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I tình yêu Draco Malfoy so much! And we all know that he has a knack for good comebacks. So, these are some things bạn can say hoặc do when he insults you. Let's get this danh sách started!

1.If he calls bạn a Mudblood, say "At least I'm no bleached blonde."
2. If he makes fun of bạn for being bad at Quidditch, get the Snitch from right under his nose and don't let him forget it.
3. Slap him across the face.
4. Do a Moody and turn him into a ferret.
5. Turn his hair pink.
6. Call him a Daddy's boy.
7. Bewitch snowballs to constantly hit him on the back of his head.
8. Sneak a Puking Pastille into his dinner--...
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Please read and tell me what bạn all think about it! My first one *fingers crossed*

Summary: My first ever fanfic! The tiếp theo Generation kids can't get enough during giáng sinh at the Burrow! All ages set two years before epilogue.

"Watch out!"

A snowball sailed through the air, nearly missing a blonde head as it hit a tree.
"Take that!" cried fifteen năm old Victoire Weasley as she got up and aimed a snowball at her sister, thirteen năm old Dominique Weasley. Dominique squealed as the snowball collided with her forehead. "I'll get bạn for that!" she yelled, as she chucked a snowball through...
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