So, on January 18, the ngày it came out, I saw Mama. I just scrolled through all the "review" filtered các bài viết and noticed there was something wrong with this page. It didn't have a Mama review on it!! So I will explain how this movie goes through and how good it is.

Personally, I thought it was a good scary movie for anyone who doesn't mind jumping out of their skin, running around the globe and coming back to watch the tiếp theo five phút until it happens again.

It was loaded with scares, but there weren't too many; it wasn't overloaded with scares. I find that a good quality in a horror movie, as it sometimes takes away from the plot if you're too busy running around the globe to see the tiếp theo part.

It begins with a man who has to take his two daughters, aged three and one, to a creepy log lều, cabin in the middle of the woods after killing his wife, and their mother (same person). He brought a gun and was about to kill his older daughter, Victoria, when a mysterious black figure takes him into the dark of the lều, cabin and he was never seen again. Victoria was stuck in the lều, cabin with her little sister, Lily, for five years. They were found bởi a couple researchers (at least I think they were researchers) hiking through the woods. The two men (the may-or-may-not-be researchers) searched the cabin, not knowing what to expect, when they were found bởi the two girls, now aged six and eight. They were wild and uncivilized, as they had raised themselves in the wild for five years. How they survived that long was a mystery, but it was clear they had been living on cherries. When they were adopted bởi their uncle Luke and his girlfriend, Annabel, it was clear they had brought something with them from the cabin. And it was jealous of Annabel's attachment to the girls.

Mama is rated PG-13, and makes bạn want to just cover your eyes when the suspense âm nhạc starts up.

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