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Thought bạn would like this, sweetie.

Everybody knows bởi now that the riveting "Dear John," on Taylor Swift's new album, Speak Now, is about John Mayer. But did bạn know there's also one other song on the album we can now say with certainty is also about Mayer?

The một giây Mayer number of which we speak, "The Story of Us," is the song everybody thought was about Joe Jonas. Which is not to be confused with the one that really is about Joe Jonas, "Last Kiss." hoặc the numbers about Taylor Lautner hoặc Owl City's Adam Young.

Photos: Dramatic looks for Taylor Swift

A lot of these little confusions and mysteries...
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Wentworth Miller heeft meerdere keren geprobeerd zelfmoord te plegen. De eerste keer was hij 15 jaar. Dat zei de Prison Break-acteur tijdens een bijeenkomst van de mensenrechtenorganisatie Human Rights Campaign. De zelfmoordpoging op zijn 15de was geen roep om hulp, want "je vraagt alleen om hulp als er hulp mogelijk is. Ik wilde dood", aldus Miller in beelden van de bijeenkomst op de site van TMZ. De acteur worstelde met zijn geaardheid. Vorige maand kwam Miller uit de kast. "Ik was 15 jaar toen ik voor het eerst probeerde zelfmoord te plegen", bekend Miller. "Ik wachtte tot mijn ouders een...
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Lindsey Lohan krijgt een gratis rijcursus aangeboden. Bandenproducent Goodyear wil de actrice helpen nadat ze onlangs een voetganger omver reed met haar Porsche Cayenne. Ook actrice Amanda Bynes uit de Nickelodeonseries 'All That' en 'The Amanda Show' krijgt gratis rijlessen.

Want deze twee beroemdheden zijn op de baan al even wisselvallig als op het witte doek. De bazen van bandenproducent Goodyear hebben Lohan en Bynes daarom openlijk uitgenodigd op een exclusieve rijcursus. Overgevlogen naar de hoofdzetel in Ohio zouden de brokkenpiloten privé-les krijgen van een professionele instructeur. "We zijn bezorgd om uw veiligheid en die van de mensen die elke dag op de baan zijn. En we willen u zo goed mogelijk helpen", klinkt het in een open brief. Het bedrijf stelt nog voor om de bolides van de twee beroemdheden aan een volledig onderzoek te onderwerpen en de banden gratis te vervangen. (Belga / JDH)
Damon tried to open his eyes, but the vervain burned too painful. Now he had Mất tích his sight he had to count on his hearing. And Bonnie gladly took advantage of that. She slowly step around Damon, waiting a few giây after each step.
“What are bạn doing?” Damon asked anxious.
But Bonnie didn’t answer.
She held a horn in her hands and held it right tiếp theo to Damon’s ear.
“What are bạn doing?” Damon repeated. He tried to feel where Bonnie was with his free hand.
Bonnie grabbed his hand and turned it on his back, until she felt it break. While Damon cried she pressed the horn, which drowned his voice.
Elena was sitting in the kitchen, playing solitaire. She picked up a card and squeezed her eyes at the Joker image. “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?” She got tired of the game, because she was losing, and collected the cards. Then she took two card and placed them against each other, creating a triangle. She did the same with two other cards and placed them tiếp theo to the first triangle. “Are bạn seriously building a card house now?” Jeremy asked. He was sitting in the couch, playing a computer game. Elena didn’t respond; she needed all her focus on the construction. “Let her be,...
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Isabel got in her car and started the engines.
“Hello, Isabel”
Isabel jumped up and screamed. She looked behind, over her shoulder, but there was no one to see.
“I’m going crazy” she mumbled and she rubbed her eyes. She hadn’t been sleeping very well, not with everything that was going on.
“You’re not going crazy” the voice commented. “You can’t see me, but bạn can obviously hear me. My name is Anna and I’m an angel”
Isabel shook her head. This was impossible.
“I see bạn have trouble believing so” Anna noted. “However, I need bạn to get over the shock and listen...
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Katherine entered the Boarding House. She wasn’t the kind of vampire that got bossed around and so she would tell Damon she wasn’t going to take his crap. After all, it wasn’t her fault Rebekah had forced her blood on Elena and neither could she help it Rebekah had compelled Stefan not to stop her. She had warned them to drink vervain, but no, don’t listen to Katherine, listen to Bitchekah, who bạn barely even know.
She walked into the living room and was shocked bởi what she saw. Damon was sitting in a tam giác of ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and Bonnie was holding his hands. Breathing heavy she walked to...
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Sarah Michelle Gellar, gekend van de serie 'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer', beviel eind september van een zoontje, maar wist tot nu de naam van het kindje geheim te houden. Us Magazine heeft nu onthuld dat het zoontje van de Amerikaanse actrice Rocky James heet.

