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 Not a Happy Blair...
Not a Happy Blair...
The Chuck and Blair Chronicles

(I HATE this ep, But I'm not gonna re write it-cba. This one isn't really a C/B ep it's thêm of a Blair episode, But they do have C/B scenes but the tiếp theo episode is defo about them! So hope bạn enjoy it anyway.)

Episode 6: We Aren't Family

GG: Ohh parents, Everyone's gotta tình yêu their parents, Sweet parents. Right Blair? -No. Mom dating V'd Dad, Not the step family bạn had in mind B. Could V be working her way onto the A-list?

At the Waldorf Appartment.
Ross and Eleanor are sitting on the đi văng cuddling and laughing.
Vanessa and Blair are standing behind them looking very angry and unpleased.

B: I do not believe this?
V: bạn think I do?
B: I can't have my Mom dating your Dad
V: Wow, for the first time I'm actually agreeing with you
B: I'd of taken Cyrus anyday over this...
V: How are we going to do this?
B: I don't know, But I will do it, I don't want bạn as my step sister
V: Feeling's mutual. (voice gets louder) Dad! Can we go now?

R: Oh but bạn and Blair are getting on so well.
V: (grins) Oh I wouldn't go that far...
B: (smiles) Neither would I
V: Dad, Lets go...
R: Alright Sweetie, Okay, I'll call bạn tomorrow (kisses Eleanor goodbye)
E: Alright honey, Bye
R: Bye
E: (Ross and Vanessa walk towards the elvator) Bye Vanessa
V: Bye Mrs Waldorf (Ross and Vanessa leave)
B: Mother, Honestly...
E: Oh don't start Blair
B: bạn can't ngày him...
E: Why ever not? What's wrong with him?
B: What's right with him?
E: (hmph)
B: Mom, Please I'm asking bạn don't ngày him
E: You've đã đưa ý kiến that over and over to me over the years and I think it's about time I do something I want, Not what bạn want
B: (looks annoyed)

Chuck enters the appartment from the elevator.

C: Hello...
B: (smiles) Hey
E: Charles...
C: Mrs Waldorf, How are you?
E: Great, But I'm sure Blair will fill bạn in
B: Lets go

Blair and Chuck leave and enter the elevator.

C: What was punky brewster doing leaving here?
B: Well her Dad is dating my Mom
C: (bursts out laughing)
B: This isn't funny! I need to sort this out.
C: How bạn gonna do that?
B: Ohh I don't know, But I don't wanna talk about that tonight, I just wanna have fun
C: we can do fun...

Blair smiles and they both exit the elevator.

The tiếp theo ngày at school.
Serena and Blair are sitting on the steps talking.

S: So I read on Gossip Girl, bạn and Vaness could become family
B: Don't even put those two words together
S: (Smiles) Oh come on atleast your Mom's happy right?
B: Oh yeah, Mom Happy, So everyone's happy exept me, So if I'm not happy, Chuck isn't happy and if Chuck's not happy, The whole van der âm bass, tiếng bass, bass family wont be happy, which includes you, So bạn agree with me on this.
S: Absolutly. (smiles)
B: Great well...Help me come up with a plan to get of him
S: xin chào no no no,
B: Come on Serena
S: Oh Okay I got one! (Blair looks enthusiastic) Throw headband at Ross. (smiles)
B: (Sarcastic) Ha Ha.
S: I'm sorry B. Why don't bạn ask Chuck?
B: I did, But he couldn't think of anything...right
S: (joking) Well bạn know if all fails bạn could always plant drugs on him
B: (Looks enthusiastic and looks at Serena)
S: No Blair. That's wrong, bạn can't do that
B: xin chào bạn đã đưa ý kiến it not me
S: As a joke, bạn can't do that
B: Why not?
S: Because bạn can't Blair...Where would bạn get it from?
B: bạn forget who my boyfriend is...

School chuông, bell rings.

S: (Serena stands up) I gotta get to class, But Blair don't do it...
B: If bạn say so...

Serena walks away, leaving Blair looking pleased with the idea.

GG: Spotted. S and B on the school steps. Discussing family matters B. Oh don't be shy let us all know...After all we all want to know what's going on inside that pretty head of yours...

