
Answer: Kellan in a scarf<3
Answer: my handsome baby as Edward Cullen with Batman<3
Answer: my gorgeous Robert,in a scene from Twilight with pa...
Answer: my gorgeous mellow yellow baby<3
Answer: Henry's hot abs<3
Answer: my gorgeous Robert in b&w video.Baby,you can corrup...
Answer: my horny Rob
Answer: my baby looking very much like a 50's movie ngôi sao in...