Nhảy hip hop MTV's DANCE FLICK - Ultimate Dance Off

SallyWarner posted on May 06, 2009 at 10:36PM
The new Wayans Brothers' movie, DANCE FLICK opens May 22nd. If you can dance, you’re going to want to enter the Wayans Brothers' "Ultimate Dance Off" because you could win $5,000 just for dancing!!

Go to link and follow the instructions on how you can upload a video of your own interpretation of the Pop, Lock and Plié.

The winner will win five thousand bucks hard cash, a trip to LA, an opportunity to dance with the choreographers of DANCE FLICK, an audition for a dance agent and $500 worth of dance gear!

Entry Period: “Dance Flick Ultimate Dance Off” starts May 6, 2009, and ends June1, 2009.

Must be 14+ to enter!

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