Normally I don't care about who was better Danny hoặc Deuce but I have to say this. alright Danny ain't no AMERICAN IDOL REJECT. HU called him cause they were Những người bạn for many years and asked him to be in the band so he DROPPED OUT of the contest. he did NOT get voted off and I'm sure he would of won too. Deuce was good when he was in the band but he messed up and didn't hiển thị up for tours and wanted his "personal assistant" on tour with them and he LEFT. he WANTED to go SOLO so he did and is mad cause people bought thêm American Tragedy CD's than thiên nga Songs, and that he was replaced bởi a better singer than he was. someone who could actually sing, who is fyi better looking than him, and nothing else but a B.A. and who is this AMAZING person? Danny the best thing to happen to HU yet. and Deuce didnt make all the songs and lyrics thats all BS. HU has thêm talent, better raping/song style than before, with Danny. JS