Haylees Birthday Bash! {September 2017}
Hey guys! I'm sorry for my absence, but I am back and looking forward to posting more updates and Haylee related news.  We all know that Haylees birthday is coming up soon! {September eighteenth}. Each year during fashion week {New York}, Haylees friends throw a surprise birthday dinner party in New York. {Looking forward to watching all the Snapchats this year}. I'm sure haylees model friends like Kendall, Gigi, Bella, Jordan, Kylie, Hailey and more will be there...
gần đây post Updates:
The latest Instagram posts from Haylees good friends including names like Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez:  See below:  Haylee Arana Pergola:  Kendall Jenner:  Gigi Hadid:  Bella Hadid:  Kylie Jenner:  Hailey Baldwin:  Selena Gomez:  Stay tuned for more updates on Haylee and her friends! 
The official new face of New York Model Management
This post is dedicated to congradulating Haylee on here new modeling journey with the New York Model managment. Congradulations Haylee! You deserve it.     
Update: Haylee and Selena Gomez + screen shots!
Source: @haylsdaily on Instagram.  Haylee {@hayleepergola} left this comment on one of Selenas posts: *this is everything! love you!*  Selena commented back to Haylee *I love you Hayls* 
Haylee for Vogue! {Continuation of the first page}
Haylee for Vogue via Haylsdaily on Instagram: {Continuation of the first page}   Also, the explanation of the deleted photo of Kendall, Haylee and Hailey.  More updates coming soon. 
Haylee's recent posts:
More updates coming soon.          
Haylee for
Haylees Beverly Hills house has been featured in AD! Check it out below:   
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Haylee and Connor dating?
Connor and Haylee seen out together according to fans. A while ago I saw posts of Haylee and Connor seen at LAX airport together. This images included both of them holding hands and Connor's arm around Haylee.   
{Haylee Pergola} A True Role Model
Haylee Arana Pergola is not only a humble and beautiful girl but she is also caring and kind too. This post is dedicated to Haylee spending time commenting on strangers Instagram posts offering them support and love.  Haylee recently commented on these Instagram posts.  Photo with the words: Love Still Wins=  This girl is amazing! God bless.   
Haylee via Instagram Stories for Fathers Day.
Haylee Pergola posted this via Instagram:  Vincent Pergola {Haylee's Father} is a well-known multimillionaire who has been seen doing business with Donald Trump. Haylee's family moved to Boston when she was little {Coming from her latest Vogue magazine interview}. Her father and mother lived in New York in 2001. Haylee partially grew up in the city. Happy fathers day to all. Stayed tuned for more updates!  
Haylee's private Instagram Account
Via: {@haylsdaily}  Haylee is followed by Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber
Kendall Jenner, Haylee Pergola and Hailey Baldwin.
{Haylee's old profile picture}  Updates on Kendall, Haylee and Hailey.  Kendall: {June, 16}  Kendall out in Beverly Hills, CA Haylee via Instagram. {5 days ago}  Hailey Baldwin out in Miami, FL     
Haylee Pergola's most gần đây Instagram + more!
Most recent Instagram posts:  Haylee Pergola {HayleePergola}: 176,000 followers.  Kendall Jenner {KendallJenner} 82m Bella Hadid {BellaHadid}:13.6m   Gigi Hadid: {GigiHadid} 34.8m Hailey Baldwin: {haileybaldwin} 10.4m  Selena Gomez: {SelenaGomez} 122m  Justin Bieber: {JustinBieber} 88.7m  Kylie ...
Haylee's latest interview
Haylee's latest interview with Vogue Magazine. Check it out! {From @haylsdaily on Instagram}  
Haylee has arrived in New York
Update: Haylee has just arrived in New York. Paparazzi video shows Haylee entering her apartment building a half hour ago. Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid and Justin Bieber are currently in New York.  Justin in New York:  Kendall Jenner in New York:  Gigi and Kendall in New York. 
Haylee Pergola and Justin Bieber in New York
Haylee was seen out and about with Justin Bieber over the weekend. They were both spotted in New York City together. TMZ has video gaining more views each day of Justin asking the paparazzi following Justin and Haylee to leave them alone, but paparazzi wouldn't put their cameras down. Each minute Justin looked more frustrated and mad. Haylee seemed calm and a little frustrated. Justin wanted to have time to talk one and one with Haylee without people video taping or snapping photos o...
Haylee Pergola reached 170,000 followers on Instagram.
Wow! 170,000 people follow Haylee. {I wish I had that platform} Congrats Haylee. You deserve it. You inspire so many of us everyday to be kind and compassionate towards others. #Ifeellikehayls. More updates to come. Stay tuned. 
