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 Hanging around...
Hanging around...
Okay so this is something totally different to the người hâm mộ fiction i've đã đăng before. I promised myself that i wouldn't write anything else because it takes up too much of my time, especially since im supposed to be working! But i couldn't resist!
This is người hâm mộ fiction about the real life actors, mainly Leighton and Ed. I hope bạn think it's ok, it wont be 14 episodes long like my other người hâm mộ fiction Chair Tales, in fact it wont be episodes at all, because im basing it on real life...!


So the setting is real life events surrounding the filming of Gossip Girl Season 1, they have filmed up to "A thin line between Chuck and Nate".
So from here onwards everything written is based on the real actors etc, but is still FICTION. Obviously some things will be fact but only bởi chance.
The cast members are already best Những người bạn so they get along really well, Chace and Ed are living together, most of the other actors live in apartments not too far away from each other.
Sebastian Stan, who guest appeared a couple of episodes ago, has been keeping in touch with a few of the cast, particularly Leighton, who the other cast members believe he has a thing for.
Blake and Penn are dating, they have only been together almost a month.
Ed Westwick has just recently broken up with his girlfriend, apparently because their long distant relationship wasn't working, she was in England and he was working in New York for Gossip Girl.
They have just finished filming the last scene for the episode (A thin line...) and are in their trailers preparing to go home.

Ed and Chace are outside Leighton's trailer, they usually give her a ride trang chủ because she lives near their house.

Ed bangs on the trailer door.

Ed (E): Come on Leighton, aint got all day!

Leighton opens her door and hands her bag over to Ed. He takes it, whilst also holding his own.

Leighton (L) : Thanks for waiting guys, sorry for taking so long.
Chace (C) : Lets go.

They walk to the car park.

L: Today went on for like forever! It's gonna be such an intense episode! I cant wait to see it!
C: Yeh, it was great...."Rode hard and put away wet!"

Leighton nudges him and they all laugh.

L: Shut up! that was evil! Why did they have to make Chuck say that to her!
E: It was hilarious!
L: No! poor Blair!
C: All those Chuck-Blair những người hâm mộ are going to hate Chuck when they see it!
L: I know! aaaw! I felt her pain! The những người hâm mộ will go crazy!
C: I dont see why they tình yêu Blair with Chuck so much, personally Nate was so perfect for her!
E: Oi! What's wrong with Chuck? He makes her blood boil.

They laugh.

L: I dunno, i think she'd be ok with either of them...but todays episode is going to make a lot of những người hâm mộ sad!
C: Well they'll have to wait a long time for a Chuck- Blair get together, thats if it even happens!
E: Well we know whats coming up, have bạn been đọc your scripts for the tiếp theo three episodes?
L: Oh can we not talk about Gossip Girl, if bạn keep talking about it it'll start to bore me!!
C: Ye.....so anyway....has Seb been in touch?
L: What..? With me?
C: Well who else...
L: (gets embarrassed) Ummm...no.
C: guess that means he has?
L: Ok i know what your going to think, but it's not like that! I swear...we're just friends...like bạn guys! And he doesnt always contact me....
C: uhuh..?
L: He only wanted to know what days i....we were working..because he wanted to come to the set to visit us.
C: To visit you...
L: No! all of us...its nice of him to keep in touch with us.
C: only for you.
L: (nudges him) stop it! (walks over to Ed's side) Ed! tell him to stop!!
E: Chace....leave her alone....im sure he ain't interested in her anyway...he knows she can do better.
L: ...well there's nothing wrong with him....im just saying he ain't interested.
C: Ok...denial....everyone knows it. He wants bạn Leighton...it's just a matter of time before he asks bạn out.
L: He wont....and even if he did....whats the big deal....he's a nice guy.
E: Just not your type though.
L: But bạn guys dont even know him....he's really nice and he's so kind.
E: He's boring....and has no sense of humour...you share nothing in common with him....he'd bore you, believe me.
L: Aaah your evil! He's really nice when bạn get to know him! I thought bạn guys liked him!
C: Ye he's great....good luck.

