In Chronological Order.

1/1: Intro to the Durlsey's / Leaving Harry on their doorstep
Where better to start then the beginning of the series? The very first chapter, to be precise. Well, it might be 2 chapters, I'm not sure. But I tình yêu these parts, regardless. It's a great way to kick off the series, because it's told from the point of view of a muggle. So we already can relate with the main character and we can see how wizards incorporate into our everyday lives. Then it goes right to Dumbledore and Mcgonogal discussing the same events from the wizards point of view. It's also pretty good in hindsight, where we know the characters that Mcgonnogal&Dumbledore casually mention and we know what has just happened a few phút cách đây in detail.

1/5: Intro to Diagon Alley
There are a lot of intro's in the beginning chapters of the Harry Potter series, but this one is my favorite. It shows just how organized he wizarding world is and how realilistic it is. How they have a wizarding bank (run bởi goblins), a wand cửa hàng (ollivander!), broomstick shop, rope/couldren shop, and pet store. It's so average yet so extraordinary. And I tình yêu Hagrid!

1/10: The Troll
Where would this danh sách be, if it did not have the beginning of the friendship between Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, and Hermionie Granger? This is the chapter where the golden trio was formed, which makes it special. Ron and Harry also work together to tacke their first real obstacle in theis chapter and break rules for the first time. And Hermionie shows a little humility, bravery, and nobility for the first time in the series. Without this scene, the trio would only be a duo of Ron & Harry. And Where would Ron & Harry be without Hermionie?

1/12: The Mirror of Erised
I just tình yêu anything to do with the Mirror of Erised. I tình yêu anything that dives into a character study, honestly. Like how we see that Harry's deepest desire is to meet his parents and have a family. How Ron's deepest desire is to be the best at SOMETHING. And these desire's are explored a lot thêm in later books. Plus, this equals thêm scenes with Dumbledore. Where he says thêm quotable stuff. And then when he says, "What do I see when I look in the mirror? I see myself with a pair of socks." (well, that's the gist of the quote, anyway). Looking back, I'm guessing he didn't see that...

1/16: The 5 Obstacles / Quirrel Vs Harry
I tình yêu obstacles hoặc challenges hoặc trials hoặc whatever. Those are always awesome for me, and these 5 challenges are no different. The Devil's Snare and Potions proving Hermionie's genius and ability to think quickly in desperate situations. The Wizards Chess proving Ron's bravery. And the Key's proving Harry's ability on a broom. All of these strengths are explored later on in the series as well. Then of course, the fight between Quirrel & Harry. This is mostly important because it's the first time Harry meets Voldemort. And the fight is pretty cool as well.

3/18: Wormtail, Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs
Okay, the 2nd & 3rd Book don't really have any overly memorable scenes. But this scene was always one of my favorites. Mainly because I tình yêu the marauders (not pettigrew as much, though). And I really tình yêu Sirius. So hearing that Sirius is innocent and hearing that Lupin, Sirius, and James used to all be Những người bạn makes me very happy. It might be a lot of information to exsorb, but out of all the information monologues, this one is one of my all-time favorites.

4/31: The Third Task->Priori Incantatum
I tình yêu THIS PART. Because it's just so unperdictable! I mean, teh entire series we've been hearing about how scary and horrible Voldemort is, I never really expected him to ever come back. So when he did, it was terrifying. Before the idea of him was scary enough, but to then have him come back? And poor Cedric :( I really liked that kid. I SO would have had a crush on him if I went to Hogwarts! (He's sweet, noble, Công chúa tóc xù and hot! What thêm do bạn want? And no- I don't like Rob PAttinson anymore- his only good role was Cedric) Oh yeah, and seeing Cedric & James/Lily durign the Priori Incantatum was pretty nice. That whole fight was pretty epic. First fight between Harry & Voldemort, YAY!!!!

5/5: Intro to the Order of the Pheonix
I tình yêu the Order of the Pheonix. It's like all my yêu thích characters just joined a club so that they could stay in the books. It's so cool! When they first came to save Harry in Book 5, I was đọc it during school (way back in 3rd grade) and I remember having to stop after that chapter to go to âm nhạc class. I was practically dancing all the way to music, because Lupin & Sirius were still in the stories. After that, i knew it would be a good book.

5/7: Intro to the Ministry of Magic
I tình yêu the Ministry of Magic. I mean, I tình yêu the idea. The actual people tend to be stupid cowards. (Not all of them, but the ministry as a generalization). ANYWAY, I loved seeing the ministry. It reminded me of my dad's work, which made the magical even thêm realilistic. Plus, I tình yêu Arthur Weasley, he's so sweet and funny!

5/18: Dumbledore's Army
Honestly, I tình yêu any scene of Dumbledore's Army. I'm so proud of Harry & The Gang for defying Umbridge. She so deserves it. And I tình yêu every person in that group, along with what they named the group. That is all.

5/24:Occulmency/Snape's worst Memory
As much as I hate Snape, I will admit these chapters are pretty good. The lesson's are interesting and provide lots of forshadowing for both Book 7 and Book 5. Snape's Worst Memory is also interesting, because it shows Sirius, James and Snape in a different lighting. I mean, who would think that Snape would be the victim? And Sirius and James the bullies? Obviously I know Snape is far from innocent and James/Sirius are far from evil, but STILL. And Snape's reaction. Oh boy, that makes me feel bad every time.

