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nandacavalieri posted on Dec 23, 2008 at 04:00PM
Welcome to GCR!

I realized that out of my fav shows, Grey's is the one I almost don't know the fans. So this is a thread to talk, so just talk about Grey's, your life, other shows...anything

Member list: (If you want to be add just say it)
nandacavalieri - Fernanda - Nanda, nada, Monica, Susie
GA-19 - Nina
FashionVictim - Sara
AmberRocks - Sia
x-missmckena-x - Kate
JenniferDempsey - Jennifer
FanDlux - Maria
kristine95 - Kristine - KJG, jeyton ninja spying ghost

Winnages GCR

Ga-19 2
Nandacavalieri 8
kristine95 1
love_not_war_75 1
FanDlux 2
Myrthe 1
FashionVictim 1
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