They continue talking and are on their way home. They drop Leighton off and Chace and Ed return to their own house.
Later, on the set for filming "Woman on the Verge".

Sebastian Stan is at the studio, visiting the cast members.

On set, Blake, Chace, Taylor, Jessica, Penn and Leighton (and others, extras, crew etc.)

C: xin chào i saw Seb as i was coming to the set, he was looking for everyone.
Blake (B): Aaaw whats Seb doing here? Let me guess.....Leighton..?
L: xin chào dont! seriously stop teasing me! bạn lot make it so obvious (just then Seb walks in)
Seb: xin chào guys hows it going!
They all greet him.
Ed arrives.

E: Morning all....(sees Seb) Oh...hey what brings bạn here (looks quickly at Leighton)
They shake hands
S: I was in town, i thought i'd come down just to say hi to everyone.
C: cool, bạn can watch us in filming, we're on the penultimate episode so im sure you'll like it!
S: Ye i was speaking to Alan (made up name for one of the directors) he đã đưa ý kiến i could stay for some of the initial filming but the rest would be hàng đầu, đầu trang secret!
E: Well understandable...you have to be a cast member to stay on set throughout.
S: ummmm...yeh i know.
L: Well bạn can hang out at the trailer park later.....
S: (turns to Leighton, the others are now preoccupied with other things and seb and Leighton are talking alone, with Ed and Chace nearby) Sure thanks....so did bạn get my text yesterday...you didnt reply.
L: Ummm ye i had an early night. i saw the text in the morning. i knew you'd be coming here so i decided not to reply.
S: Cool...its fine....so....hows work treating you?
L: Its great fun bạn know! It always is....you know how much i tình yêu working here!
S: Ye...so what time do bạn finish?

Chace is wandering close by, Ed is also nearby and can hear their conversation.

L: I dunno, we're scheduled to finish at around 3pm today....why...
S: I ....ummm was just...(interrupted)
C: Oh just ask her out already!
S: What....umm(gets embarrassed, so does Leighton)
C: Well go on....Seb come on we all know bạn guys are like....in to each other....
E: Hey....dont push them to do something they dont want to do...they're just friends....like all of us.
S: (looks to Leighton) Actually....ummm...i did kinda want to....ask bạn out...tonight...will you...?
L: (gets embarrassed and blushes) Ummm...sure....(nodding and smiling) I'd like that....
C: (looks to the sky) Hallelujah! (pats Seb on the back) Now bạn can finally stop tip toeing around and get on with it!

Chace walks away and Seb and Leighton carry on talking, Seb is flirting and is standing very close to her, occasionally touching and putting his arm around her, while she giggles and reciprocates his advances.
Ed is still standing nearby and watches them from the corner of his eyes. He doesn't like Seb, He doesn't trust him. He obviously thinks Leighton can do better and is worried that Seb might just be using Leighton. Ed is protective over Leighton because she once told him that she can attached too easily in relationships and gets very hurt if a boyfriend breaks up with her for an unconvincing reason, i.e. she hates getting used.
Ed walks off leaving Leighton and Seb talking alone.

Around a tháng later, Leighton and Sebastian Stan are officially dating.
The Gossip Girl cast are on the first ngày of filming for the season finale, they have four thêm days of filming left for the season. Most of them are planning their holidays for the break before filming for season 2 begins.

Ed and Leighton have just filmed their first scene where they wake up in Blair's giường and she throws Chuck out.

They are returning to the trailer park to get changed into their wedding costumes and to get their make up done.

Ed is walking with Leighton. Leighton is holding onto Eds arm as they walk and she is wearing his áo khoác because she was feeling cold.

