UK based film ngôi sao tough guy Paul Sutton faces the 'fright' of his life.

After bursting onto the scene with a bang in 2012 (securing a main role in Reality Film's 'Dead Walkers', Paul has been fighting off offers from all corners of the globe to appear in major films over the tiếp theo 12 months. He's already appeared as the Devil in an upcoming TV documentary and has recently agreed to appear in the upcoming films 'Evil Apparition' and 'Inner Demons' - so why is he now turning his attention to writing?

'I wanted to hiển thị that there's thêm to me than a hulking brute of a man who can kick a** and take names' đã đưa ý kiến Paul. 'When Phillip Gardiner approached me about doing a series of interviews with iconic women in horror, I saw this as a great opportunity to expand my repertoire'.

“Paul is thêm than just a great actor, I think he’s good because he’s also a thinker. He considers the character and situation before hand. For that reason I thought he’d be the perfect guy to take on the scream Queen các nữ diễn viên for us.” đã đưa ý kiến Phillip Gardiner

Paul has spent the last three months speaking to famous 'Scream Queens' around the world for an exclusive series of interviews - including Suzi Lorraine, Karen Zombora, Andrea Albin, Amy Hesketh and Debbie Rochon amongst many others. These will be published online at and over the tiếp theo few weeks, for further những thông tin cập nhập be sure to 'Like' Paul on Facebook 'Paul Sutton - Actor' hoặc the official Awesome Scream Queens Facebook page (

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