Een woordvoerder van de 35-jarige actrice en haar man Freddie Prinze Jr. maakte de naam bekend aan het Amerikaanse magazine. Het is het tweede kind van het stel, dat tien jaar getrouwd is. In 2009 kreeg het koppel een dochter, dat de naam món ăn bơm xen, charlotte meekreeg. (Belga / MVL)
Daphne opened the wardrobe and picked out a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. She gave it to Cas. “We already know bạn have the same size as my brother, so why not wear his clothes”
“Shouldn’t I have my own clothes?” Cas asked careful.
“We’re not going to spend money if it’s not really necessary” Daphne đã đưa ý kiến reproachful. “Besides, you’re really not in a position to make demands”
Cas looked down, ashamed of his behavior. Then he looked up again. “You’re right. I’m sorry” he đã đưa ý kiến and he put on the clothes.
Daphne’s phone rang and as she picked up she said: “Make the...
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Cas was standing tiếp theo to the altar, waiting for Daphne to come. As the âm nhạc started she appeared and walked over the aisle. She looked at Cas only, happier than ever. Mr. Allen was walking with her and though he tried, he didn’t even look half as happy as his daughter. If anything, he looked tensed. But maybe that was just a father thing. It’s never easy to let your children go.
As soon as Daphne was standing in front of Cas the priest started talking. While he was doing that, Cas looked around him and was somewhat relieved to see Meg sitting in the audience. At least one familiar face....
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Cas climbed out of giường and stormed out of the door, colliding to Dean.
“Sorry” he mumbled agitated and he tried to pass, but Dean grabbed his arms.
“What the hell are bạn doing out of bed?” he asked reproaching.
“Kevin” Cas explained breathless. “He’s going to kill Meg, unless I stop him”
“I thought bạn hated her” Sam frowned confused.
Cas shook his head. “No. I don’t know why I đã đưa ý kiến that. I didn’t mean it” He tried to free himself, but Dean seemed to be much stronger. “Why won’t bạn let me go?”
“Kevin works for Crowley, which means there’s a big chance...
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The tiếp theo morning.
Cas opened the door of his bedroom and saw Meg sitting on the floor, sleeping. He bent through his knees and picked her up. He carried her through the hallway and walked into her room. There he lay her down on the giường and covered her with the sheets. He leaned phía trước, chuyển tiếp and kissed her forehead. Then he turned around and left, going back to his room. He took the sheets and rolled them in a ball, taking them downstairs to the laundry. He had no idea how to work with a washer, but there was a manual, so maybe if he’d read extra careful, he might figure it out.
It took him five...
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Daphne was lying on the bed, Mitch on hàng đầu, đầu trang of her, when they heard the door open. Daphne pushed Mitch off of her. “Quick, get under the bed”
Mitch reluctantly shoved underneath the giường while Daphne put on her clothes. She walked downstairs where Cas was waiting in the hallway.
“What were bạn doing?” he informed.
“Not that it’s any of your business,” Daphne started with raised eyebrows. “but I was sleeping. I was tired”
Cas nodded in understanding.
“What’s that?” Daphne asked, with a nod at the vase.
“Oh” Cas said. “Macky gave this to me as a token of his gratitude”...
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bạn made a promise
But bạn couldn't keep
You took an oath
But bạn broke it anyway
You made me believe
I was the only girl on your mind
But how could I ever be
When your ex's just a phone call away

I've counted the days
Since we seperate
But it was for the better
That I let bạn walk away

You should get back to your ex-girlfriend
I guess we just arrived at the đắng, cay đắng end
Of bạn and me
We were never meant to be
You shouldn't say that you're sorry
'Cause I know bạn never really loved me
You were just playing with my heart
And now the game has tore us apart