L: I cant believe the years nearly over!
E: It's August.
L: No, I mean our year, the season...
E: I know...ye...time just flies by.....
L: It feels like not so long cách đây that we were all getting to know each other!
E: Really? I feel like i've known bạn like...for ever. (he looks at her)
L: Aaaaw really? Thats soooo sweet Ed...your a darling! (she gives him a big smile)
E: It is kinda crap that its over though....well not over but theres going to be a long wait where we wont see each other...like all of us...together.
L: I know...we're all going to be doing our own thing for the holidays.
E: What are bạn doing for the holiday?
L: I dont know...i was going to go trang chủ to visit my family and then go somewhere with them....actually i was thinking of taking Seb with me...that way he could meet my family and stuff.
E: Do bạn really think thats necessary....i mean bạn hardly know him.
L: (laughs) of course i know him! he's my boyfriend now...thats what couples do...they meet each others families..?
E: Ye but...you've beeen going out like for 5 minutes...isn't it a bit early to take him to meet the parents.
L: it's been 6 weeks actually
E: 5 weeks would be thêm accurate.
L: (gives him a weird look) Really? Well same difference! I think it would be nice if he met my family...you've met my family!
E: Ye and the loved me. (they laugh)
L: Everyone loves you...your too cute! (pinches his cheeks)
E: I dont think they'd approve of Seb...he's not cute.
L: (laughs) oi! thats my boy friend your talking about! and he is cute! he's gorgeous!
E: bạn only thought that after bạn started dating him!
L: Thats not true! i've always thought he was hot!

They arrive at the trailer park and are approached bởi crew members telling them where they need to go and what they need to do...they say bye to each ther and then go to their own sites to get ready.

Later that day. Chace and Chuck invite the cast for a celebratory party at his and Ed's house just to celebrate the end of the season.

Attenders include
Ed, Chace, Leighton, Blake, Penn, Taylor, Jessica and others. mainly the younger members of the cast and crew.

There is a lot of music, with Ed doing some solos just for fun. They are all drinking and eating. Leighton and Blake are also joining in with the singing, until a karaoke begins with most of the people joining in.

it gets late and people start leaving until only the main cast members are left. Chace, Ed (cuz it's their house!) Blake, Penn and Leighton.

They are all sitting and drinking. They are pretty tipsy but not totally drunk!

B: So guys have bạn planned your vacation yet? Im going out of the city...got some stuff to do for the new movie.
P: Oh ye...the sisterhood of the what..?
L: Travelling pants! (they all giggle)
E: I might go to England....visit the family and that.
L: What about bạn Chace?
C: I dunno....still deciding...what about bạn and lover boy?
L: (giggles) hmmm...none of your business!
B: Oh go on tell us!
L: (giggles again) Actually he's got commitments....he's on another hiển thị too....so he'll be busy....so i might not go anywhere....or if i do i'll do my own thing....with out him.
C: Well if i decide to stay bạn can hang out with me!
L: I dunno....i really wanted to go somewhere this break...filming has tired me out so much! I need a holiday! Blake im coming with you!
B: bạn really wanna come with me? ive got stuff do to for my film...you'll get bored!
L: Pleeease....take me with you! i'll hide in your suitcase! (she giggles and has some thêm drink)
B: Why dont bạn go to England with Ed....he can take bạn to London!
Ed looks over at Leighton almost startled...waiting to see what she'll say.
L: No, he wont wanna take me...he's going to see his family....Penn what about bạn where are bạn going?
E: Actually i dont mind.
She looks at Ed...everyone is quiet for a moment.
E: Well only if bạn want to....it's not like....im going to be staying with my family.
L: Then where will bạn stay?
E: Anywhere...a hotel...in London.
L: And bạn dont mind taking me? I was just kidding....i dont mind staying in NYC...i was just joking with Blake...
E: No really, bạn can come with me....it'll be fun...you'll tình yêu London. I'll take bạn on a tour of the whole country.
L: (she smiles and gets excited) Wow! cool so im going to England! (she shouts aloud) Leighton Meester is going to London! (she looks to Chace) Why dont bạn come with us?
C: Nah, i've been before a few times....i might go somewhere else...im sure bạn two will have fun.

To be continued...

hope bạn like this....the tiếp theo part will be added as soon as i write it!

Please rate and leave các bình luận to let me know if its worth nghề viết văn more, because im not sure how much bạn guys are interested in người hâm mộ fic about ed and leighton as an oppose to Blair and Chuck!
 Holiday to England with Ed, Anyone?
Holiday to England with Ed, Anyone?
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