Slowly, Maria's eyes slowly peeked open as she found herself on her side, snuggled up to a cái gối, gối in a dimly lit bedroom. She gently stretched her arms out and took one huge yawn which caused her to feel the presence behind her on the other side of the bed. She had fallen asleep with Kal that night. So, sleepily, she turned herself on her other side and slid her hand on hàng đầu, đầu trang of Kal's bare chest, as he was laying on his back, with his arms nestled loosely behind his head. Maria felt the soft rising and falling of his chest, and nearly began to fall asleep again when an inquiring câu hỏi popped itself into her head. What time was it?

Maria's drowsy eyes rolled past Kal as she sat up in the giường and glanced over at the small electronic clock that resided on the edge of the nearby nightstand. At first it was blurry, but after a few consecutive blinks, she was able to make out that it was 4:58 a.m.

Why did she wake up so early? She pondered to herself.


"What was that?" She softly đã đưa ý kiến aloud as she rubbed her eyes. Kal mumbled a bit, causing Maria to rise her hand up to her mouth, but thankfully, he was still very much asleep. Maria knew he had to get up in a couple hours--as he had made a habit of leaving super early and coming back super late--and she wanted him to get all the rest he could, and rightfully deserved. So, she reminded herself of this and made a note to keep her các bình luận to herself.


There it was again. That sound; where was it coming from? Maria looked around the room and noticed a slight glare from the áo khoác hanging on the doorknob to the closet. Specifically, it was coming from the pocket.

Maria then slowly shifted the covers down and crawled around Kal's body. Occasionally, he would di chuyển slightly and she would freeze in her tracks, but nevertheless kept moving after she would realize he's still asleep. Once she made it out of the bed, Maria tiptoed over to the áo khoác and stuck her hand in the pocket--her fingertips met a little, cold box of metal.

It was Kal's phone.

Normally this wouldn't have puzzled Maria, but được trao how it was such a peculiar time to receive a text message, it shocked her a bit. And that's when the crazy thoughts came pouring in--what if it was another girl? What if she decided to pull the phone out and look at the notification bar and see a woman's name, with a text asking if Kal could meet up with her? How was she supposed to respond to this type of situation? Just thinking about it made her tim, trái tim pick up pace and-


All of a sudden, the phone was in Maria's hands and she, without even questioning if it was a moral thing to do bởi snooping through her lover's belongings, opened the phone.

// Jackson //

(4:40 a.m.) K, were in trouble

(4:42 a.m.) The fuzz found me. They r going to come back tmrw with a warrant for my arrest.

(4:45 a.m.) That dumbass found us out.

(4:45 a.m.) Keller.

(4:48 a.m.) He told the police, and nw their all over my case.

(4:52 a.m.) Pick up ya damn phone boy

(4:55 a.m.) KALVN.

(4:58 a.m.) IF I GO DOWN WE ALL GO DWN!!

(5:01 a.m.) Boy if bạn dnt reply right now..

(5:02 a.m.) Yeah ur dead. U cant do anything right anyways

(5:03 a.m.) Ur comin to hell w me hahaa

"What..?" Maria asked herself as she scrolled up through the messages. "Who is Jackson.. why is he threatening-.."

And then she saw it. The bức ảnh of the car.

The bức ảnh was blurry, but it was clear to even the dumfounded Maria that the license plate of the car was the ngôi sao of the photo.

None of this made any sense to her. Kal doesn't seem like the type of person to hang out with what seemed like thugs based on the fact that whoever this Jackson character is was dealing with the police and an arrest warrant. And what did he mean bởi 'he'll take everyone down with him?' That implies Kal was involved in all of this.

A chilling wave of fear came flooding down Maria's body as she thought about all this. Sure to God, Kal wasn't involved with a gang, she thought to herself.

There was a pause, and then Maria noticed on the corner of the photo, there was a tab that đã đưa ý kiến "View Album."

It made sense to Maria at the time. She loved Kal, and she worried for his safety, and she had to know if he was getting himself into something much bigger than the both of them, and how, if even possible, she might be able to jump in and help him if the need ever arises. She needed to know of his whereabouts, what he was getting into, and why there was a person texting him at five in the morning concerned about the police and possible jail time. But as she went through those photos, the Jackson situation completely erased itself from her mind.

With each scroll, she felt her stomach sink further and further.

And her hatred for Kal rise higher and higher.