5/24:The Department of Mysteries->Dumbledore Explains
This is my yêu thích part of all 7 books. From Dumbledore's Army running off to save Sirius and fighting the death eaters to Sirius's death (so sad!!!!) to Bellatrix taunting Harry to Dumbledore vs. Voldemort to Harry's inner struggle to Harry's breakdown to Dumbledore's explanation. It was all so exciting I can never put the book down at that point. I can't really go into detail with why I tình yêu it so much hoặc it would take up way too much room. I just tình yêu it so much!

16/23:Horcruxes/Voldemort's past
Like Voldemort's return, finding out about the Horcruxes was a big twist. It made it seem like the entire series, which had moved so far, hadn't gone anywhere at all. I mean the whole 2nd book was about destroying 1 Horcrux? And there are 7? AND THERE'S ONE thêm BOOK LEFT? It really made it obvious how much work The Trio had up to them before they could go off and kill Voldemort. And as for Voldemort's past...although I personally found it pretty boring, it's very important to the plot. And actually it was a lot thêm interesting when I thought about it. I mean this is Voldemort's past! VOLDEMORT. Of course it's interesting!

6/26:The Cave->The Funeral
Although I'm used to parental figures dying in every series I read, somehow Dumbledore felt thêm immortal. I mean, he's ALBUS DUMBLEDORE! I never in a million years pictured him becoming weak and frail, it was painful to read! Then Malfoy of all people attempting to kill him? IT seemed sureal. Then of course Snape did the offing, and I really hated Snape. It felt so good to have an excuse for my undying hatred of Snape, and him being the evil bastard who killed Dumbledore worked perfectly. then the funeral was one of the saddest things I've ever read. Such a painful and emotional set of chapters. :'( Looking back, I don't really hate Snape as much anymore.

7/3:The Dursley's departing/The Fake Harry's[b]
A weird part to keep in here, but I really liked this scene. When J.K Rowling can have us say goodbye to the Dursley's and have us miss's really crazy. It was nice that Dudley had a slight turn around- though it was a bit late. And the fact that Harry had to leave his boring but an toàn, két an toàn trang chủ forever, really set in motion the danger ahead. As for the fake Harry's, that scene was what got me into Book 7. All the excitement, I was terrified if a character tripped. Especially with Hagrid (The only character out of my hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 to survive). Then of all people Mad-Eye and Hedwig are the ones to go. That's when the killing spree began.

[b]7/16: Godric's Hollow

I tình yêu bittersweet chapters. And this chapter was exactly that. It was like a closure to Harry's desire's. He was able to go back to the house he lived in back when life was simpler. When he was part of a family that loved him (Blood related). Although Harry was on a very important mission, I'm glad that he took time to accept this place for the emotional value as well. It was really heartbreaking to see Harry go to his parents graves though. :'(

7/31: The Battle of Hogwarts
The Battle to end all battles. God, I wish Stephanie Meyers had been able to write a battle scene like this...sorry, I compare this scene to the end of Breaking Dawn a lot. I think bạn can guess which one wins. This battle is just...EPIC. This is when the killing spree get's to it's height and many are killed without even getting the honor of the reader knowing about how they were killed. Bellatrix reaches her demise though, something I still cheer about! And Neville reached his bad-ass upgrade, whic he completly deserved!

7/33: The Prince's Tale
I'm not the hugest người hâm mộ of this chapter, most of it made me feel awkward, but I have to admit I was glued to these pages. I did not see this coming for the life of me! And every little bit of their history together was very interesting to read, it was just all so surprising! I mean, I was sad about Snape dying! I HATE SNAPE! Only J.K Rowling can make me sad about one of my most hated characters dying...

7/34: Back to the Forest
I did not see this one coming either. Using the stone made me happy since I tình yêu Sirius & Lupin, but the main death made me mostly surprised. I knew he'd come back somehow, there was too much left of the book and nothing felt completed, but was a big deal. And the way that Harry calmly walked into it, knowing fully what was going to happen, that was the ultimate sacrifice.

7/35: The King's vượt qua, cross Dream
The last one on this list. Sorry that the epilogue didn't make it, but I never liked epilogues much. Their going past the happily ever after part, which I'd rather just leave up into interpretation. Anyway, back to this scene. I loved this scene. Throughout the book we were constantly shown facts that proved Dumbledore wasn't the perfect man we all believed him to be. He nearly became evil and would have if it hadn't been for the death of his sister. Which there's a 50% chance that he killed. After đọc all that it was a bit weird to absorb. And it made me wish that dumbledore were still alive so Harry could speak to him about it. Which in this scene he does. It's odd to see Dumbledore crying and diễn xuất so....human. But it feels like this is the Dumbledore we've just learned about, the man who nearly turned evil AND the Dumbledore who was the headmaster at Hogwarts. And it's a really nice bittersweet bit of closure, before Harry had to jump into the action again.