Later in the ngày at the van der âm bass, tiếng bass, bass Appartment, In Chuck's room.
Blair and Chuck are making out.

B: Chuck..
C: MmmHmm (carries on kissing her)
B: I need bạn to do something
C: (stops and looks intreaged) name it? It's done
B: (smiles) It's about my Mom and ughh Ross, I need to end it and bạn can help me
C: What do bạn need?
B: (grins)

Blair begins to explain the plan to Chuck.
Chuck nods along.

B: So...
C: Little bitchy don't bạn think?
B: It's what I do best.
C: Don't I know it...
B: (smiles) You'll do it
C: For you, Always

They both continue to make out.
(Later at the Waldorf Appartment, Ross and Eleanor are in the phòng bếp, nhà bếp talking. Blair joins them having put the drugs into Ross' áo, áo khoác pocket. Eleanor and Ross are laughing and talking.)

B: Hello..
E: Oh Blair
R: xin chào Blair, How are bạn today?
B: I'm good,
R: Great, Well sweetie I'll get my áo, áo khoác then we can leave.
B: Oh don't worry, I'll fetch it. (Blair goes and gets the áo, áo khoác and hands it to Ross)
R: Thanks Blair

Ross puts the áo, áo khoác on and while he does the bag of drugs falls out of the pocket.

E: Oh whats that? (Eleanor picks up the bag) What's this?
R: I have no idea, Eleanor I don't know, their not mine
E: (looks shocked) Well whose are they?
B: Yes whose?
R: I don't know, But their not mine
E: Then why are they in your coat!
R: I don't know!
E: bạn liar. (shouting) Just get out! Get out!!!
B: Go on go!
R: Eleanor...
E: GO!!!

Ross leaves.

B: Mom, I'm sorry
E: (Eleanor is crying, Blair hugs her, Blair looks realeved)

(Later in the evening)
Blair is her room talking lying on the bed.
Vanessa enters.

V: What the hell do bạn think your doing?
B: How did bạn get in here
V: Doesn't matter. Why did bạn do it?
B: What?
V: Planting drugs on my father!
B: Ohh, Get over it, bạn told me to fix it and I did, No thêm step siblings WooHoo!
V: I can't believe bạn did that
B: Listen, I don't want my Mom dating hoặc even marrying a loser like your father
V: Oh don't pretend this is about my Dad, Because lets face it Blair this was about you! And what Blair wants, Blair gets right? bạn can't ruin people's lives because your Blair Waldorf!
B: (gets up to face Vanessa) I think I can
V: Your not getting away with this
B: I think I just did
V: I'll bring bạn down Blair
B: With what? (grins)
V: I'll get bạn back for this
B: I'm so scared...

Vanessa leaves.
Blair grins and giggles to herself.

GG: V vowing vengance on Blair. Can V really take down the Queen B? There's only one way to find out, chó cái, bitch Fight, But we all know who's going to come out of that fight alive... She's not Queen B for nothing. bạn know bạn tình yêu me. xoxo Gossip Girl.


The tiếp theo ep will be based around Bart's death, He is killed so the tiếp theo one is defo back to a B/C ep. :D
 Vanessa Vowing Vengance...
Vanessa Vowing Vengance...
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Chapter 5

She was bulimic.

The door of the bathroom that held testament to that fact slammed behind Chuck as he left.


For some reason, he couldn’t think. Wouldn’t think, wouldn’t let the message enter his mind.

He just had to tell Serena, tell Nate; her best friend, her boyfriend.

They could deal with it. He wasn’t anything to her.


He felt something pull on his sleeve before he managed to get to her bedroom door, the one that lead to the hallway which would take him down to the two clueless blonds.

“What?!” He barked, turning round to face Blair sharply.

She blinked at...
continue reading...
I am actually attempting to continue the first chapter! I am nervous but excited! I hope bạn enjoy!

"Blair dont do this to yourself!" Serena yelled through the bathroom door. The faucet was turned on but it didnt drown out Blair's sobs and gags.
"Blair open the door right NOW!" Serena yelled worried about her best friend.
"Im fine!" Blair sobbed. "Hes not going to get any better bởi bạn puking your lunch up!" Serena đã đưa ý kiến cringing. She heard the lock turn and the door knob turn as well. The door opened. Serena embraced Blair in a tight hug. "I cant...
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