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She stood in a stiff upright position, keeping nervous a very long scarlet feather (as long as a peacock tail feather) in her left hand and a golden gun in her right, right in the middle of a filled court room of the Ministry of Magic and waited. She waited for Fenrir Greyback, the most dangerous werewolf on Earth. She, Clara Clearwater, has to execute that creature, who wasn´t human anymore; who had bitten so many kids in order to create a community of werewolves; who also had killed so many people, witches and wizards if they are against him hoặc - just for fun - Muggles who had not the faintest idea what attacked them.

Fenrir Greyback, brought from Askaban bởi six Aurors who watched very carefully of each and every of his moves, was the most dangerous wizard in the world after Lord Voldemort´s death. Harry Potter was it who killed the Dark Lord with Neville´s help. Neville killed the snake Nagini - Lord Voldemort´s very last Horcrux. The leader of the ma sói and all of the Death Eaters vanished after the Mất tích battle on Hogwarts ground and lives now in the underground (perhaps literally?).

The young woman was very nervous. She bit on her lower lip. She never killed a werewolf before, but she read everything about. She looked to the witness bench where Remus Lupin, another werewolf, sat, He was there to witness the death of his enemy. Fenrir was it who bit Remus as he was a teenager. Since that time, Remus Lupin suffers a terrible fate. All full moon he has to change in that terrible beast. Actually, he should be dead - killed bởi a death course in the battle on Hogwart´s ground like his beloved wife Tonks. But bạn cannot kill a werewolf bởi a death course hoặc a deadly accident hoặc illness hoặc anything what killed absolutly each and every witch, wizard hoặc Muggle hoặc magical hoặc non-magical creature. A werewolf can just been killed bởi three Goblin-made bullets. And even that can be very tricky...

Fenrir Greyback came up in a narrow iron-cage from the floor which opened with a sliding noise.

He was grinning. He didn´t thought that he could be killed. He showed his teeth what had changed to fangs. He also had whiskers and a soft lông, lông thú even now on new moon´s high noon. In a time of the least magical power on all ma sói Fenrir Greyback the leader of all ma sói and werewolve-maker had still all beast-sign and burst in proud of it. He could absolutly not believe that someone, especially not that young frightened woman with a rediculous red feather and a golden gun in her hands, could harm hoặc kill him.

Clara took a deep breath. She went around the cage, touching her scarlet feather all over him. The prisioner found it very funny. He had no idea what that feather hoặc she can do. If he had any idea how dangerous that feather hoặc she is, he would tremble in fear, crying for mercy, try to break out and run away. But he had not the foggiest idea what nightmare stood right in front of him and had already found what it was looking for.

She opend the cage bởi her magical feather.

He walked grinning out of his narrow cage. She pointed the golden gun at him and shot. The first shot hit his heart. Then0 as he stumbled and wailed she shot in his neck. He fell down dead. The man was dead but not the Werewolf, she explained to the spectaculars. So she touched with her long scarlet feather with thin vàng at the rim (was it before?) along at his left leg till she found something and shot again. In that moment the dead man with the animal-look roared and howled. But it was not Fenrir. It was the Werewolf - a creature beyond of any imagine. The human was already dead but the Werewolf struggled and slithered: howled and wailed: moved and changed the human body in an unnatural way. Clara Clearwater knew that she had to be very carefully not to been bitten bởi that changing still living creature. She was in peril of life and nobody could help her. She held her long feather like a sword against this moving and changing ghostlike creature. As the creature touched the feather it wailed in pain. bạn couldn´t believe it, if bạn wasn´t there.

It seemed that creature doesn´t like to leave this world. After terrible long phút (it was under ten minutes!) the Werewolf was dead. The body broke in and the last thing what do bạn have to do with a dead werewolf body is to burn in a magical fire.

The work is done. Clara wasn´t hurt but still trembling. bạn know, it was her first werewolf what she had to kill...uhh...execute.

The very last thing she did after Fenrir´s body was burnt - she took the three golden Goblin-made bullets out of the ash and put it in her pocket.
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