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Chapter 6

Later in the day, Harry, Ron and Hermione came back to Professor Snape’s grave. They remained silent for a moment. Then Harry took a book out from under his robes. “I found it back in the Room of Requirement.” He showed the ‘Advanced Potion Making’ textbook that had belonged to the Half-Blood Prince, and which had been a trusty companion during his sixth year. “Despite the Fyendfire Crabbe has cast in there, the book has been spared. I guess it was protected in that cabinet where I had put it,” he explained. “Poor Snape… He was not even the master of the Elder Wand. He died for nothing.” He pocketed the book back into his robe. He would treasure it for sure.

Ron and Hermione nodded in agreement. “Speaking about wands, Harry…” the girl said. “I don’t know if I did well but…” She looked confused.

“Go ahead,” Ron đã đưa ý kiến encouragingly.

Hermione took out a wand from her sleeve. “I’d fetched Professor Snape’s wand when we retrieved his body from the Shrieking Shack. I forgot I had it with me until the moment I took my wand out to perform the Carving Spell this afternoon.” She showed them the wand.

“You mean bạn have Snape’s wand ?” Ron asked.

“Yes. I suppose it should have been put in his hand before the coffin was closed. But nobody mentioned his wand was missing.”

Harry sighed. “True, this is the rule but anyway, it’s too late now. Just keep it with you.”

They did not hear her arriving but Luna was standing now beside them. “Oh, that’s a lovely wand bạn have in hand, Hermione. Ebony with talon phoenix core. Very powerful wands. Professor Snape’s wand, I guess.” In front of their puzzled looks, Luna went on : “I’ll keep your secret, Hermione. Besides, I think that from where he is, Professor Snape wanted bạn to have his wand. Take it as a gift from him.”

There was something soothing in Luna’s explanation. Her choice words, her quiet assurance, her sweet tone. As usual, she seemed to know and see things that other people did not hoặc could not.

Luna moved away from them. They noticed then that she carried something in her hands. A large vial and a beaker. “I took these from Professor Snape’s potions classroom. I thought he didn’t have any hoa at all, so maybe we could put some on his grave.” She put the vial and the beaker on the stone, nearby his name. “Hermione, will bạn help me ? You’re so good at conjuring up nice stuff. I’m sure that with Professor Snape’s wand, you’ll do wonders.”

Hermione came to the stone, opposite to Luna. The young Ravenclaw tipped the beaker on her side with her wand. “Aguamenti !” and pure, clean water flowed in it.

Hermione took Snape’s wand. It felt strange in her hand but after a few seconds, the strangeness grew into something comfortable. Yes, she would feel at ease with his wand, she was sure of that. “Aguamenti !” and a few giây later, pure, clean water filled the vial on her side.

“Now for the flowers,” Luna said. “I don’t know much about hoa language and meanings, but I’m sure these forget-me-nots would be most appropriate.” She conjured up a bouquet of blue hoa and arranged them in the beaker. “Oh, they’re blue like my House.”

Hermione thought for a một giây hoặc two. Something red, like our House of Gryffindor. Snape may not like it but she thought he was past this stage now. He had showed the courage of a Gryffindor. Like Dumbledore had đã đưa ý kiến in one of Snape’s memories, he believed that students were perhaps sorted too soon… She had agreed fully with his statement. He could have been one of us, a Gryffindor after all. She raised his wand and a bunch of red poppies appeared, which she put in the vial. Severus Snape’s wand worked well in her hand. It was as if it had accepted her magic.

The two girls looked at each other, in deep understanding. Another flick of her wand and Luna conjured up another vial. She filled it with water and a big bunch of yellow daffodils appeared. “It is đã đưa ý kiến that one daffodil means misery while a lot of them mean happiness. That’s from the House of Hufflepuff.”

Hermione got it. Now she had to find something to represent Slytherin. She made appear another beaker, which she filled up, and thought for a moment about a green flower. Ellebora. That should do it. Besides, it’s a common ingredient in potions. As soon as she had thought about it, she conjured up the flowers. A bouquet of the green hoa appeared and she put them in the beaker. “That’s from the House of Slytherin. His House.”

“Befitting, aren’t they ? I mean, the vials and the beakers, and all these hoa representing the Houses,” Luna đã đưa ý kiến after arranging the vials and beakers and flowers, as if she had had just arranged vases on a bữa tối, bữa ăn tối table. The effect was nice indeed : the four bouquets surrounded his name and dates of birth and death.

“Yes, Luna, very much,” Harry replied, his voice Mất tích in emotion. “You’re always right on when it comes to perceiving what other people may feel hoặc need. He deserves our respect and care.”

“Thank you, Harry. bạn did well too on your side. I thought bạn were completely right to insist that Professor Snape had his own portrait in Dumbledore’s office – well, the Headmistress’ office now – along with those of the other headmasters of Hogwarts. Neville was right, Professor Snape did everything he could to avoid us harsh and painful punishment with the Carrows.”

Luna looked again at the grave and the flowers, obviously pleased with the lovely hoa arrangements. “Goodbye, Professor Snape. You’ll be indeed sorely missed and sadly remembered.”

* THE * END *
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