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posted by harrypotterbest
A/N: This is a very dark story - read at your own risk :P It's about two girls, lesbian, one's insane. It's slightly intense but not descriptive; I'd give it a rating of T I suppose.

“I don’t care.” Her words, though đã đưa ý kiến quietly, shook with hidden anger. “I honestly don’t care.”

“Yes bạn do,” I whispered. “You care a lot. bạn care thêm than bạn want to. And that’s why you’re lying.”

“I. Do. Not. Care.” She gritted her teeth together, glaring at me.

“Lies,” I said, loudly and clearly this time, knowing she was going to go into a rage soon. “You’re frustrated,...
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posted by harrypotterbest
She is like the sun in the world,
Her eyes glitter like the sun on water,
Her laughter is like sweet warmth,
Her smile is thêm beautiful than the heavens

She is the glow of the world,
She illuminates hidden joy,
And when it rains
Around her, it rains light

Her beauty makes everything seem better,
Her radiance passes on to everyone
And they start to feel the magic within
The effect she has, she’ll never know

No words, in any language,
Could come close to describing it
The way her happiness makes everything light up
Is a miracle beyond words, phrases, poems

The world is her earth and she is its sun,
Her smile...
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posted by KateKicksAss
So, we all know best is awesome, right? Well, here's an official danh sách of some of the reasons why. Reasons why best is awesome are most definitely not limited to the ones on this list, seeing as I don't think I could fit them all in one list.

1. She likes Harry Potter

2. She's nice and friendly to everyone. Even trolls.

3. She's very supportive and caring.

4. She's a good listener, and gives good advice. She's almost like a free online therapist sometimes!

5. She's smart.

6. .....and takes a lot of Science classes. So she must be REALLY smart if stuff like Physics and Chemistry actually make sense...
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Harry Potter
jk rowling
i tình yêu this woman
posted by harrypotterbest
“So, Liam,” I said, playing around with my thực phẩm at lunch.

“Yes?” he replied.
“Have bạn ever wondered what teachers do at confidential staff meetings?”

“No,” he shrugged. “Probably come up with thêm ways to torture us.”

“Well...” I said, trying to hold back a grin. “Do bạn want to find out?”

“Oh, hell no!” he exclaimed. “Remember last time?”

“It won’t be like last time! I swear I won’t try to bring any wind up mice and release them!”

He laughed. “Well... I guess it’d be cool.”

And so began the plans that led us under a small...
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what makes bạn beautiful
key of awesome
..A song that best likes.
what makes bạn beautiful
âm nhạc
Okay, background: best emailed me a link to the âm nhạc video for the song "What Makes bạn Beautiful" bởi some British boy band (sorry best, couldn't resist!) called One Direction. (I'd I heard a few giây of it on the radio this morning and I ended up with the line "YOU DON'T KNOW-OW-OW, THAT'S WHAT MAKES bạn BEAUTIFUL" stuck in my head all ngày in repeat), But anyways, here is the correspondence that followed:

"Okay, I listened to the song and even watched the video! :P

Just a few things:

1. Yes, it's a catchy song, I will admit. But now I think I'm gonna have "NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Close your eyes
Just close your eyes
Cause we’ve reached the end
Past the laughter and the lies

This is the final moment
We’ve made it this far
And we’ll keep on fighting
For that lightning bolt scar

We were with bạn from the beginning
And now we’ve reached the inevitable end
We’ve shared smiles and frowns, tears and laughs
I promise to bạn all, we’ll always be friends

So take my hand
And hold on tight
Cause no matter what they say
This will never end, that’s right

This is the end of an era
But it’s also the start
And the lessons you’ve taught us
Will always stay in our heart

So much laughter,...
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posted by harrypotterbest
They’re running through my head,
All these things I’ve never said,
And I can’t look into your eyes
And repeat the same old lies

The lock to my tim, trái tim is getting rusty,
These lies are falling apart, getting so dusty,
The truth just keeps on shining brighter,
So I have to try harder, hold on tighter

I just can’t let it out
But it’s all I want to shout
When I look at you,
I want to tell bạn it’s true

I know you’ll be really mad
I tình yêu you; I know it’s bad
I tình yêu you, I can’t help it
So before bạn have a fit

Tell me, do bạn hate me?
Your beautiful face is all I see
And, honestly, I’d do anything
For these lovely feelings bạn bring

I can take rejection,
I fell for your perfection,
Guess big mistakes require big corrections,
But I still want bạn to know of my affections

I can stand this ache, I’ll pull through heartbreak
But here’s the one thing I can’t take
Remember, if bạn blame me for this state:
It never was my choice, I can’t control fate
posted by harrypotterbest
“We shouldn’t be together.” Her words, loud and clear, came very suddenly, interrupting the quite sounds of nature.

I suppressed a sigh – we had been over this multiple times, yet she still doubted us, even though we both knew we were made for each other. “Why’s that?” I asked her softly, already knowing the answer.

“Well, we’re both girls,” she started. It was always her opener and I glanced at her. She was so beautiful, with long, brown hair that fell to her waist, and stunning blue eyes.

“Great observation,” I đã bình luận dryly, smiling the smile that only she drew...
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posted by harrypotterbest
She turned around and walked away, and I watched her go, unable to do anything but wish. I wished she could be mine, that I could chase after her and stay with her forever. But that wasn’t possible. Every step she took away hurt me, it was a deep, searing pain that left bleeding scars long after the initial feeling. My tim, trái tim cracked and I raised my hand to touch her – but she was so far away now, not knowing how much I loved her.

Maybe if things were different, we could be together. She didn’t tình yêu me, but if things were different, I could tell her. I could tell her how much I tình yêu her,...
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posted by harrypotterbest
When little, I thought I had it all,
I thought that it would last for evermore,
So I’d stop and stare, waste it and just stall,
Of immortality I was so sure

Didn’t know that it was leaving, slipping away,
Didn’t know that I had to try and hold on,
Didn’t think we’d ever stop the usual play,
Didn’t care for the scenic passing of dawn

But now it’s gone forever, somehow just lost,
Slipped away unknowingly when I turned around,
It was precious, and now I feel the cost,
Because it’s gone, never again to be found

It’s not coming back and sometimes I cry
For memories and wishes of time gone by
posted by harrypotterbest
They would ask her, “How are you?” and they would turn to face her and smile a friendly smile. She couldn’t chịu, gấu to look at them, so beautiful and pure, so she would give her attention to something else. She would nuốt, nhạn the lump in her throat and she would say “I’m okay.” They would believe her, and she almost believed herself, but deep inside, she knew it wasn’t true; she knew it would never be true. And yet, she would pretend it was, because they wouldn’t understand – no, they would never understand, so she would keep repeating the lies.

Her goal used to be for a good...
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added by Fenrir
Part 2 :P
ngẫu nhiên
Harry Potter
added by Fenrir
American talk with the Harry Potter cast :P
Harry Potter
ngẫu nhiên
posted by harrypotterbest
One gave off a golden glow; the other a darker one. One was Những người bạn with Hope; the other was a friend of Depression. They sat in the emptiness, side-by-side, silent until the darker one spoke up.

“I hate being trapped in darkness.”

The golden one threw a sharp glance at it, and replied, “You know bạn have light inside of you.”

“No I don’t. I am completely made of darkness.”

“You know that’s not true. When we were all created, we saw how we all are made of light at the core.”
“I’m different. They all have some semblance of good in them. I am just...
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