I should be honest
You're not the only one to blame
I should've...
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Caroline looked around in Bonnie’s room. “It’s all so…white” she đã đưa ý kiến turning to Bonnie, who was sitting on the bed. “I can’t believe bạn signed up for this. And without telling me”
“I’m telling bạn now” Bonnie said, while she opened her suitcase. “Thanks for bringing my stuff. I wouldn’t know who else to bother” she added softly.
“It’s no bother” Caroline said, though she avoided to look at her. She walked to the window. “Wow! bạn have to see this view, it’s amazing” she said, looking at the garden.
“Yeah, I’ve seen it” Bonnie đã đưa ý kiến a little absent-minded....
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Cas sank down on the bed. How was he supposed to find this Macky-person if he didn’t know where he lived hoặc how he looked? Why didn’t Daphne ask the address? She must’ve been really upset with him.
He walked downstairs, just in time to see Daphne throwing the bánh quế, bánh kem sữa waffle in the garbage bin. “What are bạn doing? Meg made those bánh quế, bánh kem sữa waffle for me…and you”
Daphne looked up. “And we all know what happens when Meg starts handing out food. Have bạn forgotten what happened to Zoey and me?” she snapped.
“I’m sorry” Cas đã đưa ý kiến soft. “I’m going to find that man. Will bạn be okay, here?”...
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It was cold and dark and dusty. The air smelled humid and the ground was rough. The scent of fresh blood filled the unfamiliar place and penetrated in Damon’s nose.
His eyes flew open and he sniffed the scent. He averted his head to a point in front of him. He looked down. Right bởi the entrance there was a bag of blood. Damon jumped for it, but was forceful thrown back against the wall. He looked up and saw his arms where chained. “You have to be kidding me” he weakly mumbled. He pulled with all his strength, but the chains were too strong.
“I’m afraid there’s no use in doing...
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Popster màu hồng, hồng heeft uitgehaald naar những người hâm mộ en critici die eerder deze week haar man bekritiseerden op Twitter. Echtgenoot Carey Hart, een professionele motorrijder, had op Instagram een video geplaatst van hem en zijn dochter Willow op de motor, waarbij het meisje geen helm droeg. De trotse papa deelde de video met de titel: "Heel lang gewacht op deze dag, Willz reed vandaag voor de eerste keer op mijn motorfiets." Hij voegde er nog aan toe: "Toen we stopten gaf ze me een dikke knuffel en zei dank je wel papa, ik vond het leuk. Dat is mijn meisje." Maar những người hâm mộ en volgers waren minder onder de indruk en uitten kritiek op Hart omdat hij zijn dochter geen helm liet dragen. Op Twitter reageerde een duidelijk geïrriteerde màu hồng, hồng gisteren op de opmerkingen: "Als er iemand is met meer ervaring in motorrijden dan mijn man, dan zal ik luisteren naar adviezen over cuốc đất, hoe hij mijn dochter moet meenemen op de motor." (Belga / Belga)
Ed Sheeran heeft een zelfgebakken cake van een người hâm mộ gekregen. Niks bijzonders zou je denken... Totdat de zanger een hap nam en tot zijn verbazing een pluk haar zag zitten.

"Iemand had een cake gebakken met een dikke pluk haar erin. Vraag me niet cuốc đất, hoe ik daar achter ben gekomen. Ik heb ervan gegeten. Ik dacht bij mezelf: wat een lekkere taart. Toen vond ik de pluk haar," aldus Ed tegen OMG!. Hij kreeg er de kriebels van: "Ik verwachtte dat ze me zou komen opzoeken en zou zeggen: ik zit nu in je." Naast het harige hapje heeft de roodharige muzikant ook leuke geschenken in ontvangst mogen nemen, zoals een paar bánh doughnut en Lord of the Rings-lego. (Belga / DLA)
De Amerikaanse country-zangeres Taylor nhanh, swift heeft van alle artiesten onder de 30 jaar het afgelopen jaar het meete verdient. Dat blijkt uit een berekening van het magazine Forbes.

Volgens Forbes zou de 22-jarige nhanh, swift tussen mei 2011 en mei 2012 57 miljoen dollar hebben verdiend. Dat zou ze vooral te danken hebben aan haar 111 concerten die ze gaf in Noord-Amerika, Australië en Azië.
Tieneridool Justin Bieber staat met 55 miljoen dollar op de tweede plaats en is daarmee de enige mannelijke artiest in de hàng đầu, đầu trang vijf.
Bieber wordt gevolgd door Rihanna (53 miljoen dollar) en Lady Gaga (52 miljoen dollar). Met 45 miljoen dollar vervolledigt Katy Perry de hàng đầu, đầu trang vijf.
Vorig jaar stond Lady Gaga nog op de eerste plaats in het klassement. De excentrieke zangeres haar bankrekening werd toen met 90 miljoen dollar aangedikt. Dat ze zich dit jaar tevreden moet stellen met de vierde plaats, komt volgens Forbes doordat ze tussen mei 2011 en mei 2012 geen concerten gaf. (Belga / DTM)