Without even thinking of the consequences, and not seeming to even care, Kal dashed over to the thân cây of the tree. As he came to a sliding halt, he threw up his arms, latching his hands onto one of the lower boughs, and yanked himself upward until he found himself sitting on it. From there, he found another branch and repeated the process.

"What in the hell is that boy doing..?" One of the men in the back of the car asked as he watched dumbfounded. He turned to see if Jackson was as confused as he was, but ultimately found that he was thêm annoyed than bewildered.

The other man in the back decided to speak up. "You noticed how he keeps looking over here? He's prob'ly already gave us away bởi now."

"He's wasting time." Jackson replied lowly.

Storm clouds began to roll in as Kal eventually made it to the middle of the tree. Just before he could grab another branch, however, something caught his eye. A falling leaf that detached itself from its wilting stem slowly descended right past Kal's face and floated ever so slowly to the ground. All of a sudden, Kal realized just how high he was and he began to feel dizzy and disoriented, almost as if he was intoxicated. He took a look around and everything started to spin, and he began to have double vision. He felt his stomach tie itself into knots and his body felt weak. I'm not good with heights, he thought to himself. But he knew he had to keep going.

Kal turned his head upward and saw his tiếp theo potential branch, but before grabbing it and hoping for the best, he made sure it was the real one and not its twin illusion. Once he made sure of this, he grabbed it, and so went the tiếp theo branch, and the branch after that.

Hannah rolled herself on hàng đầu, đầu trang of Damion in the midst of the action and held his arms above his head. He grabbed onto the metal bars of the bedframe tightly as she leaned her body over his and made small lines of kisses down his neck. She slid her hands down his sides and then onto his bare chest, making sure to touch every inch of it as she roughly bounced on his hips. They were both in a state of much-needed happiness, and they were solely and completely convinced nothing could ruin this moment.

Kal felt like vomiting the higher he climbed, but he pushed everything down with great courage. If he could just make it a little higher, he thought, he would find that the man was not there, and he could end this terrible ngày with whatever bit of dignity he had left and return to Jackson with the unfortunate news.

But wait. Another thought.

What if he was there. What if he found the man he was looking for, and what if he became infuriated at the fact Kal was on his property looking into his very home! Why, he would choke him to death, he imagined! He would jump out the window and tham gia Kal in the leaves and brutally attack the poor boy, causing him to fall off the branch with only his dysphoria and nausea to accompany him. Kal would fall and break his neck, all for the sake of his future boss' lone desire to teach a man a petty lesson for making a mockery of his masculinity that other night. He would pay the price for something he wasn't even a part of and-

Then Kal saw it.

He finally made it to the window, and saw everything that was happening inside. He found the man. He found the woman. He saw what they were doing--what he was intruding in on, and his face lit up in a very bright red. Then out came the flip phone.

"S-sir, I.." Kal brokenly đã đưa ý kiến with a tremble in his voice.

"You what? What? Come out with it, boy." Jackson demanded as he fixed his composure in the ghế, chỗ ngồi excitedly. There was a bit of thunder, and a light rain started to come down.

"I.. I think..."

"Yes!? Oh, just say it!!"

"I think they're not home.."

Jackson's eager smile shot off his face. "What do bạn MEAN they're not home, their car in the drive-way!" He shouted.

"Th-they're just not home! I-I don't know wh-where they could be!" Kal insisted as he kept watching inside.

"ACH. FINE." Jackson howled as he shut the phone. He jumped out of the car and slammed the door shut and walked over across the đường phố, street to Damion's car. "If you're gonna have dirty work, bạn always gotta do it yourself."

Kal shut his phone and was about to begin climbing down when he remembered something. He pulled himself back up and leaned in a little closer to the window, but kept himself down so as to not get noticed. He pulled his phone back out and clicked on the camera app.

Jackson approached the back of the car and pulled out his switch blade, and slashed all the tires. He then used the same blade to rake the sides of the car, leaving deep gashes in the shiny paint.

All the while, Kal was taking pictures of the two during sex with most of the các bức ảnh focusing on the thêm explicit angles that were shown. And after what seemed to be the climax of the couple, he took multiple các bức ảnh of the woman, her bare breasts being the main focus. Kal saw the girl collapse on her lover's chest as they both were breathing heavily, and as she rolled off and laid beside him, he quickly took a few thêm of her body.

For the icing on the cake, Jackson walked to the front of the car and rose his fist high, then slammed it through the windshield. The crash was enough to make the couple inside jump, and Damion instantly shot out of bed. In a moment of quickly trying to find his robe, he nearly saw the young voyeur outside the window, which prompted a heavy gasp from Kal. Not wanting to be seen, he quickly threw himself off the branch and landed roughly on one of the branches near the middle of the tree. That branch then snapped and sent Kal tumbling violently down and ended with him landing hard on his back.

Jackson ran to the cây to see what the commotion was and found Kal bleeding in multiple spots with some scrapes located all over his head and arms. He also noticed that Kal had a hard on, to which he scoffed, disgusted. Jackson helped the boy up and together they ran back to their car. He then floored the car and like a bullet, they were out of there.

Damion was still tying his quần áo, áo choàng as he rushed out of the front door. He took a look around and instantly saw the car.

And the car was absolutely totaled.