I feel Like Haylee is trending on twitter today.
Obviously, I've been absent from posting for awhile. But I am back. Today a bunch of Haylee's friends have been posting on twitter using the hashtag #IfeelLikeHayls or #IfeelLikeHaylee. I have screen shoted most of them. See below:  Update: These posts from everyone were only kept up  for a day. Maybe less. I think they planned this. I think Haylee celebrated a special day or something.  Bella Hadid:  Kendall Jenner:  Justin Bieber: {WOW!}&...
Kendall Jenner, Haylee Pergola and Hailey Baldwin.
Haylee Pergola's Boyfriend. {Confirmed Source}
Haylee + Connor = Now official. They are SO cute!  Haylee and Connor were seen out in Boston together on Tuesday. From photos surfacing online; they were both holding hands and he kissed her on the cheek in one candid shot.  Here's what we know about Connor so far:  Age: 22 Born: June 23, 1994 Height: 5′ 11″ More photos of Connor below:     
Haylee Pergola and Justin Bieber.
  Justin Via Twitter in May, 2016: 
Haylee's hàng đầu, đầu trang Instagram posts.
Right here, we're counting down Haylee's top posts on Instagram:  Haylee's profile page: 163,000 followers, 65 posts;    5.) @hayleepergola via Instagram {August 30, 2016} -  5,764 likes:  4.) @hayleepergola via Instagram {March 8, 2015} - 6,125 likes: 3.) @hayleepergola via Instagram {February 12, 2017} - 6,231 likes: 2.) @hayleepergola via Instgram {October 23, 2016} - 6,656 likes:  ...
Haylee Pergola and Hailey Baldwin.
Haylee via Instagram stories {One hour before Hailey Baldwin posted} Recents:  Hailey Baldwin and Haylee Pergola {Haylee deleted} Hailey Baldwin via Instagram stories: {One hour after Haylee posted}  It totally makes sense Haylee is covered up in this vid. She's very private.  Also, Hailey never tagged Haylee's name in this post{..}                  
Haylee Pergola Boyfriend + Ex Boyfriend Updates.{Confirmed Source}
Is Haylee dating Connor J? Haylee Pergola and Connor were last seen at LAX Airport together on Sunday night. Is this a possible secret romance?  I reached out to fans of Connor who saw them there together and they said "They acted as if they were together and he kissed her on the head more than once while waiting in line to buy snacks". A source close to Connor has said "They are not officially dating". Confirmed Source input:  Haylee&#...
Haylee Pergola
We all have learned that Haylee likes her privacy. And in a interview has said "I'm a very private person and my friends respect that". Apparently being in the public eye isn't as easy as it seems.  Recently, Haylee's apartment in New York was broken into by a "stalker" {A confirmed source says}  Haylee's New York Apartment:  {But..} even through the stalker incidents and the drama that comes along with fame they all seem to l...
Haylee Pergola Coachella 2017
Haylee via Instagram: {Haylee and Kendall Jenner at Coachella 2016}  Haylee is currently at Coachella staying at a house with Kendall, Kylie, Hailey, Madison, Joan, Jordan and more celebs! Haylee posted a video via Instagram of Hailey Baldwin, but I don't have the screenshots. I have not seen any photos surfacing of Haylee online yet. Kendall Jenner posted a short video of Haylee to her stories, but then deleted.    Hailey Baldwin via Instagram:  Ke...
Haylee Pergola is confirmed to be really good Những người bạn with Harry Styles.
Close friends{..} some say. Harry has reportedly stayed over at Haylees apartment in New York more than once. Harry is currently in New York right now filming for Saturday Night Live but Haylee is confirmed to be in Coachella Valley with Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and Kylie.  Harry Styles has even given Haylee a little shoutout on twitter; thanking her for his stay in her apartment in New York.  Harry Via Twitter:  Harry Styles leaving Haylees apartment earlier...
10 Things bạn don't know about Haylee Pergola.
Do you know everything about Haylee Pergola? Let's see{..}  #10. Haylee's full name is: Haylee Arana Pergola.    #9. Haylee has walked for Tommy Hilfiger. During New York Fashion Week 2016, Haylee walked in a Tommy H show.    #8. Haylee is seventeen and attends high school regularly.    #7. Haylee Pergolas mother has been on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.    #6. Some of you may wonder why none of ...
Coachella season
Last year Haylee attended Coachella with Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, but the question is: Is she going this year and with who? Maybe, Kendall and Kylie again or Hailey Baldwin. Or Cameron Dallas. 
