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 Harry Potter cast drawings bởi Jenny Jenkins
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Source: http://jenny-jenkins.com
Charcoal/Colored Pencil drawings of characters from the Harry Potter film series
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Drago Malfoy
ginny weasley
ron weasley
cho chang
neville longbottom
Tom Felton
Bonnie Wright
Rupert Grint
katie leung
matthew lewis
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 Snapes Headmaster Portrait
Snapes Headmaster Portrait
James and Lily were killed in a glance
Harry became the boy who lived
Voldemort stood no chance
11 years pass by
Harry finds out hes been living a lie....
" Your a wizard" Hagrid says but how can that be?
I'm Harry- I'm only me
I receive a letter to Hogwarts school
I meet my two best Những người bạn boy are they cool
Hermione+Ron, man what a pair
Snape is coming troubles in the air
Gryffendors,Hufflepuffs, Slytherins and Ravenclaws
Whomping Willows, Huge Spiders, 3-headed Dogs
My Godfather is a convicted Murderer
I have to fight off hundreds of Dementors
Alohamora,Expelliarmus, Expecto Patronum
Are they sure I'm...
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