This Monday I was left all alone in my apartment when my family went to London, and Spain to have fun. So I decided to start a Japanese horror movie week!

Monday: Ringu a.k.a The ring.
This was a very good story with good execution, the scares were mild and it had few to no jumpscares. I like it better that way though, it really got under your skin in a different way!

Score: 8/10

Tuesday: Ju-on: The grudge.
Less story, thêm scares! This is the type of movie that makes bạn scared of your environment! I don't want to turn around, open closets, hoặc go to giường right now!
I would have liked a bit thêm explanation on a few things though.

Score: 7,7/10

Wednesday: Chakushin ari a.k.a One Missed Call
Film wise this is the best one yet! bạn really feel for the main character and the suspense of the phones going off all the time is amazing!
It's not really scary as much as eerie for the first hour, then it starts getting really creepy!

Score: 8,4/10

Thursday: Honogurai mizu no soko kara a.k.a Dark water
his was not scary as much as creepy and sad! It was a very good movie and the first that brought me to tears. But what can bạn expect when it resolves around a mother and her daughter? Highly recommended! Don't watch the american version, watch THIS!

Score: 7,9/10

Tomorrow it's time for Rinne a.k.a Reincarnation!