Haylee Pergolas Instagram những người hâm mộ
Who knew a seventeen year old living in Boston could be loved and supported by so many people. With 162,000 followers on Instagram, Haylee has built up her name. In her bio she should just write *Instagram Sensation* and just leave it at that. This post is to highlight Haylees followers. In her comments, the word "Goals" comes up more than twice. Check them out.  Fan wishing Haylee luck at Tommy H fashion show.  Another fan wishing Haylee luck walking a fashion s...
Haylees Những người bạn
Haylee Arana Pergola - Instagram sensation some might say. Or "Queen of the Upper East Side". However you know her, shes the same Haylee we've grown to know and love. I think she has built her name up to a level where some wish they could be. I think its sad when people say that shes only famous because of her friends and family. Most don't realize that she is human too. I've seen interviews of her friends talking of Haylee and they only have nice things to say. Thi...
Kylie Jenner's bình luận on the topic Prom:
Haylee's best friend Kylie Jenner attended a fans prom Saturday night at Sacramento’s Rio Americano High School. Once Kylie walked in, she was immediately swarmed by a crowd of fans. Later on, Kylie posted another Snapchat related to Haylee.  After Kylie attended this fans prom, she posted this: Obviously shes talking about our Haylee.   Haylee is seventeen years old and it makes sense that Haylee would be next cause shes still in High School. Also shes pro...
Haylee Pergola's New York Apartment was broken into.
I hate to break the news, but Haylee's New York Apartment was broken into last night. I feel so bad, but I can't do anything for her. Gigi Hadid was seen running into Haylee's apartment this morning. {April-3} I am not sure at this time if Haylee was actually in the apartment, but I will keep you all updated. Hopefully, I will get a source to confirm more details. TMZ reported last night that the NYPD, went in a checked the place for any signs or evidence. praying nobody was hurt....
Haylee Pergola's Beverly Hills Mansion
Not only did Haylee's father buy her a apartment in the middle of New York City, but also Beverly Hills too! I swear this girl has the life. Check out Haylee's house in Beverly Hills, California.  Haylee via Instagram. Captioned *grateful & thankful*  Haylee via website called VSCO.com   
Haylee Pergola saves Kendall Jenner during stalker incident.
Big Update: On August 14, 2016 - Kendall Jenner had an confrontation with her stalker. I'm sure you've heard this story online or on Keeping up with the Kardashians. But{..} there's more to the story. Huge updates starting in 3, 2, 1 - Haylee has been confirmed to be the friend who Kendall immediately called. Apparently, according to this source: "Haylee, has a house in Beverly Hills and was in town at the time. Haylee drove over to Kendall's to find the stalker following...
Haylee's best Snapchats
Haylee has over 160,000 followers on Instagram, but that's not all. Not to mention 10,000 followers on Snapchat. Can I have your life Haylee? Check out my countdown of Haylee's best snapchats. Just to be clear, these are not all my screenshots. Credits go to TMZ and Hollywood Life. Enjoy!  10.) Who doesn't love Hailey Baldwin. Haylee via Snapchat: {On face time call with Hailey}  9.) Haylee ft. Selena Gomez. Two queens at once. Amazing!  8.) Hay...
"Queen of the Upper east side" - Teen Vogue
In an article, Teen Vogue has named Haylee the "Queen of the Upper east side". If you don't know, the Upper East side is in Manhattan New York. Haylee's father bought her getaway houses. An apartment in New York City and a house in Beverly Hills, California. I wouldn't mind that. Haylee has been seen with friends entering and exiting her apartment building. I guess she is the Queen of the Upper East side. Also, seen below is Gigi Hadid leaving Haylee's apartment...
Haylee Arana Pergola
Haylee, Haylee, Haylee! Known as the queen of Instagram; Haylee has houses in New York, Boston and California. Haylee's father is a well known interior designer in the Boston area. Haylee's mother has been on Real House Wives of Beverly Hills being friends with Yolanda Hadid {Gigi, Anwar and Bella's mother}. Haylee is currently 17 years of age. Same as Anwar Hadid. Haylee has many friends in the industry. Not to mention Haylee has been seen in videos sitting front row during New Y...
