There's a strong reason why I'm ready for this movie and I hope to hell that it's good. In fact, there's thêm than one reason. Among them is Blake Lively who looks extremely attractive and is not a bad actress herself, plus the strong realistic tone this movie seems promising to give. I know, yes... it's ANOTHER cá mập movie and has SyFy shoved that genre into the ground enough? BUT... this isn't SyFy, this isn't Asylum. This is a real theatrical film, just one week from official release (originally June 29th, now June 24th) and it looks downright terrifying. I'm scared for Blake. I'm scared for the predicament she's facing, especially after having already been attacked bởi the monstrous predator lurking beneath the water around her.

But the ONE thing I'm excited about and I'm sure a lot agree is that this is no sequel, prequel, midquel, reboot, remake hoặc a remake of a remake. It is a thriller about a young woman and a great white shark. Man VS Beast, hoặc in this case "Woman VS Beast". I say BRING IT ON. The people behind the movie seem confident that it'll be a bloody success, at the most financially because the advertising lately has been crazy good with trailers and clips and camera shots of sexy Blake Lively. I doubt it'll be "Jaws" successful but it can't be any worse than what bạn can pick out on SyFy.

Da dum... da dum... da dum da dum... da dum da dum da dum da dum... (think of a certain John William score while speaking hoặc thinking those words)