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posted by bethbass
Every once in a while, a celebrity comes along that has a distinctive "look," a hair hoặc a clothing style that, in time, comes to be associated with them. Think Diane Keaton and pantsuits, Anna Wintour and her bob, Isabella Blow and her hats, Kriss Kross and their backwards pants, Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez and her condom glasses, and so on. And now: Blake Lively and her boobs. Recently, the 21-year-old Gossip Girl actress has been lauded for her long, blond, charmingly wild hair, but the assets Lively flaunts most flamboyantly are not on her head: They're on her chest. Like on Saturday night, when she appeared on the red carpet of her new movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee wearing a tiny white áo khoác and absolutely no shirt. Regarding at her bisque-colored, seemingly nippleless boobs, rounding like Barbie's out of her tiny jacket, we realized we'd seen those things before. Many, many times. Clearly, Lively, who has đã đưa ý kiến she does not employ a stylist, is trying to make Abundant Cleave her look. And why not? They look real, and they're pretty spectacular. And thus we present a slideshow of Blake and her leading ladies.

Read more: Blake Lively’s Breast Looks -- Daily Intel link
By: Jessica Pressler (ONE OF THE BEST WRITERS EVER!)
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Let me know if you've discovered any others! ;p

Gossip Girl Actors/Actresses B-DAYS!!! (and their teen characters. ;p)
Ed Westwick—June 27, 1987
(Chuck Bass)—May 19, 1991

Leighton Meester—April 9, 1986
(Blair Waldorf)—November 17, 1990

Chase Crawford—July 18, 1985
(Nathaniel Archibald)--???

Blake Lively—August 25, 1987
(Serena van der Woodsen—July 14

Penn Badgley—November 1, 1986
(Dan Humphrey)--???

Jessica Szohr—March 31, 1985
(Vanessa Abrams)--???

Taylor Momsen—July 26, 1993
(Jennifer/Jenny Humphrey)--???
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