Haylee and Jordan Barrett
Jordan is a male model who is currently 20 years of age. Haylee and Jordan have been taking over New York during fashion week and on a daily basis. They both have been seen out and about with each other multiple times. Wether is skateboarding or yelling for a Taxi; they make it work.  Seen below is Jordan vis Getty Images:  Haylee via Snapchat: 
Haylee Pergola and Selena Gomez
Haylee and Selena have a special kind of relationship.Haylee has been seen out bowling and walking downtown with Selena. Or also known as "Sel." Selena is currently 24 years of age. Below is picture taken of Selena: {TMZ}   Haylee vis Snapchat: 
Haylee and Cameron Dallas
Haylee and Cameron Dallas have started some rumours of dating in the past. Haylee has been spending some one on one time with Cameron recently. Haylee has been seen on Cam's Snapchat over two times.  Cameron Dallas, Seen below:  Cameron Dallas via Snapchat: {Also put on his Instagram stories}   
Haylee Pergola and Rita Ora
Rita Ora is a well known singer and model who is currently 26 years of age. Haylee and Rita have been seen together in New York multiple times.  Rita Ora out and about:  Haylee via Snapchat:     
Haylee Pergola Anwar and Bella Hadid.
Bella Hadid is currently 20 years of age. Anwar is currently 17 years of age.  Haylee via Snapchat: Bella,  Haylee via Snapchat: Anwar,   
Haylee Pergola and Kylie Jenner.
Kylie, Kylie, Kylie! Another one of Haylee's Besties. Kylie is currently 19 years of age. Haylee has been featured on Kylie's app multiple of times. It's hard to keep track!  Seen Below is Kylie Jenner out and about.  Photo: TMZ Online.  Haylee via Snapchat: {Kardashian and Jenner Christmas Party 2016}  2015 {Snapchat}   
Haylee Pergola and Camila Morrone
Next, is a upcoming model named Camila. She is currently 19 years of age.  Cami via Instagram. Captioned: *Cheesy traffic selfie*  Haylee via Snapchat:  Snapchat taken during Kendall's Birthday Bash.   
Haylee Pergola and Justin Bieber
Up next on Haylee's Friend list is the one and only; Justin Bieber. Justin is currently 23 years of age. Seen with Haylee in Boston {During Purpose Tour} , New York and LA California {Seen getting Ice Cream Together}.  Haylee Pergola via Instagram. Fans commenting too!     
Haylee Pergola and Hailey Baldwin.
Man oh man, Haylee has so many friends who are models! The next shining star I'm featuring is Hailey Baldwin. Hailey Grew up and still lives In New York City. She is currently 20 years of age.  Seen Below is Hailey Baldwin.  Photo Credits: TMZ photographer.  Haylee Pergola via Snapchat. Hailey Baldwin {Right}     
Haylee Pergola and Kendall Jenner
Up next is a girl who is a household name. Welcome, Kendall Jenner. Kendall is the sister of Kylie Jenner, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. She is also the daughter of Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner. Kendall had posted photos of Haylee on her snapchat.  Since Haylee's birthday is on September 18; Kendall tweeted this. {But} I'm not sure Haylee has a twitter.  Seen below, Is Kendall Jenner:  Photo Credits: TMZ.  Haylee and Kendall out in LA toge...
Haylee Pergola and Gigi Hadid.
First off let's start off with a well known supermodel; Gigi Hadid. Gigi is currently 21 years of age. She was born on April, 3, 1995. Both Haylee and GIgi have apartments in New York. So, I'm guessing that they hang out their often. Gigi is also dating Zayn.  Haylee Pergola and Gigi Hadid out shopping in New York. Seen below:  Photo Credits: TMZ  Haylee via Facebook, Below is picture of Gigi and Haylee.  Drawing of Gigi and Haylee. {Haylee...
Haylee Pergola's Boyfriend. {Confirmed Source}
Haylee Pergola has been seen with a guy named Ryan.  Places seen together : Boston, Ma  and Beverly Hills California.  Source: Confirmation  Source Comments: "Haylee and Ryan were the definition of young love. She was seventeen at the time and he was nineteen. I could tell that he was very in love with her. The way he looked at her and the way he blushed when she was around him was kinda amazing. Not to mention he bought her a car. They always would...
Haylee Pergola's Boyfriend. {Confirmed Source}
Boyfriend of Haylee Pergols   Source said: "They were always very happy together, but he wanted more and Haylee wasn't ready.I could 100% see them getting back together some day." 
Haylee Pergola's Boyfriend. {Confirmed Source}
Haylee Pergola's Previous Boyfriend.  I have a confirmation from a source close to Haylee, Confirming that they have dated in the past.  SOURCE COMMENTS: "They both really loved each other, but they were in two different phases of their lives. He loved her and she loved him. He was very sweet towards Haylee and would always please her needs."  Haylee and Boyfriend Timmy Walsh:  They seem so cute together. I wish they stayed together, but confi...