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I got bored, so Today I shall tell all bạn lovelies thee countries Ezones!!! (( bạn know, like the Italy curls.))

I think I'll start with the Axis.

Japan: Most of bạn think that for such a mature man, Nhật Bản doesn't have an Ezone. BUT HE SECRETLY DOES!! As it turns out, Nhật Bản has a secret Nantucket (like canada's) on the left side of his head.

Germany/Prussia: Even though they both don't have curls, nantuckets hoặc cowlicks, The german's Ezones are behind their ears.

Italy/S.Italy: Well, bạn know their curls.

Austria: His Curl, where...
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Source: I took them all from Zerochan. Credit to the respective artists.
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Italy: Draw a circle. that's the Earth. Draw a vòng tròn that's the Earth. Draw a vòng tròn that's the Earth I am Hetalia. Hey, my voice changed!

Hungary: That's GREAT Dear!!

Austria:(Just realized he was a boy) Huh?

Hungary: What's wrong? (To Austria)

Austria: Oh nothing.
Thinks To Himself: Now I understand why Holy Rome likes him.

Italy: xin chào Germany lets play some football come on lets play some football come on please please football play with me football football.

Britain:(to America) Don't worry I'll be back I just have to do some work to do. Now bạn be a good country.
America: No why do bạn have to...
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Have bạn ever wanted to roleplay as an Hetalia character, hoặc write a fanfiction, but bạn just felt like bạn couldn't "capture" the personality of a character? hoặc do bạn just want to learn a little bit thêm about the characters? Well then, read on to find out thêm about the characters!

I hope this will help people that are stuck on character portrayal, because believe it hoặc not, that's one of the hardest parts in roleplaying and fanfictions. I'm going to take each character, one bởi one, and write about their personalities. I'll do my best to make them short and to the point, yet informational....
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"Am I Catholic hoặc Protestant...? God, I don't know..."
-Britain (after having a little too much to drink), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"You don't know me! I'm the United bloody Kingdom and I can held my locker better then bạn any day!" (Britain)
"Dude, calm down!" (America)
"Shut up! I felt bad about how old frog-face was treating bạn so I saved your ass. I thought maybe we could be Những người bạn and bond over our mutual hatred for France. But uh-uh. bạn didn't want to be Những người bạn with me! bạn just wanted to tell me what to tell bạn what to do, and bạn didn't know what to do anyway! I think that's total bollocks!"...
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America - Cancer (July 4)

Australia - Aquarius (January 26)

Austria - Scorpio (October 26)

Belarus - Virgo (August 25)

Belgium - Aries (April 19)

Canada - Cancer (July 1)

China - Libra (October 10)

Cuba - Taurus (May 20)

Denmark - Gemini (June 5)

Egypt - Pisces (February 28)

England - Taurus (April 23)

Estonia - Pisces (February 24)

Finland - Sagittarius (December 6)

France - Cancer (July 14)

Germany - Libra (October 3)

Greece - Aries (March 25)

Hong Kong - Cancer (July 1)

Hungary - Gemini (June 8)

Iceland - Gemini (June 17)

Italy - Pisces (March 17)

Japan - Aquarius (February 11)

Latvia - Scorpio (November...
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