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posted by orkneymatrix
I was sitting in the nursery, snug with my mother. But I was too big. I was seven moons old. Being deaf was a drawback. Sometimes I even had trouble listening to my own thoughts, as if I didn't have any. My sister was lucky. Her slight-deafness had evaporated bởi now, even if she still had some trouble, and she had moved on to being the medicine cat apprentice. But what about me? It seemed that everyone had forgotten I even existed.
Suddenly my mother tensed from beside me and she stood up, meaning I had to stand up so I didn't fall over when my mother moved.
Claws unsheathed, she jumped outside...
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posted by orkneymatrix
The ngọn lửa, chữa cháy lapped at the trees, smothering the forest. Nothing looked familiar to Waterlily, it all looked distant, as if she was no longer a part of it. She was alone amongst the trees, and she tensed herself as the sound of approaching mèo drew nearer and nearer...
Suddenly the mèo of StarClan surrounded her, staring respectably at her as if she was their leader. She looked around, from one way to the other, and realized at long last that there was a không gian in between Crowstar and another cat.
"What's happening?" Waterlily asked, her call echoing.
"Waterlily," Grassstar croaked, her old-age showing...
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The thrill scream had just cut off the argument between Pebblepaw and her Clan. Breezeclaw immediately ran into the nursery. "The kits!" she exclaimed. Then she exited the nursery carrying a limp body. Earthkit - Breezeclaw's youngest kit. "You!" she yelled at Pebblepaw after she set her dead son down. "You let her go! She destroyed the future of the Clan!" Breezeclaw then huddled around her frightened looking other kits, Petalkit and Spiderkit.
The Clan stared at Earthkit. He had been so happy - so playful, and had showed high potential. But it looked like that was all at waste now.
"How do...
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Pebblepaw silently slipped into Daisy's temporary den. "He-hello." đã đưa ý kiến Pebblepaw nervously. What would Crowstar say if she knew what she was doing? What would Sorrelheart say?
"What do bạn want?" snapped Daisy. "Did one of those warriors tell bạn to come here?" he hissed the word "warriors" with pure disgust.
"No...they'd kill me if they knew I was doing this." admitted Pebblepaw. "But I'm setting bạn free."
"WHAT?" giống cúc, daisy yelled, suddenly remembering to whisper. "Is this a trap? I'm being guarded."
"No." Pebblepaw looked away, looking guilty. "Not any more. I know the cats. I know how to get...
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posted by orkneymatrix
Tigerstripe entered camp closely followed bởi Bluemist and Snowpaw at the head of the dawn patrol. Poppyrose was sitting with Sorrelheart and Lilydawn and went to tham gia Tigerstripe when she saw him coming.
"Tigerstripe!" she bounded up to him. "How was the dawn patrol?"
"Good, I guess." Tigerstripe said. "How was everything back at camp?"
"Boring." replied Poppyrose pressing her flank to his. "There's never anything exciting going on here."
Tigerstripe gave her a comporting lick on the cheek. "How about we go hunting later? Just the two of us?"
Poppyrose sighed. "I guess so." she đã đưa ý kiến as she returned...
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Grassstar led Brightflower and newly named warriors Angelwing and Blossomfall on a border patrol. She had left Darkstripe in charge of camp. Brightflower paused to scent the air.
"Badger." she reported. "But its not fresh." she added.
"Thank bạn Brightflower." Grassstar replied without looking back.
Blossomfall suddenly stopped. "G-g-guys?" she said, her voice quivering. "I think Brightflower's misjudged how fresh the người bán rong, kẻ xấu, badger was!" Blossomfall jerked her head to a người bán rong, kẻ xấu, badger just coming out of its set.
"What's it doing out at this time of day?" queried Angelwing. She had always been a smart and quick...
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A patrol of four Grassclan mèo padded along the boundary with Spiritclan. Darkstripe was at the head of the patrol and suddenly stopped to smell the air. "What's that scent, Darkstripe? I don't recognize it." spoke Flowerpaw.
"I don't recognize it." growled Darkstripe as he followed the trail. Flowerpaw, Brackenfoot and Krestelheart followed.
Then Darkstripe spoke. "Stop. Krestelheart and I shall go further. Brackenfoot, bạn and Flowerpaw wait here." then him and Krestelheart moved on.
The two mèo stopped dead in their trail when they saw another Grassclan body lying dead right in front of them,...
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"Why do I have to go to the Moonstone?" asked Rosepaw. She was obviously tired.
"You have to. Grassstar's on her last life so bạn might be medicine cat when she dies. Then, bạn must travel there with the new leader, and bạn have to lead. bạn have to know the way, Rosepaw." replied Waterlily. They'd just left the camp and were heading to the Moonstone.
Rosepaw sighed. She just wanted to sleep.

It was later in the ngày when they reached the Moonstone. Waterlily went under to the Moonstone, whilst Rosepaw kept watch from a boulder.

She might have dozed off because before she knew it she was back in...
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Grassstar is the founder of Grassclan and the first leader. She was “a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white belly and white paws and green eyes.” She was the daughter of Hillclan members Grasspatch who was killed in battle before she was born, and Fernleaf who died when she was an apprentice. She was born with one sister, named Daisykit. Grasskit was named in honour of her father. When she became an apprentice, she achieved her mother’s best friend Dewfeather for a mentor. Grasspaw, although not very good at hunting, proved an khó tin fighter and became a warrior named Grassfoot whilst...
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posted by MzScotGirl01
I took out a hunting patrol. There was me, Berrypaw, Rainthistle and Mousepaw. Mousepaw just came out of the bushes with a shrew in her jaws. I watched as she buried it and Rainthistle congratulated her apprentice. I looked around for Berrypaw, who came bounding out of the bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush with a plump rabbit clutched in her mouth. I watched as she buried it.
"Well done!" I told my apprentice. "Come on." I said, alerting the others. "We have to catch thêm before we even think about heading back."
The three mèo followed me through the forest to find thêm prey.

It had been a long time since their first catch...
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posted by orkneymatrix
Something didn't smell right. Oakfern stalked through the trees with Mistpaw and Cinderheart flanking him. With his jaws parted, he knew something was wrong. Then he saw it--or them.
In the clearing bởi the stream sat two she-cats, looking utterly exhausted. One was lean with a sleek black pelt, whilst the other was smaller and black-and-white. He waved his tail, signalling for his Clanmates to stop. The she-cats didn't seem like a threat--they looked exhausted, and they didn't carry the scent of any of Grassclan's neighbours. Signalling for his Clanmates to follow him, Oakfern padding into the...
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posted by orkneymatrix
As Angelstar admired her five young kits, something dawned on her. Age. These would be her last kits, she realised, with a slight twinge of horror. These were her Clan's future - and hers.
Heatherkit coughed.
Snowkit shuddered.
Greenkit sneezed.
Bluekit mewed pitifully.
Only Birchkit seemed well, prancing around her mother's den, not caring about her siblings' condition.
Angelstar knew the symptoms. She knew the end only too well. She had Mất tích one of her lives to greencough. And now she was about to lose four of her children the same way.
It was horrific.
"Bluepaw!" she yelled, needing the help of...
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posted by Spottedtail139
I wrote this and I don't know if we should use it should we??

Snow will lead the way though his icy mountains are gone
And Sharp claws will pierce the flesh of one he thought he could count on.......

The yellow herb will find her inner passion
The illness of fear spread like wildfire
A fog of blue will try to stop the evil illness with her compassion

Fear will grip the tim, trái tim of all but one.....
The one with the scar of evil
The scar from the sun

This is I don't think it is very good but your call bạn guys
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