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posted by Ms_Dididy
Hi folks!We need stories about hero 108.Mine is mostly about Lin Chung and my new Character Naomi Surre falling in love.

Chapter 1

Lin Chung's POV

I was medating in the Bamboo Forest,clearing my mind from all the noise Sonia and Mighty cá đuối, ray made.As much as there my freinds they can be annoying at times.I smiled to my self."Help!"I opened my eyes and grabbed my staff.I then jumped on my rùa, con rùa telling to go deeper into the forest.The call for help got louder until I found them.She was stuck in a thorn bush.She looked up and saw me and said"Help,please!"I didnt hesitate and ran over to her."Stay still."I told her.I cut tbrough the vines and asked her "How'd bạn get in this?"She shrugged and said"I woke up in the foerst and ran into it.""Im Naomi."She smiled at me."Im Lin Chung."
I have been thinking about how some of the characters from the TV hiển thị Hero: 108 are like the classes and some of the characters from the MMORPG ngôi sao Wars: The Old Republic. And here is a theory that I have about which main character (hero and villain alike) would represent which class and major character in the game.

First, the Giải cứu thế giới of Big Green are kind of like the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order. ApeTrully, the leader, would be the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, while Mr. No-Hands, First Squad's leader, would be like Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan.

The First Squad Giải cứu thế giới would be...
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