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hàng đầu, đầu trang ten favourite twists in the Harry Potter franchise
Harry Potter franchise is full of surprising and shocking twists. Here are few of my favourite twist, In descending order. bởi the way if bạn haven’t seen the entire franchise doesn’t read the article.....

10. Philosopher’s stone in Harry’s pocket.
Harry finding the philosopher’s tone in his pocket was a cool twist along with the revealing of Voldemort himself

9. The Deathly Hallows
When we elaborate what the deathly hallows were in Harry’s world definitely they can make into the hàng đầu, đầu trang best turns. Invisibility áo choàng was the one Harry...
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At my uni we've been studying the way gender and sexism shapes the education curriculum.

This was an bài viết we were actually được trao to read and thảo luận about in a seminar:

"Harry Potter's girl trouble
The world of everyone's yêu thích kid wizard is a place where boys come first.
By Christine Schoefer


Four factors made me go out and buy the Harry Potter books: Their impressive lead on the bestseller lists, parents' raves about Harry Potter's magical ability to turn kids into passionate readers, my daughters' clamoring and the mile-long waiting lists at the public library. Once I opened "The Sorcerer's...
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here are some things i came up with that define people who just like harry potter from people who are OBSESSED!

1.    Here are some thêm things that bạn would do if bạn were really obsessed with harry potter:

2.    You’ve made your own firebolt...and played quidditch on it with your Những người bạn who also have their own broomsticks.

3.    You don’t understand when your Những người bạn can't cry on demand, because all bạn have to do is think about dobby.

4.    When someone says "i'm serious" bạn say "no you're not!"

5.    When...
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