I used to be scared of horror movies, and really gory things,
I couldn't stand it back then, I would just run away and hide my face in a pillow.
But ever since I was eleven, I started to like it.
I think I got it from my dad, because he usually loves that stuff.
To be honest, I don't know how I changed soo much from back then.
Now bạn would see me sitting in front og a tv screen all ngày long watching
nothing but horror, and act like it was nothing.
The only thing, that does scare me is when somebody was to walk up behind me without knowing.. and scared me bởi surprise.. gosh I hate that stuff lol.
Now why I like them now?
"I tình yêu monsters, serial killers, ect.
Sometimes I just can't take my mind off of it, hoặc point my finger on it!
I tình yêu monsters and maniacs!!!
Sometimes bạn may think, they are all cold hearted killers.
Well with me, I don't think soo outside yea they look like they about to do
But on the inside, they are really sweet.
Just about every monster I like is a MAN!
But anyways, I tình yêu all these guys.
I feel like they are my best friends... i've ever had in life.
If I had one chance, I would actually spend a whole damn ngày with these maniacs!!!
I don't only tình yêu Freddy Krueger, even though he is my hàng đầu, đầu trang icon,, I tình yêu all these other guys too!!!
Anyways, I don't feel bad for loving these guys, they are awesome to me.
bạn don't have to NORMAL to be my friend.
bạn don't have to be the SAME.
bạn can just be bạn and quit hiding out.
Because that's what these guys did".