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 that sums it up...
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hehehehhehehehehehehehehehe :D
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I’ve read many lists pointing out Twilight “Plot Holes”, but thêm often than not, the lists aren’t very valid at all. Half of them are usually just complaints, pointing out something they don’t like about Twilight (Example:” Why would ma cà rồng go to high school?”, hoặc “Why does Bella have so many friends?”). The rest are just factually incorrect, hoặc can be logically theorized. These are usually followed bởi “Stephenie Meyer obviously ditched history class”, hoặc “Hasn’t Stephenie ever heard of logic?”, hoặc my personal favorite, “I would know, I had a lesson about it...
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Whoa. Its the final battle already? It seems like this all started a week ago....which it did....so...yeah.
NOTE: I am a Twilight fan, so do not suggest that I think all Twilight những người hâm mộ are crazy. I also think HP is better than Twilight, though. Just a little.
NOTE:I like HP and T, I am not trying to make fun of either, I'm just having fun with some of the ideas.
NOTE: okay, I'm just putting this note in to build suspense.
NOTE: This is it. The big one. The end. The last one. The one and only. The awesome one. The one that is the end. The climatic one. The one that, if bạn do not read, will send...
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Twilight thanks the những người hâm mộ for making Twilight the first movie to ever reach 1 million followers on Twitter
những người hâm mộ
twilight những người hâm mộ
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Here we take a glimpse back at the last Harry Potter film and determine what we shoudl expect for the final movie.
Harry Potter
half blood prince
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Harry's new "friends" get him to tham gia a band, and the result is hilarious XD
Harry Potter
harry potter starts a band
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